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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Very well, monsieur," said Planchet.
2.  Milady arose, went to the door, opened it, looked in the corridor, andthen returned and seated herself close to Mme. Bonacieux."Then," said she, "he has well played his part."
3.  "And where, I pray you?"
4.  In fact, the blow was direct and severe. The first idea thatoccurred to Milady's mind was that she had been betrayed byKitty, and that she had recounted to the baron the selfishaversion toward himself of which she had imprudently allowed somemarks to escape before her servant. She also recollected thefurious and imprudent attack she had made upon D'Artagnan when hespared the life of her brother.
5.  All at once the captain stopped, as if struck by a suddensuspicion. This great hatred which the young traveler manifestedso loudly for this man, who--a rather improbable thing--hadstolen his father's letter from him--was there not some perfidyconcealed under this hatred? Might not this young man be sent byhis Eminence? Might he not have come for the purpose of laying asnare for him? This pretended D'Artagnan--was he not an emissaryof the cardinal, whom the cardinal sought to introduce intoTreville's house, to place near him, to win his confidence, andafterward to ruin him as had been done in a thousand otherinstances? He fixed his eyes upon D'Artagnan even more earnestlythan before. He was moderately reassured however, by the aspectof that countenance, full of astute intelligence and affectedhumility. "I know he is a Gascon," reflected he, "but he may beone for the cardinal was well as for me. Let us try him.""My friend," said he, slowly, "I wish, as the son of an ancientfriend--for I consider this story of the lost letter perfectlytrue--I wish, I say, in order to repair the coldness you may haveremarked in my reception of you, to discover to you the secretsof our policy. The king and the cardinal are the best offriends; their apparent bickerings are only feints to deceivefools. I am not willing that a compatriot, a handsome cavalier,a brave youth, quite fit to make his way, should become the dupeof all these artifices and fall into the snare after the exampleof so many others who have been ruined by it. Be assured that Iam devoted to both these all-powerful masters, and that myearnest endeavors have no other aim than the service of the king,and also the cardinal--one of the most illustrious geniuses thatFrance has ever produced.
6.  "For Monsieur de Wardes?" said Kitty.


1.  Porthos, without reply, retreated a second step. Theprocurator's wife fancied she saw him in a brilliant cloud,all surrounded by duchesses and marchionesses, who cast bagsof money at his feet.
2.  "In what way? The initials are only mine--C. B., ConstanceBonacieux."
3.  "What must be done?"
4.  "My faith, gentlemen," said Porthos, turning round upon hischair and twisting his mustache, "that's a fair bet, Ihope."
5.  "My dear Cousin, I think I shall make up my mind to set out forBethune, where my sister has placed our little servant in theconvent of the Carmelites; this poor child is quite resigned, asshe knows she cannot live elsewhere without the salvation of hersoul being in danger. Nevertheless, if the affairs of our familyare arranged, as we hope they will be, I believe she will run therisk of being damned, and will return to those she regrets,particularly as she knows they are always thinking of her.Meanwhile, she is not very wretched; what she most desires is aletter from her intended. I know that such viands pass withdifficulty through convent gratings; but after all, as I havegiven you proofs, my dear cousin, I am not unskilled in suchaffairs, and I will take charge of the commission. My sisterthanks you for your good and eternal remembrance. She hasexperienced much anxiety; but she is now at length a littlereassured, having sent her secretary away in order that nothingmay happen unexpectedly.
6.  D'Artagnan blushed.


1.  "Why so, Planchet?" asked the young man.
2.  "No," said Porthos, "I expected some gentlemen of theneighborhood, who have just sent me word they could not come.You will take their places and I shall not lose by the exchange.HOLA, Mousqueton, seats, and order double the bottles!""Do you know what we are eating here?" said Athos, at the end often minutes.
3.  "Now, there is one," said Kitty, "who appears to me quite adifferent sort of a man from that poor Monsieur D'Artagnan.""Go to bed, mademoiselle," said Milady; "I don't likecomments."
4.  D'Artagnan entered after the cardinal, and behind D'Artagnan the doorwas guarded.
5.   "No, I have good luck, that is all. But how do you mean to passyour time till I come back? No more theses, no more glosses uponthe fingers or upon benedictions, hey?"
6.  "What is that, madame?"


1.  "I don't know; the secret has been well kept."
2.  "No."
3.  "Oh, you'll know it someday, Aramis; but at present I mustimitate the discretion of 'the doctor's niece.'"
4、  "Are you willing that I should this evening pass with youthe time I generally spend with your mistress?"
5、  My Dear Cousin, Here is the authorization from my sister to withdrawour little servant from the convent of Bethune, the air of which youthink is bad for her. My sister sends you this authorization with greatpleasure, for she is very partial to the little girl, to whom sheintends to be more serviceable hereafter.




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      "If there is a third shot," said he to himself, "I am a lostman."

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      "You will ask for the host, and will repeat to him the word'Forward!'"

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       "Monsieur Porthos gave us a note for his duchess, ordering us toput it in the post. This was before his servant came. As hecould not leave his chamber, it was necessary to charge us withthis commission."

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      The three friends--for, as we have said, Athos had sworn not tostir a foot to equip himself--went out early in the morning, andreturned late at night. They wandered about the streets, lookingat the pavement a if to see whether the passengers had not left apurse behind them. They might have been supposed to be followingtracks, so observant were they wherever they went. When they metthey looked desolately at one another, as much as to say, "Haveyou found anything?"

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    {  "Well, then, it becomes the simplest thing in the world; getme that proof, and I will send him to the Bastille.""So far good, monseigneur; but afterwards?"

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      However, a few instants after she had finished her religioussong, Milady thought she heard a profound sigh. Then the samesteps she had heard approach slowly withdrew, as if with regret.}

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      Possessed by one single thought--that of the promise he had made, and ofthe responsibility he had taken--he retired last to his chamber, beggedthe host to procure him a map of the province, bent over it, examinedevery line traced upon it, perceived that there were four differentroads from Bethune to Armentieres, and summoned the lackeys.Planchet, Grimaud, Bazin, and Mousqueton presented themselves, andreceived clear, positive, and serious orders from Athos.They must set out the next morning at daybreak, and go to Armentieres--each by a different route. Planchet, the most intelligent of the four,was to follow that by which the carriage had gone upon which the fourfriends had fired, and which was accompanied, as may be remembered, byRochefort's servant.

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      "Only Donna Estafania."

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       "Then, at least turn the gem inside, you silly fellow; foreverybody must be aware that a cadet from Gascony does not findsuch stones in his mother's jewel case."

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    {  "Why, it is with him I am also going to fight," said Porthos."But not before one o'clock," replied D'Artagnan."And I also am to fight with this gentleman," said Aramis, comingin his turn onto the place.

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      "No," said D'Artagnan; "no, I confess it. It was chance thatthrew me in your way; I saw a woman knocking at the window of oneof my friends."