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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "She wanted to see where the crime was done- had read about it inthe papers, she said. She was a very respectable, well-spoken youngwoman, sir, and I saw no harm in letting her have a peep. When she sawthat mark on the carpet, down she dropped on the floor, and lay asif she were dead. I ran to the back and got some water, but I couldnot bring her to. Then I went round the corner to the Ivy Plant forsome brandy, and by the time I had brought it back the young woman hadrecovered and was off- ashamed of herself, I daresay, and dared notface me."
2.  "That is certainly a possible point of view. On the face of it youmust admit, however, that it is very strange that his two servantsshould have been in a conspiracy against him and should haveattacked him on the one night when he had a guest. They had himalone at their mercy every other night in the week."
3.  "Is she gone, Watson? Is there a spark left? Surely we are not toolate!"
4.  "Thank you. I will trouble you once again."
5.  "You have done wisely," said my friend. "But have you told me all?""Yes, all."
6.  "There was a period of excitement upon August 26th. We will assumethat he is a little hazy as to what he does at such times. If weinsist that we are there by appointment I think he will hardly ventureto contradict us. Have you the effrontery necessary to put itthrough?"


1.  "And I am the witness?"
2.  "That is a detail which I shall speedily supply."
3.  "We are told that three men drank from them. Does that strike you aslikely?"
4.  There was not much, but there was enough- an empty phial, anothernearly full, a hypodermic syringe, several letters in a crabbed,foreign hand. The marks on the envelopes showed that they were thosewhich had disturbed the routine of the secretary, and each was datedfrom the Commercial Road and signed "A. Dorak." They were mereinvoices to say that a fresh bottle was being sent to ProfessorPresbury, or receipt to acknowledge money. There was one otherenvelope, however, in a more educated band and bearing the Austrianstamp with the postmark of Prague. "Here we have our material!"cried Holmes as he tore out the enclosure.
5.  "Good heavens! I thought it was Wednesday. It is Wednesday. Whatd'you want to frighten the chap for?" He sank his face onto his armsand began to sob in a high treble key.
6.  "From the first, two facts were very obvious to me, the one that thelady had been quite willing to undergo the wedding ceremony, the otherthat she had repented of it within a few minutes of returning home.Obviously something had occurred during the morning, then, to causeher to change her mind. What could that something be? She could nothave spoken to anyone when she was out, for she had been in thecompany of the bridegroom. Had she seen someone, then? If she had,it must be someone from America because she had spent so short atime in this country that she could hardly have allowed anyone toacquire so deep an influence over her that the mere sight of him wouldinduce her to change her plans so completely. You see we havealready arrived, by a process of exclusion, at the idea that she mighthave seen an American. Then who could this American be, and why shouldhe possess so much influence over her? It might be a lover; it mightbe a husband. Her young womanhood had, I knew, been spent in roughscenes and under strange conditions. So far I had got before I everheard Lord St. Simon's narrative. When he told us of a man in a pew,of the change in the bride's manner, of so transparent a device forobtaining a note as the dropping of a bouquet, of her resort to herconfidential maid, and of her very significant allusion toclaim-jumping-which in miners' parlance means taking possession ofthat which another person has a prior claim to-the whole situationbecame absolutely clear. She had gone off with a man, and the manwas either a lover or was a previous husband-the chances being infavour of the latter."


1.  "'On the contrary,' said I, 'I opened the door myself because I feltthe room to be a little close.'
2.  With regard to our transaction, you will no doubt have observed bynow that one essential detail is missing. I have a tracing whichwill make it complete. This has involved me in extra trouble, however,and I must ask you for a further advance of five hundred pounds. Iwill not trust it to the post, nor will I take anything but gold ornotes. I would come to you abroad, but it would excite remark if Ileft the country at present. Therefore I shall expect to meet you inthe smoking-room of the Charing Cross Hotel at noon on Saturday.Remember that only English notes, or gold, will be taken.That will do very well. I shall be very much surprised if it doesnot fetch our man."
3.  Mrs. Hudson had appeared with a lady's card upon her salver.Holmes glanced at it, raised his eyebrows, and handed it over to me."Ask Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope if she will be kind enough to stepup," said he.
4.  "He is, or was last night, at the Fighting Cock Inn, about two milesfrom your park gate."
5.   "Did he seem to you much perturbed?"
6.  "The glass still keeps very high," he remarked as he sat down. "Itis of importance that it should not rain before we are able to go overthe ground. On the other hand, a man should be at his very best andkeenest for such nice work as that, and I did not wish to do it whenfagged by a long journey. I have seen young McCarthy."


