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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Holmes and I put on our dress-clothes, so that we might appear to betwo theatre-goers homeward bound. In Oxford Street we picked up ahansom and drove to an address in Hampstead. Here we paid off our cab,and with our great coats buttoned up, for it was bitterly cold, andthe wind seemed to blow through us, we walked along the edge of theheath.
2.  "And that ring went with him to London?"
3.  "Then, Watson, we will postpone our breakfast. Mr. Roundhay, weare entirely at your disposal. Hurry- hurry, before things getdisarranged."
4.  "I don't think I shall go."
5.  "It was a quarter of an hour before my time, but I thought thatwould make no difference. 126B was a passage between two largeshops, which led to a winding stone stair, from which there weremany flats, let as offices to companies or professional men. The namesof the occupants were painted at the bottom on the wall, but there wasno such name as the Franco-Midland Hardware Company, Limited. Istood for a few minutes with my heart in my boots, wondering whetherthe whole thing was an elaborate hoax or not, when up came a man andaddressed me. He was very like the chap I had seen the night before,the same figure and voice, but he was clean-shaven and his hair waslighter.
6.  "And the next link?"


1.  "When I learned that the police had failed-"
2.  "Well, we may save the police some little trouble in thatdirection," said Holmes, glancing at the haggard figure huddled upby the window. "Human nature is a strange mixture, Watson. You seethat even a villain and murderer can inspire such affection that hisbrother turns to suicide when he learns that his neck is forfeited.However, we have no choice as to our action. The doctor and I willremain on guard, Mr. Pycroft, if you will have the kindness to stepout for the police."
3.  "Was it she who gave the alarm?"
4.  He clutched her hand to detain her. "How are you, Watson?' said hecordially. "I should never have known you under that moustache, andI daresay you would not be prepared to swear to me. This I presumeis your celebrated friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes?"
5.  -THE END-
6.  "But the eyeglasses?"


1.  "'Danger is part of my trade,' I remarked.
2.  "Oh, yes, no doubt that is what I must have meant," said Holmes,with his enigmatical smile. Lestrade had learned by more experiencesthan he would care to acknowledge that that brain could cut throughthat which was impenetrable to him. I saw him look curiously at mycompanion.
3.  "Unfortunately, the path was tiled at that point."
4.  "Was he in the master's class?"
5.   "I cannot imagine."
6.  "'Come! come!' she cried breathlessly. 'They will be here in amoment. They will see that you are not there. Oh, do not waste theso-precious time, but come!'


1.  "There is surely some mistake here, gentlemen," he said in anunctuous, make-everything-easy voice. "I fancy that you have beenmisdirected. Possibly if you tried farther down the street-""That will do; we have no time to waste," said my companionfirmly. "You are Henry Peters, of Adelaide, late the Rev. Dr.Shlessinger, of Baden and South America. I am as sure of that asthat my own name is Sherlock Holmes."
2.  "Yes, Watson, I went there, and I found very quickly that the latelamented Oldacre was a pretty considerable blackguard. The fatherwas away in search of his son. The mother was at home- a little,fluffy, blue-eyed person, in a tremor of fear and indignation. Ofcourse, she would not admit even the possibility of his guilt. But shewould not express either surprise or regret over the fate ofOldacre. On the contrary, she spoke of him with such bitterness thatshe was unconsciously considerably strengthening the case of thepolice for, of course, if her son had heard her speak of the man inthis fashion, it would predispose him towards hatred and violence. `Hewas more like a malignant and cunning ape than a human being,' saidshe, `and he always was, ever since he was a young man.'"`You knew him at that time?' said I
3.  "Exactly."
4、  "How very absurd! I never noticed that before."
5、  "Yes, sir, I did."




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      "I have to be emphatic, Mr. Holmes, for the time is so limited. Iwould not have him find me here for the world. He is almost due now.But I was so situated that I could not come earlier. His secretary,Mr. Ferguson, only told me this morning of his appointment with you.""And you are his manager?"

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      "But they listened to my story with a smile. I am convincedthat the inspector has formed the opinion that the letters are allpractical jokes, and that the deaths of my relations were reallyaccidents, as the jury stated, and were not to be connected withthe warnings."

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       The country detective was a stout, puffy, red man, whose face wasonly redeemed from grossness by two extraordinarily bright eyes,almost hidden behind the heavy creases of cheek and brow. With aslow smile he drew a folded and discoloured scrap of paper from hispocket.

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      Susan turned a sulky but amazed face upon her captor. "Who be you,anyhow, and what right have you a-pullin' me about like this?""It was merely that I wished to ask a question in your presence. Didyou, Mrs. Maberley, mention to anyone that you were going to writeto me and consult me?"

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    {  "'Look here, dad,' said he with his eyes cast down, 'can you letme have L200?'

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      "Did you see him on the beach?"}

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      Count Sylvius laughed contemptuously.

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      "There is but one thing to do. It must be done at once. Youmust put this piece of paper which you have shown us into thebrass box which you have described. You must also put in a noteto say that all the other papers were burned by your uncle, andthat this is the only one which remains. You must assert that insuch words as will carry conviction with them. Having done this,you must at once put the box out upon the sundial, as directed.Do you understand?"

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       "I will tell you the meaning of it," cried the lady, sweeping intothe room with a proud, set face. "You have forced me, against my ownjudgment, to tell you, and now we must both make the best of it. Myhusband died at Atlanta. My child survived."

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    {  "There is little I can tell you, sir. He has been working at acase down at Rotherhithe, in an alley near the river, and he hasbrought this illness back with him. He took to his bed on Wednesdayafternoon and has never moved since. For these three days neither foodnor drink has passed his lips."

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      "Presuming that it is an appointment," continued the inspector,"it is of course a conceivable theory that this William Kirwan, thoughhe had the reputation of being an honest man, may have been inleague with the thief. He may have met him there, may even have helpedhim to break in the door, and then they may have fallen out betweenthemselves."