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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "M. de Saint-Meran?" said Madame de Villefort; "then thishouse belonged to M. de Saint-Meran before you bought it?"
2.  "And now, my dear boy," continued Noirtier, "I rely on yourprudence to remove all the things which I leave in yourcare."
3.  "You do not understand," continued the inspector; "I am senthere by government to visit the prison, and hear therequests of the prisoners."
4.  "Ah," said Morcerf, "I see you are a stickler for forms, mydear sir, and you would remind me that the ceremonial ritesshould not be omitted. Ma foi, I beg your pardon, but as Ihave but one son, and it is the first time I have everthought of marrying him, I am still serving myapprenticeship, you know; come, I will reform." And Morcerfwith a forced smile arose, and, making a low bow to M.Danglars, said: "Baron, I have the honor of asking of youthe hand of Mademoiselle Eugenie Danglars for my son, theVicomte Albert de Morcerf."
5.  A general exclamation of surprise ran round the table, withthe exception of the elder Dantes, whose laugh displayed thestill perfect beauty of his large white teeth. Mercedeslooked pleased and gratified, while Fernand grasped thehandle of his knife with a convulsive clutch.
6.  "They have been all hired this fortnight, and there are noneleft but those absolutely requisite for posting."


1.  "And after dinner?"
2.  "Out, even to me?"
3.  "Oh, your excellency, it was not yours, then."
4.  "I have made a mistake owing to an error in my plans. I tookthe wrong angle, and have come out fifteen feet from where Iintended. I took the wall you are mining for the outer wallof the fortress."
5.  "I want none; it was a temporary indisposition. Attend toyourself; answer me." Dantes waited, expecting a question,but in vain. Villefort fell back on his chair, passed hishand over his brow, moist with perspiration, and, for thethird time, read the letter.
6.  "No," replied the countess, "it was certainly empty duringthe first act;" then, resuming the subject of their previousconversation, she said, "And so you really believe it wasyour mysterious Count of Monte Cristo that gained theprize?"


1.  "Yes."
2.  "How long a delay do you wish for?" -- Morrel reflected."Two months," said he.
3.  "On what I could get."
4.  "Comrade," said he, "I adjure you, as a Christian and asoldier, to tell me where we are going. I am Captain Dantes,a loyal Frenchman, thought accused of treason; tell me whereyou are conducting me, and I promise you on my honor I willsubmit to my fate."
5.   "You all know that I had the fancy of going to Africa."
6.  "And you?"


1.  "Oh, I agree with you; the windows in the Palazzo Rospolialone decided me." The truth was, that the mention of twoplaces in the Palazzo Rospoli had recalled to Franz theconversation he had overheard the preceding evening in theruins of the Colosseum between the mysterious unknown andthe Transteverin, in which the stranger in the cloak hadundertaken to obtain the freedom of a condemned criminal;and if this muffled-up individual proved (as Franz felt surehe would) the same as the person he had just seen in theTeatro Argentino, then he should be able to establish hisidentity, and also to prosecute his researches respectinghim with perfect facility and freedom. Franz passed thenight in confused dreams respecting the two meetings he hadalready had with his mysterious tormentor, and in wakingspeculations as to what the morrow would produce. The nextday must clear up every doubt; and unless his near neighborand would-be friend, the Count of Monte Cristo, possessedthe ring of Gyges, and by its power was able to renderhimself invisible, it was very certain he could not escapethis time. Eight o'clock found Franz up and dressed, whileAlbert, who had not the same motives for early rising, wasstill soundly asleep. The first act of Franz was to summonhis landlord, who presented himself with his accustomedobsequiousness.
2.  "That's right, that's right, Dantes! I see you are athoroughly good fellow, and will detain you no longer. Go,for I see how impatient you are."
3.  "You accept my proposal?"
4、  "No, but Franz has; for heaven's sake, not a word of thisbefore him. Franz went in with his eyes blindfolded, and waswaited on by mutes and by women to whom Cleopatra was apainted strumpet. Only he is not quite sure about the women,for they did not come in until after he had taken hashish,so that what he took for women might have been simply a rowof statues."
5、  "But you receive him at your house?"




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      "What were you doing?" replied she.

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      "Ah, very well, very well," said the major, clutching thebuttons of his coat at each exclamation.

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       "I suspect no one; death raps at your door -- it enters --it goes, not blindfolded, but circumspectly, from room toroom. Well, I follow its course, I track its passage; Iadopt the wisdom of the ancients, and feel my way, for myfriendship for your family and my respect for you are as atwofold bandage over my eyes; well" --

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      "She is spending the day with the wife of the worthygentleman who is receiving us."

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    {  Now, Madame Danglars feared Eugenie's sagacity and theinfluence of Mademoiselle d'Armilly; she had frequentlyobserved the contemptuous expression with which her daughterlooked upon Debray, -- an expression which seemed to implythat she understood all her mother's amorous and pecuniaryrelationships with the intimate secretary; moreover, she sawthat Eugenie detested Debray, -- not only because he was asource of dissension and scandal under the paternal roof,but because she had at once classed him in that catalogue ofbipeds whom Plato endeavors to withdraw from the appellationof men, and whom Diogenes designated as animals upon twolegs without feathers.

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      Evening came, and Edmond saw the island tinged with theshades of twilight, and then disappear in the darkness fromall eyes but his own, for he, with vision accustomed to thegloom of a prison, continued to behold it last of all, forhe remained alone upon deck. The next morn broke off thecoast of Aleria; all day they coasted, and in the eveningsaw fires lighted on land; the position of these was nodoubt a signal for landing, for a ship's lantern was hung upat the mast-head instead of the streamer, and they came towithin a gunshot of the shore. Dantes noticed that thecaptain of The Young Amelia had, as he neared the land,mounted two small culverins, which, without making muchnoise, can throw a four ounce ball a thousand paces or so.}

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      "M. Villefort. See him, and hear what he says."

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      "Well, what does it signify, Valentine, so long as I amsatisfied, and feel that even this long and painful suspenseis amply repaid by five minutes of your society, or twowords from your lips? And I have also a deep conviction thatheaven would not have created two hearts, harmonizing asours do, and almost miraculously brought us together, toseparate us at last."

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       "How could that bring me into trouble, sir?" asked Dantes;"for I did not even know of what I was the bearer; and theemperor merely made such inquiries as he would of the firstcomer. But, pardon me, here are the health officers and thecustoms inspectors coming alongside." And the young man wentto the gangway. As he departed, Danglars approached, andsaid, --

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    {  "And where is it?"

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      "Yes, indeed she is," replied Cavalcanti, in a very modesttone.