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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I hope so, monsieur."
2.  At that moment Planchet put his head modestly in at thehalf-open door, and told his master that the horses wereready.
3.  At ten o'clock Felton came and placed the sentinel. Miladyrecognized his step. She was as well acquainted with it now as amistress is with that of the lover of her heart; and yet Miladyat the same time detested and despised this weak fanatic.That was not the appointed hour. Felton did not enter.Two hours after, as midnight sounded, the sentinel was relieved.This time it WAS the hour, and from this moment Milady waitedwith impatience. The new sentinel commenced his walk in thecorridor. At the expiration of ten minutes Felton came.Milady was all attention.
4.  "And then?"
5.  "But it was my husband who would not hear of lending.""Madame Coquenard," said Porthos, "remember the first letter youwrote me, and which I preserve engraved in my memory."The procurator's wife uttered a groan.
6.  "You was right," said the Swiss; "goose grease is kood withbasdry."


1.  D'Artagnan took off his hat, and could not be persuaded to make use ofhis cloak. He found pleasure in feeling the water trickle over hisburning brow and over his body, agitated by feverish shudders.The moment the little troop passed Goskal and were approaching the Port,a man sheltered beneath a tree detached himself from the trunk withwhich he had been confounded in the darkness, and advanced into themiddle of the road, putting his finger on his lips.Athos recognized Grimaud.
2.  "And he is in the Fort l'Eveque?" said the king.
3.  Louis XIII stopped, terrified at what he was about to say, whileRichelieu, stretching out his neck, waited uselessly for the wordwhich had died on the lips of the king.
4.  "What is that stupid fellow troubling himself about?" criedthe cavalier whom Milady had designated as her brother,stooping down to the height of the coach window. "Why doesnot he go about his business?"
5.  "Yes, such a one as would be made by the grazing of a ball.""Was he not a fine-looking man?"
6.  The monster was himself.


1.  "Ah, ah!" cried one of the Guards, "will you persist in saying,most discreet Aramis, that you are not on good terms with Madamede Bois-Tracy, when that gracious lady has the kindness to lendyou one of her handkerchiefs?"
2.  Milady heard these few words and caught at a shadow of hope."D'Artagnan, D'Artagnan!" cried she; "remember that I loved you!"The young man rose and took a step toward her.
3.  "We did not see her, monseigneur," said Athos.
4.  The four young men, standing and motionless, followed him withtheir eyes without speaking a single word until he haddisappeared. Then they looked at one another.
5.   "Well thought of, Porthos; this time you have an idea.""Undoubtedly," said Porthos, drawing himself up at Athos'scompliment; "as there is a diamond, let us sell it.""But," said D'Artagnan, "it is the queen's diamond.""The stronger reason why it should be sold," replied Athos.The queen saving Monsieur de Buckingham, her lover; nothingmore just. The queen saving us, her friends; nothing moremoral. Let us sell the diamond. What says Monsieur theAbbe? I don't ask Porthos; his opinion has been given.""Why, I think," said Aramis, blushing as usual, "that hisring not coming from a mistress, and consequently not beinga love token, D'Artagnan may sell it."
6.  "And don't forget," said D'Artagnan, "to bring up four bottles ofthe same sort for the two English gentlemen."


1.  La Rochelle, which had derived a new importance from theruin of the other Calvinist cities, was, then, the focus ofdissensions and ambition. Moreover, its port was the lastin the kingdom of France open to the English, and by closingit against England, our eternal enemy, the cardinalcompleted the work of Joan of Arc and the Duc de Guise.Thus Bassompierre, who was at once Protestant and Catholic--Protestant by conviction and Catholic as commander of theorder of the Holy Ghost; Bassompierre, who was a German bybirth and a Frenchman at heart--in short, Bassompierre, whohad a distinguished command at the siege of La Rochelle,said, in charging at the head of several other Protestantnobles like himself, "You will see, gentlemen, that we shallbe fools enough to take La Rochelle."
2.  But this time she had to contend with an unpolished nature,concentrated and insensible by force of austerity. Religion andits observances had made Felton a man inaccessible to ordinaryseductions. There fermented in that sublimated brain plans sovast, projects so tumultuous, that there remained no room for anycapricious or material love--that sentiment which is fed byleisure and grows with corruption. Milady had, then, made abreach by her false virtue in the opinion of a man horriblyprejudiced against her, and by her beauty in the heart of a manhitherto hitherto chaste and pure. In short, she had taken themeasure of motives hitherto unknown to herself, through thisexperiment, made upon the most rebellious subject that nature andreligion could submit to her study.
3.  "I will leave you with this stranger; but as soon as he is gone, if youwill permit me, I will return."
4、  "At least I hope so," said the novice, with an expression of joy whichshe made no effort to disguise.
5、  "Well, one day when she was hunting with her husband," continuedAthos, in a low voice, and speaking very quickly," she fell fromher horse and fainted. The count flew to her to help, and as sheappeared to be oppressed by her clothes, he ripped them open withhis poinard, and in so doing laid bare her shoulder.D'Artagnan," said Athos, with a maniacal burst of laughter,"guess what she had on her shoulder."




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      "Monday next."

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      "It is not Madame Bonacieux about whom I am anxious," criedD'Artagnan, "but the queen, whom the king abandons, whom thecardinal persecutes, and who sees the heads of all her friendsfall, one after the other."

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       "And one for me--the best for last!" cried D'Artagnan, furious,nailing him to the earth with a fourth thrust through his body.This time the gentleman closed his eyes and fainted. D'Artagnansearched his pockets, and took from one of them the order for thepassage. It was in the name of Comte de Wardes.

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      At a hundred paces from the gates of Calais, D'Artagnan's horsegave out, and could not by any means be made to get up again, theblood flowing from his eyes and his nose. There still remainedPlanchet's horse; but he stopped short, and could not be made tomove a step.

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    {  "A hundred."

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      "There, Duke," said he, "you were right and I was wrong. Thewhole intrigue is political, and there is not the least questionof love in this letter; but, on the other hand, there is abundantquestion of you."}

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      "At one o'clock this morning she had not returned.""My God! What can have become of her, then?"

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      Milady smiled with joy. She was free now to give way to hertransports without being observed. She traversed her chamberwith the excitement of a furious maniac or of a tigress shut upin an iron cage. CERTES, if the knife had been left in herpower, she would now have thought, not of killing herself, but ofkilling the baron.

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       "Just under us."

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    {  The three friends hastened toward D'Artagnan, who, instead of being ill,ran toward his horse. They stopped him at the door."Well, where the devil are you going now?" cried Athos."It is he!" cried D'Artagnan, pale with anger, an with the sweat on hisbrow, "it is he! let me overtake him!"

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      "And her husband found out that she had a fleur-de-lis onher shoulder?" cried Porthos.