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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Not very."
2.  "Is it that way?" she mused.
3.  "Why don't I shut the safe?" his mind said to itself, lingering."What makes me pause here?"
4.  "Shall we go into dinner?" inquired her husband, who was all thatfine raiment can make.
5.  "I guess you're mistaken," she answered. Then, remembering herhusband's part in the affair, she immediately fell a prey to ahost of young suspicions, of which, however, she gave no sign.
6.  "Are you going to get such and such a hat?" or, "Have you seenthe new gloves with the oval pearl buttons?" were but samplephrases out of a large selection.


1.  He gathered her to himself, imprinting kisses upon her lips andcheeks.
2.  "Better get it, then; your car won't be ready for a littlewhile."
3.  "Well," he observed to himself, "I came out of that all right."
4.  "Let me go," said Carrie, who was folded close to him.
5.  There was a drawing, too, of attention, a riveting of feeling,heretofore wandering.
6.  He looked so disconsolate that it scared her. She began to seethat she herself had been drifting. She had felt it all thetime.


1.  Such little arguments were all too frequent, the result of agrowth of natures which were largely independent and selfish.George, Jr., manifested even greater touchiness and exaggerationin the matter of his individual rights, and attempted to make allfeel that he was a man with a man's privileges--an assumptionwhich, of all things, is most groundless and pointless in a youthof nineteen.
2.  In the drive of the wind and sleet they pushed in on one another.There were wrists, unprotected by coat or pocket, which were redwith cold. There were ears, half covered by every conceivablesemblance of a hat, which still looked stiff and bitten. In thesnow they shifted, now one foot, now another, almost rocking inunison.
3.  "What do you want to do," he smiled, "go without them?"
4.  He did not answer, reading on.
5.   Chapter IX
6.  He nodded good-morning and came away. At the corner he looked atthe furniture company's address, and saw that it was in WestTwenty-third Street. Accordingly, he went up there. The placewas not large enough, however. It looked moderate, the men in itidle and small salaried. He walked by, glancing in, and thendecided not to go in there.


1.  Carrie reached home in high good spirits, which she couldscarcely conceal. The possession of the money involved a numberof points which perplexed her seriously. How should she buy anyclothes when Minnie knew that she had no money? She had nosooner entered the flat than this point was settled for her. Itcould not be done. She could think of no way of explaining.
2.  He walked several blocks up the street. His watch onlyregistered 1.30. He tried to think of some place to go orsomething to do. The day was so bad he wanted only to be inside.Finally his feet began to feel wet and cold, and he boarded acar. This took him to Fifty-ninth Street, which was as good asanywhere else. Landed here, he turned to walk back along SeventhAvenue, but the slush was too much. The misery of lounging aboutwith nowhere to go became intolerable. He felt as if he werecatching cold.
3.  As for Hurstwood, he was alive with thoughts and feelingsconcerning Carrie. He had no definite plans regarding her, buthe was determined to make her confess an affection for him. Hethought he saw in her drooping eye, her unstable glance, herwavering manner, the symptoms of a budding passion. He wanted tostand near her and make her lay her hand in his--he wanted tofind out what her next step would be--what the next sign offeeling for him would be. Such anxiety and enthusiasm had notaffected him for years. He was a youth again in feeling--acavalier in action.
4、  "Yes, sir."
5、  The manager was no fool to be led blindly away by such an errantproposition as this, but his situation was peculiar. Wine was inhis veins. It had crept up into his head and given him a warmview of the situation. It also coloured the possibilities of tenthousand for him. He could see great opportunities with that.He could get Carrie. Oh, yes, he could! He could get rid of hiswife. That letter, too, was waiting discussion to-morrowmorning. He would not need to answer that. He went back to thesafe and put his hand on the knob. Then he pulled the door openand took the drawer with the money quite out.




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      It was no pleasure to him, however, this stopping of passers-by.He saw one man taken up for it and now troubled lest he should bearrested. Nevertheless, he went on, vaguely anticipating thatindefinite something which is always better.

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      On the morrow Carrie reported promptly and was given a place inthe line. She saw a large, empty, shadowy play-house, stillredolent of the perfumes and blazonry of the night, and notablefor its rich, oriental appearance. The wonder of it awed anddelighted her. Blessed be its wondrous reality. How hard shewould try to be worthy of it. It was above the common mass,above idleness, above want, above insignificance. People came toit in finery and carriages to see. It was ever a centre of lightand mirth. And here she was of it. Oh, if she could onlyremain, how happy would be her days!

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       "I won't apply as a motorman," he answered. "I can ring up faresall right."

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      "Louder," put in the director, finding it almost impossible tokeep his hands off.

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    {  They went on dining, while he went upstairs for his hat and coat.Presently the door clicked.

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      She went foolishly out, the office boy deferentially swinging thedoor for her, and gladly sank into the obscuring crowd. It was asevere setback to her recently pleased mental state.}

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      "Here," she answered.

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      "No," he said. "I'll have to get something else and save up."

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       This confused Carrie considerably, for she realised the flood-gates were open. She didn't know exactly what to answer."I don't know," she answered.

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    {  "I came to tell you that--that I can't take the money."

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      Drouet resolved then and there that he would take more interestin such matters. So when he got back to Chicago he repaired tohis local lodge headquarters.