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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Gentlemen," said Albert, "Germain informs me that breakfastis ready. My dear count, allow me to show you the way." Theypassed silently into the breakfast-room, and every one tookhis place. "Gentleman," said the count, seating himself,"permit me to make a confession which must form my excusefor any improprieties I may commit. I am a stranger, and astranger to such a degree, that this is the first time Ihave ever been at Paris. The French way of living is utterlyunknown to me, and up to the present time I have followedthe Eastern customs, which are entirely in contrast to theParisian. I beg you, therefore, to excuse if you findanything in me too Turkish, too Italian, or too Arabian.Now, then, let us breakfast."
2.  "Alas," said d'Avrigny, "she is indeed dead, poor child!"
3.  "My father, as I told you."
4.  "Yes."
5.  "Call him, then; I wish to speak to him." The concierge wentto seek the valet de chambre, and returned with him in aninstant.
6.  "But, mon Dieu, tell me, how can I do otherwise?"


1.  "Leave you? Why should I leave you?"
2.  "What a wicked-looking, crooked staircase," saidChateau-Renaud with a smile.
3.  "And did his conduct change at all in the course of yourexamination?"
4.  "I have no wishes, count; only I fancy I could pass the timeless painfully here than anywhere else."
5.  "The fact is," said the young man, "that I should beexceedingly grieved to leave it."
6.  "Yes, indeed; I had previously inquired of Dantes what washis opinion of you, and if he should have any reluctance tocontinue you in your post, for somehow I have perceived asort of coolness between you."


1.  "It is quite immaterial to me," said Monte Cristo, "and itwas very unnecessary to disturb me at the opera for such atrifle. In France people fight with the sword or pistol, inthe colonies with the carbine, in Arabia with the dagger.Tell your client that, although I am the insulted party, inorder to carry out my eccentricity, I leave him the choiceof arms, and will accept without discussion, withoutdispute, anything, even combat by drawing lots, which isalways stupid, but with me different from other people, as Iam sure to gain."
2.  "Because I was arrested at Piombino, and I presume that,like Milan and Florence, Piombino has become the capital ofsome French department."
3.  "Well, I have business with the procureur."
4.  "Oh, gentlemen, you see it is all useless, and that myfather's mind is really impaired," said Villefort.
5.   "In April you went to dine at the minister's. You heard aprivate conversation respecting Spanish affairs -- on theexpulsion of Don Carlos. I bought some Spanish shares. Theexpulsion took place and I pocketed 600,000 francs the dayCharles V. repassed the Bidassoa. Of these 600,000 francsyou took 50,000 crowns. They were yours, you disposed ofthem according to your fancy, and I asked no questions; butit is not the less true that you have this year received500,000 livres."
6.  "Ma foi, he has an open look about him that pleases me, inspite of the singular remark he has made about me."


1.  "Well, here we are at last," said one of them. "A littlefarther -- a little farther," said the other. "You know verywell that the last was stopped on his way, dashed on therocks, and the governor told us next day that we werecareless fellows."
2.  "Your excellency his not stated the number of guests."
3.  "No, count," replied Monte Cristo taking the hand held outto him by the general; "in this instance I may fairly andfreely accept your thanks; but you have already tenderedthem, and fully discharged your debt -- if indeed thereexisted one -- and I feel almost mortified to find you stillreverting to the subject. May I beg of you, baroness, tohonor me with an introduction to your daughter?"
4、  "Sir," said Villefort, in the squeaky tone assumed bymagistrates in their oratorical periods, and of which theycannot, or will not, divest themselves in society, "sir, thesignal service which you yesterday rendered to my wife andson has made it a duty for me to offer you my thanks. I havecome, therefore, to discharge this duty, and to express toyou my overwhelming gratitude." And as he said this, the"eye severe" of the magistrate had lost nothing of itshabitual arrogance. He spoke in a voice of theprocureur-general, with the rigid inflexibility of neck andshoulders which caused his flatterers to say (as we havebefore observed) that he was the living statue of the law.
5、  "Mine?" exclaimed the man, half-suffocated.




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      "And scratches himself for amusement," added the king.

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      "Is my wife's fortune five hundred thousand livres?"

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       "Which is undergoing great fatigue and anxiety, my dearduke, when we have a telegraph which transmits messages inthree or four hours, and that without getting in the leastout of breath."

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      "Yes; I left it in the pantry, because I was called away."

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    {  "Yes, sir."

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      "If such be the case, my dear Valentine, you must yourselfhave felt, or at all events will soon feel, the effects ofhis presence. He meets Albert de Morcerf in Italy -- it isto rescue him from the hands of the banditti; he introduceshimself to Madame Danglars -- it is that he may give her aroyal present; your step-mother and her son pass before hisdoor -- it is that his Nubian may save them fromdestruction. This man evidently possesses the power ofinfluencing events, both as regards men and things. I neversaw more simple tastes united to greater magnificence. Hissmile is so sweet when he addresses me, that I forget itever can be bitter to others. Ah, Valentine, tell me, if heever looked on you with one of those sweet smiles? if so,depend on it, you will be happy."}

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      "In this case," replied Caderousse, "let's have some morewine. I wish to drink to the health of Edmond and the lovelyMercedes."

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      "Two years."

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       "Am I to accompany you, your excellency?" cried Bertuccio.

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    {  "There is a carriage coming," said Chateau-Renaud. Itadvanced rapidly along one of the avenues leading towardsthe open space where they were assembled. "You are doubtlessprovided with pistols, gentlemen? M. de Monte Cristo yieldshis right of using his."

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      "Our expedition made a favorable beginning. We anchored ourvessel -- which had a double hold, where our goods wereconcealed -- amidst a number of other vessels that borderedthe banks of the Rhone from Beaucaire to Arles. On ourarrival we began to discharge our cargo in the night, and toconvey it into the town, by the help of the inn-keeper withwhom we were connected. Whether success rendered usimprudent, or whether we were betrayed, I know not; but oneevening, about five o'clock, our little cabin-boy camebreathlessly, to inform us that he had seen a detachment ofcustom-house officers advancing in our direction. It was nottheir proximity that alarmed us, for detachments wereconstantly patrolling along the banks of the Rhone, but thecare, according to the boy's account, that they took toavoid being seen. In an instant we were on the alert, but itwas too late; our vessel was surrounded, and amongst thecustom-house officers I observed several gendarmes, and, asterrified at the sight of their uniforms as I was brave atthe sight of any other, I sprang into the hold, opened aport, and dropped into the river, dived, and only rose atintervals to breathe, until I reached a ditch that hadrecently been made from the Rhone to the canal that runsfrom Beaucaire to Aigues-Mortes. I was now safe, for I couldswim along the ditch without being seen, and I reached thecanal in safety. I had designedly taken this direction. Ihave already told your excellency of an inn-keeper fromNimes who had set up a little tavern on the road fromBellegarde to Beaucaire."