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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Your son had no shoes or slippers on when you saw him?""He had nothing on save only his trousers and shirt."
2.  On glancing over my notes of the seventy odd cases in which I haveduring the last eight years studied the methods of my friendSherlock Holmes, I find many tragic, some comic, a large number merelystrange, but none commonplace; for, working as he did rather for thelove of his art than for the acquirement of wealth, he refused toassociate himself with any investigation which did not tend towardsthe unusual, and even the fantastic. Of all these varied cases,however, I cannot recall any which presented more singular featuresthan that which was associated with the well-known Surrey family ofthe Roylotts of Stoke Moran. The events in question occurred in theearly days of my association with Holmes, when we were sharing roomsas bachelors in Baker Street. It is possible that I might haveplaced them upon record before, but a promise of secrecy was made atthe time, from which I have only been freed during the last month bythe untimely death of the lady to whom the pledge was given. It isperhaps as well that the facts should now come to light, for I havereasons to know that there are widespread rumours as to the death ofDr. Grimesby Roylott which tend to make the matter even moreterrible than the truth.
3.  Holmes rubbed his hands.
4.  Mycroft Holmes and Lestrade had come round by appointment afterbreakfast next day and Sherlock Holmes had recounted to them ourproceedings of the day before. The professional shook his head overour confessed burglary.
5.  "But it is at least fifteen feet from the body."
6.  "Thank you!" said Holmes, folding up the paper and returningit to our visitor. "And now you must on no account lose anotherinstant. We cannot spare time even to discuss what you have toldme. You must get home instantly and act."


1.  "The coat of arms was on the envelope, and it was addressed in theDuke's peculiar stiff hand. Besides, the Duke remembers havingwritten."
2.  "Surely it is evident that it is unequal in its intensity. Thereis a dot of extravasated blood here, and another there. There aresimilar indications in this other weal down here. What can that mean?""I have no idea. Have you?"
3.  "A setback?"
4.  "We give you best, Holmes. I believe you are the devil himself.""Not far from him, at any rate," Holmes answered with a politesmile.
5.  "No, I do not think so. I think that there was probably some moretangible cause. And now, Miss Stoner, we must leave you, for if Dr.Roylott returned and saw us our journey would be in vain. Good-bye,and be brave, for if you will do what I have told you rest assuredthat we shall soon drive away the dangers that threaten you."Sherlock Holmes and I had no difficulty in engaging a bedroom andsitting-room at the Crown Inn. They were on the upper floor, andfrom our window we could command a view of the avenue gate, and of theinhabited wing of Stoke Moran Manor House. At dusk we saw Dr. GrimesbyRoylott drive past, his huge form looming up beside the littlefigure of the lad who drove him. The boy had some slight difficulty inundoing the heavy iron gates, and we heard the hoarse roar of thedoctor's voice and saw the fury with which he shook his clinched fistsat him. The trap drove on, and a few minutes later we saw a suddenlight spring up among the trees as the lamp was lit in one of thesitting-rooms.
6.  The unfortunate young man staggered back, and cast a look full ofhorror and reproach at Bannister.


1.  "Well, look at this!" He took up a small saucer of milk whichstood on the top of it.
2.  "'There are none missing. there cannot be any missing,' said he."'There are three missing. And you know where they are. Must Icall you a liar as well as a thief? Did I not see you trying to tearoff another piece?'
4.  Re Vampires
5.   "I should say so. Hopkins's writing shows considerable agitation,and he is not an emotional man. Yes, I gather there has been violence,and that the body is left for our inspection. A mere suicide would nothave caused him to send for me. As to the release of the lady, itwould appear that she has been locked in her room during thetragedy. We are moving in high life, Watson, crackling paper, 'E.B.'monogram, coat-of-arms, picturesque address. I think that friendHopkins will live up to his reputation, and that we shall have aninteresting morning. The crime was committed before twelve lastnight."
6.  "'So I know. Let me make the thing clear to you, for my own handis so strong that I can afford to show it. I have been fortunateenough to win the entire affection of this lady. This was given tome in spite of the fact that I told her very clearly of all theunhappy incidents in my past life. I also told her that certain wickedand designing persons- I hope you recognize yourself- would come toher and tell her these things, and I warned her how to treat them. Youhave heard of post-hypnotic suggestion, Mr. Holmes? Well, you will seehow it works, for a man of personality can use hypnotism without anyvulgar passes or tomfoolery. So she is ready for you and, I have nodoubt, would give you an appointment, for she is quite amenable to herfather's will- save only in the one little matter.'


