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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But you are wounded, it seems," said Planchet.
2.  As he gained the top of the Rue Guenegaud, he saw two personscoming out of the Rue Dauphine whose appearance very much struckhim. Of the two persons who composed this group, one was a manand the other a woman. The woman had the outline of Mme.Bonacieux; the man resembled Aramis so much as to be mistaken forhim.
3.  "Now it is time that the malady should be over," said she; "letme rise, and obtain some success this very day. I have but tendays, and this evening two of them will be gone."In the morning, when they entered Milady's chamber they hadbrought her breakfast. Now, she thought, they could not longdelay coming to clear the table, and that Felton would thenreappear.
4.  "HEIN!" said D'Artagnan, "can she have charged you to tellme so?"
5.  "A tigress, a panther! Ah, my dear Athos, I am greatlyafraid I have drawn a terrible vengeance on both of us!"D'Artagnan then related all--the mad passion of Milady andher menaces of death.
6.  There was silence. Porthos could hardly keep hiscountenance.


1.  "Yes, go, go,!" said she to her brother; "the effects ARE drawingnear, on the contrary; but you, weak fool, will not see themuntil it is too late to shun them."
2.  "You mean to take your horse?"
3.  The cardinal, after having read these two lines, sank into a profoundreverie; but he did not return the paper to D'Artagnan."He is meditating by what sort of punishment he shall cause me to die,"said the Gascon to himself. "Well, my faith! he shall see how agentleman can die."
4.  "Ha, ha!" cried Lord de Winter; "ha, ha! Don't you see, my braveFelton; don't you see what I told you? That knife was for you,my lad; she would have killed you. Observe, this is one of herpeculiarities, to get rid thus, after one fashion or another, ofall the people who bother her. If I had listened to you, theknife would have been pointed and of steel. Then no more ofFelton; she would have cut your throat, and after that everybodyelse's. See, John, see how well she knows how to handle aknife."
5.  "Tell me, tell me, tell me, I say," repeated Milady, "how doyou know it?"
6.  "Yes."


1.  "Yes, Count," said Milady, in her softest voice, andpressing his hand in her own, "I am happy in the love whichyour looks and your words have expressed to me every time wehave met. I also--I love you. Oh, tomorrow, tomorrow, Imust have some pledge from you which will prove that youthink of me; and that you may not forget me, take this!" andshe slipped a ring from her finger onto D'Artagnan's.D'Artagnan remembered having seen this ring on the finger ofMilady; it was a magnificent sapphire, encircled withbrilliants.
2.  "With what view?"
3.  D'Artagnan looked at his friends, as if to say, "Well, whatdid I tell you?"
4.  D'Artagnan had so much confidence in the word of his friend that helowered his head, and entered the inn without reply.Porthos and Aramis regarded each other, not understanding this assuranceof Athos.
5.   "Be satisfied. In the proper time and place I will remembereverything. Now then, go, go, in the name of heaven! I wasexpected at sharp midnight, and I am late."
6.  "Well, then it appears that we are the Croesuses of the society.How much have you left of your hundred pistoles, D'Artagnan.?""Of my hundred pistoles? Why, in the first place I gave youfifty."


1.  But scarcely were they out of the room before they were madeaware of the cause of this noise. Cries of "Live the king!Live the cardinal!" resounded on every side, and the drumswere beaten in all directions.
2.  "Come in here, Monsieur Chevalier," said she; "here we shallbe alone, and can talk."
3.  "I have performed that same distance in forty hours, and by teno'clock in the morning I must be in London."
4、  In fact, ten minutes had scarcely passed away when the door ofthe king's closet opened, and M. de Treville saw M. de laTremouille come out. The duke came straight up to him, and said:"Monsieur de Treville, his Majesty has just sent for me in orderto inquire respecting the circumstances which took placeyesterday at my hotel. I have told him the truth; that is tosay, that the fault lay with my people, and that I was ready tooffer you my excuses. Since I have the good fortune to meet you,I beg you to receive them, and to hold me always as one of yourfriends."
5、  There happened to be a sermon, which made the church very full ofpeople. Porthos took advantage of this circumstance to ogle thewomen. Thanks to the cares of Mousqueton, the exterior was forfrom announcing the distress of the interior. His hat was alittle napless, his feather was a little faded, his gold lace wasa little tarnished, his laces were a trifle frayed; but in theobscurity of the church these things were not seen, and Porthoswas still the handsome Porthos.




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      "Pardon me for having joined with your persecutors."Milady held out her hand to him.

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      "And she is not to be despised, in my opinion."

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       D'Artagnan fancied himself very cunning when advising Miladyto renounce, by pardoning De Wardes, the furious projectsshe had formed.

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      "Well, then, we will put simply, My Lord, do you remember acertain little enclosure where your life was spared?""My dear D'Artagnan, you will never make anything but a verybad secretary. Where your life was spared! For shame!that's unworthy. A man of spirit is not to be reminded ofsuch services. A benefit reproached is an offensecommitted."

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    {  At three o'clock came two companies of the Guards, one French,the other Swiss. The company of French guards was composed ofhalf of M. Duhallier's men and half of M. Dessessart's men.At six in the evening the guests began to come. As fast as theyentered, they were placed in the grand saloon, on the platformsprepared for them.

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      "A small vessel with an English crew, whose captain is on myside, awaits you at the mouth of Charente, at fort of thePoint. He will set sail tomorrow morning."}

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      D'Artagnan took his hat, examined the hole made by the ball,and shook his head. The ball was not a musket ball--it wasan arquebus ball. The accuracy of the aim had first givenhim the idea that a special weapon had been employed. Thiscould not, then, be a military ambuscade, as the ball wasnot of the regular caliber.

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      At the end of an instant they heard a furious fusillade."What's that?" asked Porthos, "what are they firing at now?I hear no balls whistle, and I see nobody!"

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       "And you, D'Artagnan?"

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    {  "Miserable scoundrel!" cried D'Artagnan, "you were all in theplot, then! And I really don't know what prevents me fromexterminating you all."

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      "Pardon me for quitting you, my dear Madame Bonacieux," said he;"but, not knowing you would come to see me, I had made anengagement with a friend. I shall soon return; and if you willwait only a few minutes for me, as soon as I have concluded mybusiness with that friend, as it is growing late, I will comeback and reconduct you to the Louvre."