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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "So that this strain of the knee," continued D'Artagnan, "my dearPorthos, keeps you in bed?"
2.  "That is to say, you refuse to serve me, monsieur," said thecardinal, with a tone of vexation, through which, however,might be seen a sort of esteem; "remain free, then, andguard your hatreds and your sympathies."
3.  "Well, he did remain with them; and your Majesty has in him sofirm a champion that it was he who gave Jussac the terrible swordthrust which has made the cardinal so angry."
4.  Grimaud understood that it was to be a breakfast on thegrass, took the basket, packed up the viands, added thebottles, and then took the basket on his arm.
5.  "I will not suffer it! No, no, I would rather die!" cried thequeen, in whom the imperious blood of Spain and Austria began torise.
6.  "Buckingham had left England the day before, sent as ambassadorto Spain, to demand the hand of the Infanta for King Charles I,who was then only Prince of Wales. My affianced husbandreturned.


1.  "That woman was once a young girl, as beautiful as she is today. Shewas a nun in the convent of the Benedictines of Templemar. A youngpriest, with a simple and trustful heart, performed the duties of thechurch of that convent. She undertook his seduction, and succeeded; shewould have seduced a saint.
2.  Planchet was more courageous, it must be admitted, by day than bynight. His natural prudence, however, never forsook him for asingle instant. He had forgotten not one of the incidents of thefirst journey, and he looked upon everybody he met on the road asan enemy. It followed that his hat was forever in his hand,which procured him some severe reprimands from D'Artagnan, whofeared that his excess of politeness would lead people to thinkhe was the lackey of a man of no consequence.
3.  "Ah, you have reflected!" said the prisoner, sitting down in herarmchair, with a smile of disdain; "and I also have reflected.""Upon what?"
4.  "Is that all, monseigneur?"
5.  "He shall not come in before I am gone," said he; "and when I amgone, you can open to him."
6.  "Yes, perfectly well--intimately even."


1.  These thoughts, gilded as they were by a last reflection of love,were not the less sad. Anne of Austria, deprived of theconfidence of her husband, pursued by the hatred of the cardinal,who could not pardon her for having repulsed a more tenderfeeling, having before her eyes the example of the queen-motherwhom that hatred had tormented all her life--though Marie deMedicis, if the memoirs of the time are to be believed, had begunby according to the cardinal that sentiment which Anne of Austriaalways refused him--Anne of Austria had seen her most devotedservants fall around her, her most intimate confidants, herdearest favorites. Like those unfortunate persons endowed with afatal gift, she brought misfortune upon everything she touched.Her friendship was a fatal sign which called down persecution.Mme. de Chevreuse and Mme. de Bernet were exiled, and Laporte didnot conceal from his mistress that he expected to be arrestedevery instant.
2.  Athos and D'Artagnan, with the activity of two soldiers andthe knowledge of two connoisseurs, hardly required threehours to purchase the entire equipment of the Musketeer.Besides, Athos was very easy, and a noble to his fingers'ends. When a thing suited him he paid the price demanded,without thinking to ask for any abatement. D'Artagnan wouldhave remonstrated at this; but Athos put his hand upon hisshoulder, with a smile, and D'Artagnan understood that itwas all very well for such a little Gascon gentleman ashimself to drive a bargain, but not for a man who had thebearing of a prince. The Musketeer met with a superbAndalusian horse, black as jet, nostrils of fire, legs cleanand elegant, rising six years. He examined him, and foundhim sound and without blemish. They asked a thousand livresfor him.
3.  "Poor dear Monsieur D'Artagnan," said Kitty, in a voice fullof compassion, and pressing anew the young man's hand."You pity me, little one?" said D'Artagnan.
4.  "Traitorous, monsieur."
5.   Porthos, without reply, retreated a second step. Theprocurator's wife fancied she saw him in a brilliant cloud,all surrounded by duchesses and marchionesses, who cast bagsof money at his feet.
6.  Rochefort passed at a gallop.


1.  This was all that M. de Treville wanted. He wished Bernajoux aspeedy convalescence, took leave of M. de la Tremouille, returnedto his hotel, and immediately sent word to the four friends thathe awaited their company at dinner.
2.  "Well," said D'Artagnan, smiling at the misanthropy ofAthos, which from any other person would have offended him,"I ride what I can get; I am not so proud as you. So AUREVOIR, dear Athos."
3.  "Monsieur shall see that upon occasion I have some left; only Ibeg Monsieur not to be too prodigal of it if he wishes it to lastlong."
4、  "Presently," said D'Artagnan.
5、  "That's well. Give me those papers, and leave us."The officer took from the table the papers pointed out, gave themto him who asked for them, bowed to the ground, and retired.Bonacieux recognized in these papers his interrogatories of theBastille. From time to time the man by the chimney raised hiseyes from the writings, and plunged them like poniards into theheart of the poor mercer.




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      Some minutes after, the superior of the convent sent to inform theMusketeers that the burial would take place at midday. As to thepoisoner, they had heard no tidings of her whatever, only that she musthave made her escape through the garden, on the sand of which herfootsteps could be traced, and the door of which had been found shut.As to the key, it had disappeared.

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      "Dead!" repeated the cardinal, who could not believe what he heard,"dead! Did you not say she was dead?"

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       "Monseigneur," said D'Artagnan, "this was what happened tome--"

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      And the young man, delighted with his joke, went away laughingloudly.

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    {  "But how do you know all this?"

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      "From the queen! Oh, oh!" said M. de Treville. "Why, it isindeed a true royal jewel, which is worth a thousand pistoles ifit is worth a denier. By whom did the queen send you thisjewel?"}

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      The Musketeer could not forget the evil reports which thenprevailed, and which indeed have survived them, of theprocurators of the period--meanness, stinginess, fasts; butas, after all, excepting some few acts of economy whichPorthos had always found very unseasonable, the procurator'swife had been tolerably liberal--that is, be it understood,for a procurator's wife--he hoped to see a household of ahighly comfortable kind.

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      "Speak lower, Aramis," said Athos.

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       "Where you please, after you have put me on shore at Portsmouth.""What are you going to do at Portsmouth?" asked Milady."Accomplish the orders of Lord de Winter," said Felton, with agloomy smile.

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    {  Athos, by signs, desired Grimaud to bring another bottle ofwine.

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      "Perhaps so. At all events, it is best that he should follow usto Athos's."