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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  M. Coquenard knit his eyebrows because there were too manygood things. Porthos bit his lips because he saw not thewherewithal to dine. He looked to see if the dish of beanswas still there; the dish of beans had disappeared."A positive feast!" cried M. Coquenard, turning about in hischair, "a real feast, EPULCE EPULORUM. Lucullus dines withLucullus."
2.  51 OFFICER
3.  "Yes, I know you are a man of a stout heart, monsieur," said thecardinal, with a voice almost affectionate; "I can therefore tell youbeforehand you shall be tried, and even condemned.""Another might reply to your Eminence that he had his pardon in hispocket. I content myself with saying: Command, monseigneur; I amready."
4.  "You will not sign that order, my Lord!" said Felton, making a steptoward the duke.
5.  At these words he took up a silver bell, and rang it; the officerentered.
6.  "Poor dear Monsieur D'Artagnan," said Kitty, in a voice fullof compassion, and pressing anew the young man's hand."You pity me, little one?" said D'Artagnan.


1.  "Never mind. Let us return to your apartment. We shall be saferthere than in the doorway."
2.  Porthos, as we have seen, had a character exactly opposite tothat of Athos. He not only talked much, but he talked loudly,little caring, we must render him that justice, whether anybodylistened to him or not. He talked for the pleasure of talkingand for the pleasure of hearing himself talk. He spoke upon allsubjects except the sciences, alleging in this respect theinveterate hatred he had borne to scholars from his childhood.He had not so noble an air as Athos, and the commencement oftheir intimacy often rendered him unjust toward that gentleman,whom he endeavored to eclipse by his splendid dress. But withhis simple Musketeer's uniform and nothing but the manner inwhich he threw back his head and advanced his foot, Athosinstantly took the place which was his due and consigned theostentatious Porthos to the second rank. Porthos consoledhimself by filling the antechamber of M. de Treville and theguardroom of the Louvre with the accounts of his love scrapes,after having passed from professional ladies to military ladies,from the lawyer's dame to the baroness, there was question ofnothing less with Porthos than a foreign princess, who wasenormously fond of him.
3.  "Do you not perceive that I know all--your abduction from the littlehouse at St. Germain, his despair, that of his friends, and theiruseless inquiries up to this moment? How could I help being astonishedwhen, without having the least expectation of such a thing, I meet youface to face--you, of whom we have so often spoken together, you whom heloves with all his soul, you whom he had taught me to love before I hadseen you! Ah, dear Constance, I have found you, then; I see you atlast!"
4.  "Friend," said Athos, gravely, "remember that it is the deadalone with whom we are not likely to meet again on thisearth. You know something of that, as well as I do, Ithink. Now, if your mistress is not dead, if it is she wehave just seen, you will meet with her again some day orother. And perhaps, my God!" added he, with thatmisanthropic tone which was peculiar to him, "perhaps soonerthan you wish."
5.  "Less quickly than the women, it seems to me," replied Porthos;"for I, madame, I may say I was your victim, when wounded, dying,I was abandoned by the surgeons. I, the offspring of a noblefamily, who placed reliance upon your friendship--I was neardying of my wounds at first, and of hunger afterward, in abeggarly inn at Chantilly, without you ever deigning once toreply to the burning letters I addressed to you.""But, Monsieur Porthos," murmured the procurator's wife, whobegan to feel that, to judge by the conduct of the great ladiesof the time, she was wrong.
6.  She was sent by her mistress to the false De Wardes. Hermistress was mad with love, intoxicated with joy. Shewished to know when her lover would meet her a second night;and poor Kitty, pale and trembling, awaited D'Artagnan'sreply. The counsels of his friend, joined to the cries ofhis own heart, made him determine, now his pride was savedand his vengeance satisfied, not to see Milady again. As areply, he wrote the following letter:


