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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It is he; it must be he!" murmured Treville. "I believed himstill at Brussels."
2.  "He? What he?" asked Athos.
3.  "I? not at all!" said D'Artagnan. "I am only curious tounravel the mystery to which she is attached. I do not knowwhy, but I imagine that this woman, wholly unknown to me asshe is, and wholly unknown to her as I am, has an influenceover my life."
4.  D'Artagnan, on his part, had gained the summit of all hiswishes. It was no longer a rival who was beloved; it washimself who was apparently beloved. A secret voicewhispered to him, at the bottom of his heart, that he wasbut an instrument of vengeance, that he was only caressedtill he had given death; but pride, but self-love, butmadness silenced this voice and stifled its murmurs. Andthen our Gascon, with that large quantity of conceit whichwe know he possessed, compared himself with De Wardes, andasked himself why, after all, he should not be beloved forhimself?
5.  That evening Milady was still more impatient than on thepreceding evening. She renewed the order relative to theGascon; but as before she expected him in vain.
6.  Felton made no resistance. Lord de Winter placed him in the hands ofthe guards, who led him, while awaiting further orders, to a littleterrace commanding the sea; and then the baron hastened to the duke'schamber.


1.  "But, monsieur, you know then--"
2.  "I do not like to disturb those who pray, madame," said Felton,seriously; "do not disturb yourself on my account, I beseechyou."
3.  At this epoch, the ideas of pride which are in fashion in ourdays did not prevail. A gentleman received, from hand to hand,money from the king, and was not the least in the worldhumiliated. D'Artagnan put his forty pistoles into his pocketwithout any scruple--on the contrary, thanking his Majestygreatly.
4.  "Hold, Madame Bonacieux," said the mercer, "hold! I positivelyrefuse; intrigues terrify me. I have seen the Bastille. My!Whew! That's a frightful place, that Bastille! Only to think ofit makes my flesh crawl. They threatened me with torture. Doyou know what torture is? Wooden points that they stick inbetween your legs till your bones stick out! No, positively Iwill not go. And, MORBLEU, why do you not go yourself? For intruth, I think I have hitherto been deceived in you. I reallybelieve you are a man, and a violent one, too."
5.  "Have you any chamber on the ground floor where thesegentlemen can wait near a good fire?" said the cardinal.The host opened the door of a large room, in which an oldstove had just been replaced by a large and excellentchimney.
6.  "Wretch!" cried Milady.


1.  "I am a gentleman born, and my blood is warm, as you may haveremarked, my dear D'Artagnan. The insult was terrible, andalthough unknown to the rest of the world, I felt it live andfester at the bottom of my heart. I informed my superiors that Idid not feel myself sufficiently prepared for ordination, and atmy request the ceremony was postponed for a year. I sought outthe best fencing master in Paris, I made an agreement with him totake a lesson every day, and every day for a year I took thatlesson. Then, on the anniversary of the day on which I had beeninsulted, I hung my cassock on a peg, assumed the costume of acavalier, and went to a ball given by a lady friend of mine andto which I knew my man was invited. It was in the Rue desFrance-Bourgeois, close to La Force. As I expected, my officerwas there. I went up to him as he was singing a love ditty andlooking tenderly at a lady, and interrupted him exactly in themiddle of the second couplet. 'Monsieur,' said I, 'does it stilldisplease you that I should frequent a certain house of La RuePayenne? And would you still cane me if I took it into my headto disobey you? The officer looked at me with astonishment, andthen said, 'What is your business with me, monsieur? I do notknow you.' 'I am,' said I, 'the little abbe who reads LIVES OFTHE SAINTS, and translates Judith into verse.' 'Ah, ah! Irecollect now,' said the officer, in a jeering tone; 'well, whatdo you want with me?' 'I want you to spare time to take a walkwith me.' 'Tomorrow morning, if you like, with the greatestpleasure.' 'No, not tomorrow morning, if you please, butimmediately.' 'If you absolutely insist.' 'I do insist uponit.' 'Come, then. Ladies,' said the officer, 'do not disturbyourselves; allow me time just to kill this gentleman, and I willreturn and finish the last couplet.'
2.  The officer took Bonacieux by the arm, and led him into theantechamber, where he found his two guards.
3.  "My chaise broke down coming into Lilliers."
4.  There was in all this, as may have been observed, one personageconcerned, of whom, notwithstanding his precarious position, wehave appeared to take but very little notice. This personage wasM. Bonacieux, the respectable martyr of the political and amorousintrigues which entangled themselves so nicely together at thisgallant and chivalric period.
5.   "So much the worse for you, my dear host, so much the worse!When I am happy, I wish all the world to be so; but it appearsthat is not possible."
6.  MILADY, Be at the first ball at which the Duke of Buckinghamshall be present. He will wear on his doublet twelve diamondstuds; get as near to him as you can, and cut off two.As soon as these studs shall be in your possession, inform me.


1.  "Very well, at one o'clock, then," replied D'Artagnan, turningthe angle of the street.
2.  "The fact is, one cannot remain thus, with a sword hangingeternally over his head," said Athos. "We must extricateourselves from this position."
3.  When D'Artagnan arrived in sight of the bare spot of ground whichextended along the foot of the monastery, Athos had been waitingabout five minutes, and twelve o'clock was striking. He was,then, as punctual as the Samaritan woman, and the most rigorouscasuist with regard to duels could have nothing to say.Athos, who still suffered grievously from his wound, though ithad been dressed anew by M. de Treville's surgeon, was seated ona post and waiting for his adversary with hat in hand, hisfeather even touching the ground.
4、  "Meantime, night came on rapidly, and with night my terrorsincreased. I did not know but I had better remain where I wasseated. It appeared that I was surrounded with unknown dangersinto which I was about to fall at every instant. Although I hadeaten nothing since the evening before, my fears prevented myfeeling hunger.
5、  "No."




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      "Gentlemen," continued the stranger, "since you do not recognize a manwho probably owes his life to you twice, I must name myself. I am Lordde Winter, brother-in-law of THAT WOMAN."

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      "On the other bank," replied the executioner.

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       "Yes, you are right; I should be ashamed for anyone to know yourbaseness."

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      "From the cardinal?"

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    {  "Nothing, nothing! Go on!"

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      Milady looked at him for some time with an expression which theyoung man took for doubt, but which, however, was nothing butobservation, or rather the wish to fascinate.}

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      65 TRIAL

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      "Nothing more easy."

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       "Ah, is that you, D'Artagnan, and you, Athos?" said the youngman. "I was reflecting upon the rapidity with which theblessings of this world leave us. My English horse, which hasjust disappeared amid a cloud of dust, has furnished me with aliving image of the fragility of the things of the earth. Lifeitself may be resolved into three words: ERAT, EST, FUIT.""Which means--" said D'Artagnan, who began to suspect the truth."Which means that I have just been duped-sixty louis for a horsewhich by the manner of his gait can do at least five leagues anhour."

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    {  "This wound? Bah, it is now nearly healed, and I am sure it isnot that which gives you the most pain."

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      "Oh, no, poor dear man! I knew very well that he was incapableof defending me; but as he could serve us in other ways, I wishedto inform him."