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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What is your name?" said the manager, who was conducting thedrill.
2.  "Now, don't forget about that," said one of the mannish women.
3.  There was such an ingratiating tone about Hurstwood's voice, theinsinuation was so perceptible that even Carrie got the humour ofit.
4.  By January he had about concluded that the game was up with him.Life had always seemed a precious thing, but now constant wantand weakened vitality had made the charms of earth rather dulland inconspicuous. Several times, when fortune pressed mostharshly, he thought he would end his troubles; but with a changeof weather, or the arrival of a quarter or a dime, his mood wouldchange, and he would wait. Each day he would find some old paperlying about and look into it, to see if there was any trace ofCarrie, but all summer and fall he had looked in vain. Then henoticed that his eyes were beginning to hurt him, and thisailment rapidly increased until, in the dark chambers of thelodgings he frequented, he did not attempt to read. Bad andirregular eating was weakening every function of his body. Theone recourse left him was to doze when a place offered and hecould get the money to occupy it.
5.  The train was again in rapid motion. Hurstwood changed thesubject.
6.  "Olsen," said the manager, "is there anything downstairs youcould find for this man to do? I'd like to give him something."


1.  "We think we'll do very well," Mr. Quincel replied. "Don't youforget now," he concluded, Drouet showing signs of restlessness;"some young woman to take the part of Laura."
2.  "I think I'll go down and stand at the foot of the stairs," shesaid, after a time.
3.  "Nothing," said Carrie. "I don't feel very well tonight."
4.  Such of these letters as came while Carrie was still in theSeventeenth Street place were read with more interest--thoughnever delight--than those which arrived after she was installedin her luxurious quarters at the Wellington. Even there hervanity--or that self-appreciation which, in its more rabid form,is called vanity--was not sufficiently cloyed to make thesethings wearisome. Adulation, being new in any form, pleased her.Only she was sufficiently wise to distinguish between her oldcondition and her new one. She had not had fame or money before.Now they had come. She had not had adulation and affectionatepropositions before. Now they had come. Wherefore? She smiledto think that men should suddenly find her so much moreattractive. In the least way it incited her to coolness andindifference.
5.  Hurstwood glanced over his paper rather gayly. He seemed to havelost a load.
6.  "I'll not give him the rest of my money," said Carrie. "I doenough. I am going to get me something to wear."


1.  "What is it they're going to play?"
2.  "Can you drive?" he said, after a time.
3.  "We'll go without you."
4.  This conversation was interrupted by the blare of the orchestraand the sputtering of the calcium lights in the wings as the linewas called to form for a new entrance. No further opportunityfor conversation occurred, but the next evening, when they weregetting ready for the stage, this girl appeared anew at her side.
5.   "Several of the boys around here have got talent. There's HarryBurbeck, he does a fine black-face turn. Mac Lewis is all rightat heavy dramatics. Did you ever hear him recite 'Over theHills'?"
6.  "You must marry me, though," she said."I'll get a license to-day," he answered.


1.  Then it came to be:
2.  At dinner Drouet, warmed up by eating and drinking and softenedin mood, fancied he was winning Carrie to her old-time good-natured regard for him. He began to imagine it would not be sodifficult to enter into her life again, high as she was. Ah,what a prize! he thought. How beautiful, how elegant, howfamous! In her theatrical and Waldorf setting, Carrie was to himthe all desirable.
3.  Drouet hung on, thinking he was all in all. The dinner wasspoiled by his enthusiasm. Hurstwood went home feeling as if heshould die if he did not find affectionate relief. He whispered"to-morrow" passionately to Carrie, and she understood. Hewalked away from the drummer and his prize at parting feeling asif he could slay him and not regret. Carrie also felt the miseryof it.
4、  "I'll tell her," said Minnie.
5、  "I shouldn't care to be rich," he told her, as the dinnerproceeded and the supply of food warmed up his sympathies; "notrich enough to spend my money this way."




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      "I don't know," she said; "I can't do it all. I don't earnenough."

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      "Don't what?" he asked. "What do you mean?"

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       "Nothing," said Carrie. "I don't feel very well tonight."

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      They looked at one another, rather embarrassed.

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    {  A woman should some day write the complete philosophy of clothes.No matter how young, it is one of the things she whollycomprehends. There is an indescribably faint line in the matterof man's apparel which somehow divides for her those who areworth glancing at and those who are not. Once an individual haspassed this faint line on the way downward he will get no glancefrom her. There is another line at which the dress of a man willcause her to study her own. This line the individual at her elbownow marked for Carrie. She became conscious of an inequality.Her own plain blue dress, with its black cotton tape trimmings,now seemed to her shabby. She felt the worn state of her shoes.

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      Carrie flushed a little.}

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      Chapter VIII

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      "You can't be, dearest, and say that. Not when you know how Ilove you. Look at last night."

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       The captain looked in recognition, but there was no especialgreeting. The newcomer nodded slightly and murmured somethinglike one who waits for gifts. The other simply motioned to-wardthe edge of the walk.

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    {  When Drouet came the next night, she was very much satisfied withher day's study.

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      Carrie saw no more of Mrs. Vance for several weeks, but she heardher play through the thin walls which divided the front rooms ofthe flats, and was pleased by the merry selection of pieces andthe brilliance of their rendition. She could play onlymoderately herself, and such variety as Mrs. Vance exercisedbordered, for Carrie, upon the verge of great art. Everythingshe had seen and heard thus far--the merest scraps and shadows--indicated that these people were, in a measure, refined and incomfortable circumstances. So Carrie was ready for any extensionof the friendship which might follow.