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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Of what nature are they?"
2.  Holmes did not answer. His pale, eager face had suddenly assumedthat tense, far-away expression which I had learned to associatewith the supreme manifestations of his genius. So evident was thecrisis in his mind that none of us dared to speak, and we sat,barrister, prisoner, and myself, watching him in a concentrated andabsorbed silence. Suddenly he sprang from his chair, vibrating withnervous energy and the pressing need for action.
3.  "Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Holmes. I can see that you are boredto death with the whole affair. Well, he has confessed, all right.Come in here, MacPherson. Let these gentlemen hear of your mostinexcusable conduct."
4.  "Yes, yes; I admit I cannot explain them."
5.  "No."
6.  "And what is your conclusion?"


1.  "Exactly."
2.  "I am sure that you are right Mr. Holmes," cried our client. "Athousand things come back to me which make me certain that you havehit it. Oh, let us lose not an instant in bringing help to this poorcreature."
3.  "You are not angry?" he asked, gasping for breath.
4.  Our visitor was an exceedingly alert man, thirty years of age,dressed in a quiet tweed suit, but retaining the erect bearing ofone who was accustomed to official uniform. I recognized him at onceas Stanley Hopkins, a young police inspector, for whose futureHolmes had high hopes, while he in turn professed the admiration andrespect of a pupil for the scientific methods of the famous amateur.Hopkins's brow was clouded, and he sat down with an air of deepdejection.
6.  "Unless I bring you into it."


1.  "When I got back I told my maid, who had known him in California,and had always been his friend. I ordered her to say nothing, but toget a few things packed and my ulster ready. I know I ought to havespoken to Lord St. Simon, but it was dreadful hard before his motherand all those great people. I just made up my mind to run away andexplain afterwards. I hadn't been at the table ten minutes before Isaw Frank out of the window at the other side of the road. He beckonedto me and then began walking into the Park. I slipped out, put on mythings, and followed him. Some woman came talking something or otherabout Lord St. Simon to me-seemed to me from the little I heard asif he had a little secret of his own before marriage also-but Imanaged to get away from her and soon overtook Frank. We got into acab together, and away we drove to some lodgings he had taken inGordon Square, and that was my true wedding after all those years ofwaiting. Frank had been a prisoner among the Apaches, had escaped,came on to 'Frisco, found that I had given him up for dead and hadgone to England, followed me there, and had come upon me at last onthe very morning of my second wedding."
2.  "It was empty yesterday."
3.  "'You don't know me?' he asked.
4.  "Where are they now?"
5.   "At five."
6.  Holmes withdrew, picking up his violin from the corner as he passed.A few moments later the long-drawn, wailing notes of that mosthaunting of tunes came faintly through the closed door of the bedroom."What is it, then?" asked Merton anxiously as his companion turnedto him. "Does he know about the stone?"


1.  "No reports of any stranger seen?"
2.  "Then you could hardly have been overheard?"
3.  "I have had some confidential talks with Mr. James Wilder, hisGraces secretary. It was he who gave me the information about LordSaltire's feelings."
4、  "That settles this exit. Then no doubt the lady went out the way shecame. I understand that this other passage leads only to theprofessor's room. There is no exit that way?"
5、  "Oh, yes, sir; I have only just left him."




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      "Well, sir, you certainly got equal with me on that. But how inthe world did you know that he was in the house at all?""The thumb-mark, Lestrade. You said it was final; and so it was,in a very different sense. I knew it had not been there the daybefore. I pay a good deal of attention to matters of detail, as youmay have observed, and I had examined the hall, and was sure thatthe wall was clear. Therefore, it had been put on during the night.""But how?"

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      "He asked my terms, sir. I said fifty shillings a week. There is asmall sittingroom and bedroom, and all complete, at the top of thehouse."

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       "Of Friday, June 19th."

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      Holmes was lost in thought. I could see that he was puzzled."Have you any articles of great value in your collection?""No, sir. I am not a rich man. It is a good collection, but not avery valuable one."

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    {  "Why didn't you tell her of her danger?"

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      "'I was boiling the kettle when I fell asleep, sir.' He looked at meand then up at the still quivering bell with an ever-growingastonishment upon his face.}

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      "It's the upper condyle of a human femur," said I.

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      "No; there are very few."

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       "There is no reason why my sister should be brought into thematter," growled the younger man.

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    {  "It was entirely dropped."

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      "I could hardly imagine a more damning case," I remarked. "If evercircumstantial evidence pointed to a criminal it does so here.""Circumstantial evidence is a very tricky thing," answered Holmesthoughtfully. "It may seem to point very straight to one thing, but ifyou shift your own point of view a little, you may find it pointing inan equally uncompromising manner to something entirely different. Itmust be confessed, however, that the case looks exceedingly graveagainst the young man, and it is very possible that he is indeed theculprit. There are several people in the neighbourhood, however, andamong them Miss Turner, the daughter of the neighbouring land-owner,who believe in his innocence, and who have retained Lestrade, whom youmay recollect in connection with 'A Study in Scarlet', to work out thecase in his interest. Lestrade, being rather puzzled, has referred thecase to me, and hence it is that two middleaged gentlemen are flyingwestward at fifty miles an hour instead of quietly digesting theirbreakfasts at home."