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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No!" The abbe threw off his wig, shook his head, and hishair, no longer confined, fell in black masses around hismanly face.
2.  "No, not I," replied Franz, "but our neighbor, the Count ofMonte Cristo."
3.  "That while the writing of different persons done with theright hand varies, that performed with the left hand isinvariably uniform."
4.  "Yes, yes, Edmond, that is true, but you forgot at that timea little debt to our neighbor, Caderousse. He reminded me ofit, telling me if I did not pay for you, he would be paid byM. Morrel; and so, you see, lest he might do you an injury"--
5.  "Somewhat; I know Lavoisier, and was the intimate friend ofCabanis."
6.  "No, count; but to leave Paris" --


1.  He kept his word; twice a day he cast out, through thebarred aperture, the provisions his jailer brought him -- atfirst gayly, then with deliberation, and at last withregret. Nothing but the recollection of his oath gave himstrength to proceed. Hunger made viands once repugnant, nowacceptable; he held the plate in his hand for an hour at atime, and gazed thoughtfully at the morsel of bad meat, oftainted fish, of black and mouldy bread. It was the lastyearning for life contending with the resolution of despair;then his dungeon seemed less sombre, his prospects lessdesperate. He was still young -- he was only four or fiveand twenty -- he had nearly fifty years to live. Whatunforseen events might not open his prison door, and restorehim to liberty? Then he raised to his lips the repast that,like a voluntary Tantalus, he refused himself; but hethought of his oath, and he would not break it. He persisteduntil, at last, he had not sufficient strength to rise andcast his supper out of the loophole. The next morning hecould not see or hear; the jailer feared he was dangerouslyill. Edmond hoped he was dying.
2.  "It is Mademoiselle Louise d'Armilly, who is playing whileMademoiselle Danglars is in bed."
3.  "Yes, undoubtedly, the Abbe Busoni himself," replied MonteCristo. "And I am very glad you recognize me, dear M.Caderousse; it proves you have a good memory, for it must beabout ten years since we last met." This calmness of Busoni,combined with his irony and boldness, staggered Caderousse.
4.  "Peste," returned Albert, "I compliment you on it; I haveits fellow" -- he took his watch from his waistcoat pocket-- "and it cost me 3,000 francs."
5.  "The same as usual, my dear, my glass is there on the table-- give it to me, Valentine." Valentine poured the orangeadeinto a glass and gave it to her grandmother with a certaindegree of dread, for it was the same glass she fancied thathad been touched by the spectre. The marchioness drained theglass at a single draught, and then turned on her pillow,repeating, -- "The notary, the notary!"
6.  Due information was given to the authorities, and permissionobtained that the two funerals should take place at the sametime. A second hearse, decked with the same funereal pomp,was brought to M. de Villefort's door, and the coffinremoved into it from the post-wagon. The two bodies were tobe interred in the cemetery of Pere-la-Chaise, where M. deVillefort had long since had a tomb prepared for thereception of his family. The remains of poor Renee werealready deposited there, and now, after ten years ofseparation, her father and mother were to be reunited withher. The Parisians, always curious, always affected byfunereal display, looked on with religious silence while thesplendid procession accompanied to their last abode two ofthe number of the old aristocracy -- the greatest protectorsof commerce and sincere devotees to their principles. In oneof the mourning-coaches Beauchamp, Debray, andChateau-Renaud were talking of the very sudden death of themarchioness. "I saw Madame de Saint-Meran only last year atMarseilles, when I was coming back from Algiers," saidChateau-Renaud; "she looked like a woman destined to live tobe a hundred years old, from her apparent sound health andgreat activity of mind and body. How old was she?"


1.  "Take these," said Beauchamp, presenting the papers toAlbert.
2.  "Where is he?"
3.  "It is past noon," said she, "and to-day is Saturday; I daresay it is the doctor, grandpapa." Noirtier looked hisconviction that she was right in her supposition. "He willcome in here, and M. Morrel had better go, -- do you notthink so, grandpapa?"
4.  "To Mademoiselle Valentine?"
5.   "He is in the small salon, excellency," returned Bertuccio.
6.  "Oh, that is very easily arranged. I have engaged the threelower windows at the Cafe Rospoli; should I have obtainedthe requisite pardon for Peppino, the two outside windowswill be hung with yellow damasks, and the centre with white,having a large cross in red marked on it."


1.  Villefort fell, rather than seated himself The doctor stoodbefore him, with one hand placed on his shoulder. Morrel,horrified, supported his head with one hand, and with theother pressed his heart, lest its beatings should be heard."Dead, dead!" repeated he within himself; and he felt as ifhe were also dying.
2.  "No. 28."
3.  Not on the same night, as he had intended, but the nextmorning, the Count of Monte Cristo went out by the Barrierd'Enfer, taking the road to Orleans. Leaving the village ofLinas, without stopping at the telegraph, which flourishedits great bony arms as he passed, the count reached thetower of Montlhery, situated, as every one knows, upon thehighest point of the plain of that name. At the foot of thehill the count dismounted and began to ascend by a littlewinding path, about eighteen inches wide; when he reachedthe summit he found himself stopped by a hedge, upon whichgreen fruit had succeeded to red and white flowers.
4、  * Savate: an old shoe.
5、  It was no longer the same man -- the fearful revelations ofthe three last days had crushed him. This thought -- thehouse of Morrel is about to stop payment -- bent him to theearth more than twenty years would otherwise have done.




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      "Now, if you have them." Andrea took five and twenty louisfrom his pocket.

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      Then d'Avrigny spoke. "And I, too," he exclaimed in a lowvoice, "I unite with M. Morrel in demanding justice forcrime; my blood boils at the idea of having encouraged amurderer by my cowardly concession."

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       "To the residence of Baron Danglars, Rue de la Chausseed'Antin." This conversation had passed as they stood uponthe terrace, from which a flight of stone steps led to thecarriage-drive. As Bertuccio, with a respectful bow, wasmoving away, the count called him back. "I have anothercommission for you, M. Bertuccio," said he; "I am desirousof having an estate by the seaside in Normandy -- forinstance, between Havre and Boulogne. You see I give you awide range. It will be absolutely necessary that the placeyou may select have a small harbor, creek, or bay, intowhich my corvette can enter and remain at anchor. She drawsonly fifteen feet. She must be kept in constant readiness tosail immediately I think proper to give the signal. Make therequisite inquiries for a place of this description, andwhen you have met with an eligible spot, visit it, and if itpossess the advantages desired, purchase it at once in yourown name. The corvette must now, I think, be on her way toFecamp, must she not?"

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      "My mistress wishes much to be present at the trial."

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    {  "But that is not all."

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      "It is for you," replied a gendarme.}

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      "Never mind that, Maximilian," said Monte Cristo, smiling."I have made an agreement with the navy, that the access tomy island shall be free of all charge. I have made abargain." Morrel looked at the count with surprise. "Count,"he said, "you are not the same here as in Paris."

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      "Mademoiselle," said he, "you have a sacred duty to fulfilin your deceased grandmother's room, will you allow me thehonor of a few minutes' conversation with M. Noirtier?"

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       "And I as a dutiful son, as they choose that I shall bedescended from you."

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    {  "You were sent by some other person?"

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      "The Island of Monte Cristo."