1.  "As you please," said Athos.
2.  Aramis called Bazin, and, after having ordered him to join themat Athos's residence, said "Let us go then," at the same timetaking his cloak, sword, and three pistols, opening uselessly twoor three drawers to see if he could not find stray coin. Whenwell assured this search was superfluous, he followed D'Artagnan,wondering to himself how this young Guardsman should know so wellwho the lady was to whom he had given hospitality, and that heshould know better than himself what had become of her.Only as they went out Aramis placed his hand upon the arm ofD'Artagnan, and looking at him earnestly, "You have not spoken ofthis lady?" said he.
3.  "And then?"
4.  "Yes, yes," replied he, "I perceive that plainly; but do youreally believe it is she?"
5.   All this was of such incredible immodesty, of such monstrouseffrontery, that D'Artagnan could scarcely believe what hesaw or what he heard. He imagined himself to be drawn intoone of those fantastic intrigues one meets in dreams. He,however, darted not the less quickly toward Milady, yieldingto that magnetic attraction which the loadstone exercisesover iron.
6.  Porthos knocked with his hand. A tall, pale clerk, his faceshaded by a forest of virgin hair, opened the door, andbowed with the air of a man forced at once to respect inanother lofty stature, which indicated strength, themilitary dress, which indicated rank, and a ruddycountenance, which indicated familiarity with good living.A shorter clerk came behind the first, a taller clerk behindthe second, a stripling of a dozen years rising behind thethird. In all, three clerks and a half, which, for thetime, argued a very extensive clientage.


1.  "No, monsieur, no; I am not called Louis the Just without reason.Tomorrow, then, monsieur--tomorrow."
2.  "What you believe?"
3.  "What do you say, monsieur?" cried the cardinal, astonished; "and ofwhat woman are you speaking thus?"
4、  "What did he say?" demanded Porthos.
5、  "Is he accompanied?"




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      "Now," continued Aramis, "as the ladies did not see the singercome back, and as he was found in the Rue Payenne with a greatsword wound through his body, it was supposed that I hadaccommodated him thus; and the matter created some scandal whichobliged me to renounce the cassock for a time. Athos, whoseacquaintance I made about that period, and Porthos, who had inaddition to my lessons taught me some effective tricks of fence,prevailed upon me to solicit the uniform of a Musketeer. Theking entertained great regard for my father, who had fallen atthe siege Arras, and the uniform was granted. You may understandthat the moment has come for me to re-enter the bosom of theChurch."

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      "I swear to you, Monsieur Commissary, that you are in theprofoundest error, that I know nothing in the world about what mywife had to do, that I am entirely a stranger to what she hasdone; and that if she has committed any follies, I renounce her,I abjure her, I curse her!"

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       "Ah, Monsieur Porthos," cried the procurator's wife, when she wasassured that no one who was a stranger to the population of thelocality could either see or hear her, "ah, Monsieur Porthos, youare a great conqueror, as it appears!"

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      "Had his Majesty," asked he, "any intention of holding thishunting party yesterday?"

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    {  "How did it come about?"

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      "Well, monsieur has only to take the right-hand staircase in thecourtyard, and knock at Number Five on the second floor."D'Artagnan walked quickly in the direction indicated, and foundone of those exterior staircases that are still to be seen in theyards of our old-fashioned taverns. But there was no getting atthe place of sojourn of the future abbe; the defiles of thechamber of Aramis were as well guarded as the gardens of Armida.Bazin was stationed in the corridor, and barred his passage withthe more intrepidity that, after many years of trial, Bazin foundhimself near a result of which he had ever been ambitious.In fact, the dream of poor Bazin had always been to serve achurchman; and he awaited with impatience the moment, always inthe future, when Aramis would throw aside the uniform and assumethe cassock. The daily-renewed promise of the young man that themoment would not long be delayed, had alone kept him in theservice of a Musketeer--a service in which, he said, his soul wasin constant jeopardy.}

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      "Then," said Milady, "since you are as generous as you areloving--"

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      "A thousand pistoles, perhaps."

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       "Preoccupied as Monsieur was with the letter he had received, hedid not observe that; but I, whom the strange fashion in whichthat letter came into the house had placed on my guard--I did notlose a movement of his features."

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    {  Nevertheless, whether the passengers were really touched by theurbanity of Planchet or whether this time nobody was posted onthe young man's road, our two travelers arrived at Chantillywithout any accident, and alighted at the tavern of Great St.Martin, the same at which they had stopped on their firstjourney.

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      "Does your Eminence doubt my word?" said Treville, with a browflushed with anger.