1.  "But Sir Leslie Oakshott?"
2.  Holmes smiled and shook his head.
3.  "I perceive also that whoever addressed the envelope had to go andinquire as to the address."
4、  "'How was it stepped?'
5、  I may have commented upon my friend's power of mental detachment,but never have I wondered at it more than upon that spring morningin Cornwall when for two hours he discoursed upon celts, arrowheads,and shards, as lightly as if no sinister mystery were waiting forhis solution. It was not until we had returned in the afternoon to ourcottage that we found a visitor awaiting us, who soon brought ourminds back to the matter in hand. Neither of us needed to be toldwho that visitor was. The huge body, the craggy and deeply seamed facewith the fierce eyes and hawk-like nose, the grizzled hair whichnearly brushed our cottage ceiling, the beard- golden at the fringesand white near the lips, save for the nicotine stain from hisperpetual cigar- all these were as well known in London as inAfrica, and could only be associated with the tremendous personalityof Dr. Leon Sterndale, the great lion-hunter and explorer.We had heard of his presence in the district and had once or twicecaught sight of his tall figure upon the moorland paths. He made noadvances to us, however, nor would we have dreamed of doing so to him,as it was well known that it was his love of seclusion which causedhim to spend the greater part of the intervals between his journeys ina small bungalow buried in the lonely wood of Beauchamp Arriance.Here, amid his books and his maps, he lived an absolutely lonely life,attending to his own simple wants and paying little apparent heed tothe affairs of his neighbours. It was a surprise to me, therefore,to hear him asking Holmes in an eager voice whether he had made anyadvance in his reconstruction of this mysterious episode. "Thecounty police are utterly at fault," said he, "but perhaps yourwider experience has suggested some conceivable explanation. My onlyclaim to being taken into your confidence is that during my manyresidences here I have come to know this family of Tregennis verywell- indeed, upon my Cornish mother's side I could call them cousins-and their strange fate has naturally been a great shock to me. I maytell you that I had got as far as Plymouth upon my way to Africa,but the news reached me this morning, and I came straight back againto help in the inquiry."




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      "Nothing of the kind."

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      "I was wondering, Watson, what on earth could be the object ofthis man in telling us such a rigmarole of lies. I nearly asked himso- for there are times when a brutal frontal attack is the bestpolicy- but I judged it better to let him think he had fooled us. Hereis a man with an English coat frayed at the elbow and trousersbagged at the knee with a year's wear, and yet by this document and byhis own account he is a provincial American lately landed in London.There have, been no advertisements in the agony columns. You know thatI miss nothing there. They are my favourite covert for putting up abird, and I would never have overlooked such a cock pheasant asthat. I never knew a Dr. Lysander Starr, of Topeka. Touch him whereyou would he was false. I think the fellow is really an American,but he has worn his accent smooth with years of London. What is hisgame, then, and what motive lies behind this preposterous search forGarridebs? It's worth our attention, for, granting that the man is arascal, he is certainly a complex and ingenious one. We must nowfind out if our other correspondent is a fraud also. Just ring him up,Watson."

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       "Well, Mr. Holmes, have you proved us to be wrong yet? Have youfound your tramp?" he cried.

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      "'Then the matter stands thus. You are probably aware thatfuller's-earth is a valuable product. and that it is only found in oneor two places in England?'

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    {  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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      "You are too many for me when you begin to get on your theories, Mr.Holmes," said he. "How does this bear on the case?"}

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      "'Yes, sir,' I answered, pushing a chair towards him.

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      "Then I have wasted my time and need not prolong my visit." Thefamous doctor strode out of our cottage in considerable ill-humour,and within five minutes Holmes had followed him. I saw him no moreuntil the evening, when he returned with a slow step and haggardface which assured me that he had made no great progress with hisinvestigation. He glanced at a telegram which awaited him and threw itinto the grate.

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       "'Very good.' He suddenly sprang up, and darting like lightningacross the room he flung open the door. The passage outside was empty."'That's all right,' said he, coming back. 'I know the clerks aresometimes curious as to their master's affairs. Now we can talk insafety.' He drew up his chair very close to mine and began to stare atme again with the same questioning and thoughtful look."A feeling of repulsion, and of something akin to fear had begunto rise within me at the strange antics of this fleshless man. Even mydread of losing a client could not restrain me from showing myimpatience.

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    {  "The cunning dog has covered his tracks," said he. "He has leftnothing to incriminate him. His dangerous correspondence has beendestroyed or removed. This is our last chance."

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      I have no idea what backward sweep of memory had brought the matterfresh to his mind, or what freak had caused him to desire that Ishould recount it; but I hasten, before another cancelling telegrammay arrive, to hunt out the notes which give me the exact details ofthe case and to lay the narrative before my readers.