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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "A tigress, a panther! Ah, my dear Athos, I am greatlyafraid I have drawn a terrible vengeance on both of us!"D'Artagnan then related all--the mad passion of Milady andher menaces of death.
2.  "Oh! The affair was not long, I assure you. They placedthemselves on guard; the stranger made a feint and a lunge, andthat so rapidly that when Monsieur Porthos came to the PARADE, hehad already three inches of steel in his breast. He immediatelyfell backward. The stranger placed the point of his sword at histhroat; and Monsieur Porthos, finding himself at the mercy of hisadversary, acknowledged himself conquered. Upon which thestranger asked his name, and learning that it was Porthos, andnot D'Artagnan, he assisted him to rise, brought him back to thehotel, mounted his horse, and disappeared."
3.  "And above all others," cried D'Artagnan, as if carried away byhis enthusiasm, "to that of the king and the cardinal."The leader of the posse would perhaps have doubted the sincerityof D'Artagnan if the wine had been bad; but the wine was good,and he was convinced.
4.  "Well!" resumed the citizen, "well, monsieur, my wife wasabducted yesterday morning, as she was coming out of herworkroom."
5.  "If Monseigneur will have the goodness to tell me, in the first place,what crimes are imputed to me, I will then tell him the deeds I havereally done."
6.  "Madame," said he, with dignity, "there will shortly be a ball atthe Hotel de Ville. I wish, in order to honor our worthyaldermen, you should appear in ceremonial costume, and above all,ornamented with the diamond studs which I gave you on yourbirthday. That is my answer."


1.  "But I think I have it," said Athos. "Don't you say, dearD'Artagnan, that it is the queen who has made choice of theconvent for her?"
2.  "Do you think so?" answered D'Artagnan, but little convinced, ashe knew better than anyone else how entirely personal the valueof this letter was, and was nothing in it likely to temptcupidity. The fact was that none of his servants, none of thetravelers present, could have gained anything by being possessedof this paper.
3.  She tried to give her countenance an appearance of perfect candor."Alas," said Milady, "I know it is so. It is said that we must nottrust to the face; but in what, then, shall we place confidence, if notin the most beautiful work of the Lord? As for me, I shall be deceivedall my life perhaps, but I shall always have faith in a person whosecountenance inspires me with sympathy."
4.  "And who?" asked M. de Treville.
5.  The moment the hand of Bonacieux sounded on the door, the twoyoung people felt their hearts bound within them."There is nobody within," said Bonacieux.
6.  "Shall I give you the change, my officer?" said the host."No, only add two bottles of champagne, and the differencewill be for the napkins."


1.  "Would you like better to be hanged in your true name, Milady?You know that the English laws are inexorable on the abuse ofmarriage. Speak freely. Although my name, or rather that of mybrother, would be mixed up with the affair, I will risk thescandal of a public trial to make myself certain of getting ridof you."
2.  "Have you enemies, then?" asked Richelieu.
3.  "No, monseigneur, for the only thing for which I could be arrested isstill unknown to your Eminence."
4.  "Oh, I don't know; he had enough, and set off without waiting forthe rest. But you, my dear D'Artagnan, what has happened toyou?"
5.   The order was executed.
6.  "And you responded to his bidding, you imprudent man?""Well, I can't say I had much choice of going or not going, for Iwas taken to him between two guards. It is true also, that as Idid not then know his Eminence, if I had been able to dispensewith the visit, I should have been enchanted."


1.  Meanwhile, all things considered and notwithstanding hissuspicions, as the wound might be serious, he immediately sentoff a mounted man to find a physician.
2.  "But I repeat it again to you," replied Felton, in great emotion,"no danger threatens you; I will answer for Lord de Winter as formyself."
3.  "To take the hundred pistoles, D'Artagnan. With the hundredpistoles we can live well to the end of the month. We haveundergone a great deal of fatigue, remember, and a little restwill do no harm."
4、  "Then you don't believe me?"
5、  "What o'clock is it?"




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      Bazin appeared on the threshold, dull and spiritless."That last order is useless," interrupted D'Artagnan; "there areloaded pistols in your holsters."

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      "Without doubt. And you will tell him I will publish thereport of Bois-Robert and the Marquis de Beautru, upon theinterview which the duke had at the residence of Madame theConstable with the queen on the evening Madame the Constablegave a masquerade. You will tell him, in order that he maynot doubt, that he came there in the costume of the GreatMogul, which the Chevalier de Guise was to have worn, andthat he purchased this exchange for the sum of threethousand pistoles."

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       Milady Clarik

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      It was not difficult to conquer, as she had hitherto done, menprompt to let themselves be seduced, and whom the gallanteducation of a court led quickly into her net. Milady washandsome enough not to find much resistance on the part of theflesh, and she was sufficiently skillful to prevail over all theobstacles of the mind.

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    {  "So it is!" said D'Artagnan; "I know him now. Do you thinkhe would recollect you?"

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      The conversation between Milady and the cavalier was soanimated that D'Artagnan stopped on the other side of thecarriage without anyone but the pretty SOUBRETTE perceivinghis presence.}

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      "You will give me a copy this evening, which I shall know byheart tomorrow."

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      "People, in general," he said, "only ask advice not tofollow it; or if they do follow it, it is for the sake ofhaving someone to blame for having given it."

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       "Listen," said the young man to the sentinel. "On no pretenseleave the door, for you know that last night my Lord punished asoldier for having quit his post for an instant, although I,during his absence, watched in his place."

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    {  "And thereby you have lied twice, monsieur, for I saw it fall.""Ah, you take it with that tone, do you, Master Gascon? Well, Iwill teach you how to behave yourself."

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      "MORBLEU," said Athos, as soon as they were again in motion,"reduced to two masters and Grimaud and Planchet! MORBLEU! Iwon't be their dupe, I will answer for it. I will neither openmy mouth nor draw my sword between this and Calais. I swearby--"