1.  "Bring them to justice, Mr. Holmes. You have my sympathy and myhelp, whoever they may be." It seemed to me that she glanced defiantlyat her father and brother as she spoke.
2.  "I think, Inspector," Holmes remarked, "that you would do well totelegraph for an escort, as, if my calculations prove to be correct,you may have a particularly dangerous prisoner to convey to the countyjail. The boy who takes this note could no doubt forward yourtelegram. If there is an afternoon train to town, Watson, I think weshould do well to take it, as I have a chemical analysis of someinterest to finish, and this investigation draws rapidly to a close."When the youth had been dispatched with the note, Sherlock Holmesgave his instructions to the servants. If any visitor were to callasking for Mrs. Hilton Cubitt, no information should be given as toher condition, but he was to be shown at once into the drawing-room.He impressed these points upon them with the utmost earnestness.Finally he led the way into the drawing-room, with the remark that thebusiness was now out of our hands, and that we must while away thetime as best we might until we could see what was in store for us. Thedoctor had departed to his patients, and only the inspector and myselfremained.
3.  Holmes looked thoroughly surprised at Miss Presbury's narrative."My dear young lady, you say that your room is on the secondfloor. Is there a long ladder in the garden?"
4、  "Can you enter it from outside?"
5、  "Tall? Handsome?"




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      I have not had occasion to mention Shinwell Johnson in these memoirsbecause I have seldom drawn my cases from the latter phases of myfriend's career. During the first years of the century he became avaluable assistant. Johnson, I grieve to say, made his name first as avery dangerous villain and served two terms at Parkhurst. Finally herepented and allied himself to Holmes, acting as his agent in the hugecriminal under-world of London and obtaining information which oftenproved to be of vital importance. Had Johnson been a "nark" of thepolice he would soon have been exposed, but as he dealt with caseswhich never came directly into the courts, his activities were neverrealized by his companions. With the glamour of his two convictionsupon him, he had the entree of every nightclub, doss house, andgambling-den in the town, and his quick observation and active brainmade him an ideal agent for gaining information. It was to him thatSherlock Holmes now proposed to turn.

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      Three yellow squares of light shone above us in the gathering gloom."Your three birds are all in their nests," said Holmes, lookingup. "Halloa! What's that? One of them seems restless enough."It was the Indian, whose dark silhouette appeared suddenly uponhis blind. He was pacing swiftly up and down his room.

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       It happened that at the moment I was clearing up the case which myfriend Watson has described as that of the Abbey School, in whichthe Duke of Greyminster was so deeply involved. I had also acommission from the Sultan of Turkey which called for immediateaction, as political consequences of the gravest kind might arise fromits neglect. Therefore it was not until the beginning of the nextweek, as my diary records, that I was able to start forth on mymission to Bedfordshire in company with Mr. James M. Dodd. As we droveto Euston we picked up a grave and taciturn gentleman of iron-grayaspect, with whom I had made the necessary arrangements."This is an old friend," said I to Dodd. "It is possible that hispresence may be entirely unnecessary, and, on the other hand, it maybe essential. It is not necessary at the present stage to go furtherinto the matter."

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      "Perhaps he will come back?"

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    {  "Undoubtedly it must."

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      "Have you lost any documents before?"}

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      "It came about in this way. The instant that the Professor haddisappeared, it struck me what a really extraordinarily lucky chanceFate had placed in my way. I knew that Moriarty was not the only manwho had sworn my death. There were at least three others whosedesire for vengeance upon me would only be increased by the death oftheir leader. They were all most dangerous men. One or other wouldcertainly get me. On the other hand, if all the world was convincedthat I was dead they would take liberties, these men, they wouldsoon lay themselves open, and sooner or later I could destroy them.Then it would be time for me to announce that I was still in theland of the living. So rapidly does the brain act that I believe I hadthought this all out before Professor Moriarty had reached thebottom of the Reichenbach Fall.

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       "No. His orders were to stay in the house."

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    {  "With this train of reasoning in my head I naturally looked about inMortimer Tregennis's room to find some remains of this substance.The obvious place to look was the talc shield or smoke-guard of thelamp. There, sure enough, I perceived a number of flaky ashes, andround the edges a fringe of brownish powder, which had not yet beenconsumed. Half of this I took, as you saw, and I placed it in anenvelope."

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      "No, I think that I'll take it."