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2007, Vol. 28 Issue (4) :299-306     DOI:
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Influence of Pretreatment of Titanium Substrate on Long-Term Stability of TiO2 Film
ZHANG Li, ZHANG Pengyi*, CHEN Songzhe
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China

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Abstract TiO2 films coated on titanium substrates pretreated using different methods were prepared and characterized by scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The results indicated that the TiO2 film coated on the substrate pretreated with oxalic acid (TiO2/Ti-OC) was tightly, whereas the film coated on the substrate pretreated with sodium carbonate solution (TiO2/Ti-SC) was loose. The catalytic activity of the TiO2/Ti-OC film for the degradation of benzamide remained up to 70% even after dipping in deionized water for 280 d, whereas the TiO2/Ti-SC film lost its photoactivity after dipping in water for 60 d. The deactivation of the catalyst was attributed to the flaking of the coated TiO2, which was caused by the continuous growth of the passive film between the substrate and coated catalyst. Oxalic acid pretreatment could largely prevent the passive film from growing on the substrate and therefore greatly increased the stability of the catalyst during a long-term running. In a 35 day test of continuous declorization of aqueous reactive brilliant red X-3B solution, TiO2/Ti-SC exhibited very high photocatalytic activity and stability.
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ZHANG Pengyi
CHEN Songzhe
Keywordstitania film   substrate   pretreatment   benzamide   reactive brilliant red X-3B   photocatalytic degradation   photoelectrochemistry   stability   deactivation     
Received 2007-04-25; published 2007-04-25
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ZHANG Li;ZHANG Pengyi*;CHEN Songzhe.Influence of Pretreatment of Titanium Substrate on Long-Term Stability of TiO2 Film[J]  , 2007,V28(4): 299-306
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