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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then why, instead of tacking so frequently, do you not sailnearer the wind?"
2.  "Yes. I am a very capricious being, and I should tell youthat sometimes when I rise, or after my dinner, or in themiddle of the night, I resolve on starting for someparticular point, and away I go." The count rang, and afootman appeared. "Order out the carriage," he said, "andremove the pistols which are in the holsters. You need notawaken the coachman; Ali will drive." In a very short timethe noise of wheels was heard, and the carriage stopped atthe door. The count took out his watch. "Half-past twelve,"he said. "We might start at five o'clock and be in time, butthe delay may cause your friend to pass an uneasy night, andtherefore we had better go with all speed to extricate himfrom the hands of the infidels. Are you still resolved toaccompany me?"
3.  "Approach, gentlemen," said Albert; "I wish you not to loseone word of what I am about to have the honor of saying tothe Count of Monte Cristo, for it must be repeated by you toall who will listen to it, strange as it may appear to you."
4.  "Is it possible," whispered Franz, "that you entertain anyfear?"
5.  "Then," said Mercedes, "I will lead the way." Turningtowards Monte Cristo, she added, "count, will you oblige mewith your arm?" The count almost staggered at these simplewords; then he fixed his eyes on Mercedes. It was only amomentary glance, but it seemed to the countess to havelasted for a century, so much was expressed in that onelook. He offered his arm to the countess; she took it, orrather just touched it with her little hand, and theytogether descended the steps, lined with rhododendrons andcamellias. Behind them, by another outlet, a group of abouttwenty persons rushed into the garden with loud exclamationsof delight.
6.  "Hold your tongue, will you?" said Danglars, pretending torestrain Caderousse, who, with the tenacity of drunkards,leaned out of the arbor. "Try to stand upright, and let thelovers make love without interruption. See, look at Fernand,and follow his example; he is well-behaved!"


1.  "No, the son's."
2.  "You have had too much already, drunkard," said Danglars;"and if you continue, you will be compelled to sleep here,because unable to stand on your legs."
3.  The doctor, without shaking hands with Villefort, withoutadding a word to what he had said, went out, amid the tearsand lamentations of the whole household. The same eveningall Villefort's servants, who had assembled in the kitchen,and had a long consultation, came to tell Madame deVillefort that they wished to leave. No entreaty, noproposition of increased wages, could induce them to remain;to every argument they replied, "We must go, for death is inthis house." They all left, in spite of prayers andentreaties, testifying their regret at leaving so good amaster and mistress, and especially Mademoiselle Valentine,so good, so kind, and so gentle. Villefort looked atValentine as they said this. She was in tears, and, strangeas it was, in spite of the emotions he felt at the sight ofthese tears, he looked also at Madame de Villefort, and itappeared to him as if a slight gloomy smile had passed overher thin lips, like a meteor seen passing inauspiciouslybetween two clouds in a stormy sky.
4.  "Well, will you try and overtake him?"
5.  "Was this prepared in your presence?"
6.  "And, as I am not a millionaire, like the gentleman in thenext apartments," said Franz, "I warn you, that as I havebeen four times before at Rome, I know the prices of all thecarriages; we will give you twelve piastres for to-day,tomorrow, and the day after, and then you will make a goodprofit."


1.  "Yes; do you not know that this is a young man whom thecount is introducing?" said Morcerf.
2.  "In France!" he cried, "the usurper in France! Then they didnot watch over this man. Who knows? they were, perhaps, inleague with him."
3.  "Happy rogue," said Caderousse; "you are going to find yourservants, your horses, your carriage, and your betrothed!"
4.  In three days he had succeeded, with the utmost precaution,in removing the cement, and exposing the stone-work. Thewall was built of rough stones, among which, to givestrength to the structure, blocks of hewn stone were atintervals imbedded. It was one of these he had uncovered,and which he must remove from its socket.
5.   "What?"
6.  "That will be another thing; I shall be brought home."


1.  "But remember" --
2.  "Listen, my friends," said the count -- "I may call you sosince we have really been friends for the last eleven years-- the discovery of this secret has been occasioned by agreat event which you must never know. I wish to bury itduring my whole life in my own bosom, but your brotherMaximilian wrested it from me by a violence he repents ofnow, I am sure." Then turning around, and seeing thatMorrel, still on his knees, had thrown himself into anarm-chair, be added in a low voice, pressing Emmanuel's handsignificantly, "Watch over him."
3.  "Ah," said the man.
4、  Chapter 45The Rain of Blood.
5、  M. Noirtier -- for it was, indeed, he who entered -- lookedafter the servant until the door was closed, and then,fearing, no doubt, that he might be overheard in theante-chamber, he opened the door again, nor was theprecaution useless, as appeared from the rapid retreat ofGermain, who proved that he was not exempt from the sinwhich ruined our first parents. M. Noirtier then took thetrouble to close and bolt the ante-chamber door, then thatof the bed-chamber, and then extended his hand to Villefort,who had followed all his motions with surprise which hecould not conceal.




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      "No, no, no," replied the eye of the paralytic.

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      "Sire, the duke is right, and I believe your majesty willthink it equally important."

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       "Because then I have no responsibility. I am a machine then,and nothing else, and so long as I work, nothing more isrequired of me."

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      "Sir," said the baroness humbly, "are you not aware that theman employed there was dismissed, that they talked of goingto law with him, that orders were issued to arrest him andthat this order would have been put into execution if he hadnot escaped by flight, which proves that he was either mador guilty? It was a mistake."

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    {  "Come, count, you do not do that young man justice."

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      "Meaning to say," rejoined Monte Cristo, "that howeverThomson & French may be inclined to commit acts ofimprudence and folly, the Baron Danglars is not disposed tofollow their example."}

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      "What? -- although you are not now going to be married, youintend still" --

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      "Where?" stammered Morcerf.

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       "It is the face of the Count of Monte Cristo!" exclaimed theprocureur, with a haggard expression.

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    {  "Never." Caderousse had become so gloomy that Andrea fearedhe should be obliged to notice the change. He redoubled hisgayety and carelessness. "How sprightly you are," saidCaderousse; "One would say you were already in possession ofyour property."

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      "Certainly; and that is why M. and Madame de Saint-Meranhave died; that is why M. Noirtier was sentenced the day hemade you his heir; that is why you, in your turn, are to die-- it is because your father would inherit your property,and your brother, his only son, succeed to his."