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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "How do you know?"
2.  "'Ah, indeed!' I answered. 'Well now, I think that really shouldgive us the last link that we wanted. I must congratulate you oncoming into the possession, though in rather a tragic manner, of arelic which is of great intrinsic value, but of even greaterimportance as a historical curiosity.'
3.  The situation was awkward, but the most direct way is often thebest.
4.  "'"On the contrary, I think that we have both shown extraordinarypatience towards him," I answered.
5.  Someone was walking in the chapel above. It was the firm, rapid stepof one who came with a definite purpose and knew, well the ground uponwhich he walked. A light streamed down the stairs, and an instantlater the man who bore it was framed in the Gothic archway. He was aterrible figure, huge in stature and fierce in manner. A largestable-lantern which he field in front of him shone upward upon astrong, heavily moustached face and angry eyes, which glared round himinto every recess of the vault, finally fixing themselves with adeadly stare upon my companion and myself.
6.  "He could not have fractured his skull in a fall?"


1.  My companion started. "Well?" he asked in that vibrant voice whichtold of the fiery soul behind the cold gray face.
2.  "'Well, I took to my heels, and I ran after the cab. I had a heavyoak stick in my hand, and I tell you I saw red from the first, butas I ran I got cunning, too, and hung back a little to see themwithout being seen. They pulled up soon at the railway station.There was a good crowd round the booking-office, so I got quiteclose to them without being seen. They took tickets for NewBrighton. So did I, but I got in three carriages behind them. Whenwe reached it they walked along the Parade, and I was never morethan a hundred yards from them. At last I saw them hire a boat andstart for a row, for it was a very hot day, and they thought, nodoubt, that it would be cooler on the water.
3.  "The county police ought to make something of that" said he; "why,it is surely obvious that-"
5.  -THE END-


1.  "By the steps, my boy. Yours are worn three inches deeper thanhis. But this gentleman in the cab is my client, Mr. Hall Pycroft.Allow me to introduce you to him. Whip your horse up, cabby, for wehave only just time to catch our train."
2.  "'I implore you not to do this, Jack,' she cried. 'I swear that Iwill tell you everything some day, but nothing but misery can comeof it if you enter that cottage.' Then, as I tried to shake her off,she clung to me in a frenzy of entreaty.
3.  "My dear fellow, you know my methods."
4.  "I thought the police never could have seen through our dodge.""And the police haven't, nor will they, to the best of my belief.Now, look here, Captain Crocker, this is a very serious matter, thoughI am willing to admit that you acted under the most extremeprovocation to which any man could be subjected. I am not sure that indefence of your own life your action will not be pronouncedlegitimate. However, that is for a British jury to decide. Meanwhile Ihave so much sympathy for you that, if you choose to disappear inthe next twenty-four hours, I will promise you that no one will hinderyou."
5.   Cosmopolitan," I remarked.
6.  Holmes smiled, and clapped Lestrade upon the shoulder.


1.  "None."
2.  "I remember your husband well, madam," said Holmes, "though it issome years since he used my services in some trifling matter.""Probably you would be more familiar with the name of my sonDouglas."
3.  "You! How could you call?"
4、  "And now I made a very careful examination of the corner of paperwhich the inspector had submitted to us. It was at once clear to methat it formed part of a very remarkable document. Here it is. Doyou not now observe something very suggestive about it?""It has a very irregular look," said the colonel.




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      "I suppose that you have no objection to my collaborating withyou, Mr. Baynes?"

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      "I have done no harm."

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    {  "You will excuse my beginning without you, Watson," said he, "butyou remember that our client has rather an early appointment thismorning."

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      "I must explain to you, Mr. Holmes, that to-morrow is the firstday of the examination for the Fortescue Scholarship. I am one ofthe examiners. My subject is Greek, and the first of the papersconsists of a large passage of Greek translation which the candidatehas not seen. This passage is printed on the examination paper, and itwould naturally be an immense advantage if the candidate could prepareit in advance. For this reason, great care is taken to keep thepaper secret.}

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      "He has expensive tastes. He is a horse fancier. For a short time heplayed polo at Hurlingham, but then this Prague affair got noisedabout and he had to leave. He collects books and pictures. He is a manwith a considerable artistic side to his Nature. He is, I believe, arecognized authority upon Chinese pottery and has written a bookupon the subject."

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      "Very remarkable. Very suggestive."

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       "Seven thousand pounds."

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    {  "'But this paragon has one fault. He is a bit of a Don Juan, and youcan imagine that for a man like him it is not a very difficult part toplay in a quiet country district. When he was married it was allright, but since he has been a widower we have had no end of troublewith him. A few months ago we were in hopes that he was about tosettle down again, for he became engaged to Rachel Howells, our secondhousemaid; but he has thrown her over since then and taken up withJanet Tregellis, the daughter of the head game-keeper. Rachel-who is avery good girl, but of an excitable Welsh temperament-had a sharptouch of brain-fever and goes about the house now-or did untilyesterday-like a black-eyed shadow of her former self. That was ourfirst drama at Hurlstone; but a second one came to drive it from ourminds, and it was prefaced by the disgrace and dismissal of butlerBrunton.

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      Ronald Adair was fond of cards- playing continually, but never forsuch stakes as would hurt him. He was a member of the Baldwin, theCavendish, and the Bagatelle card clubs. It was shown that, afterdinner on the day of his death, he had played a rubber of whist at thelatter club. He had also played there in the afternoon. The evidenceof those who had played with him- Mr. Murray, Sir John Hardy, andColonel Moran- showed that the game was whist, and that there was afairly equal fall of the cards. Adair might have lost five pounds, butnot more. His fortune was a considerable one, and such a loss couldnot in any way affect him. He had played nearly every day at oneclub or other, but he was a cautious player, and usually rose awinner. It came out in evidence that, in partnership with ColonelMoran, he had actually won as much as four hundred and twenty poundsin a sitting, some weeks before, from Godfrey Milner and LordBalmoral. So much for his recent history as it came out at theinquest.