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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You are too just and reasonable a man, monsieur!" said Treville,"not to accept the proposal I am about to make to you.""Make it, monsieur, I listen."
2.  There was a moment of cold silence, during which everyonewas affected according to his nature.
3.  "Only grazed a little," replied D'Artagnan; "my fingers werecaught between two stones--that of the wall and that of myring--and the skin was broken."
4.  "'You have said Puritans have but one word. Mine you have heard,and that is to pursue you--on earth to the tribunal of men, inheaven to the tribunal of God.'
5.  "It is that, then," replied the young man, anxious to find outthe truth, "it is that, then, I remember as we remember a dream.We were speaking of hanging."
6.  Left alone, the cardinal seated himself again and wrote a letter,which he secured with his special seal. Then he rang. Theofficer entered for the fourth time.


1.  "No, I only suspect he has warned the queen against some freshmachinations of the cardinal."
2.  "Did he give you any details?"
3.  "I believe so."
4.  Athos shrugged his shoulders, and followed his guards silently,while M. Bonacieux uttered lamentations enough to break the heartof a tiger.
5.  D'Artagnan, on his part, had gained the summit of all hiswishes. It was no longer a rival who was beloved; it washimself who was apparently beloved. A secret voicewhispered to him, at the bottom of his heart, that he wasbut an instrument of vengeance, that he was only caressedtill he had given death; but pride, but self-love, butmadness silenced this voice and stifled its murmurs. Andthen our Gascon, with that large quantity of conceit whichwe know he possessed, compared himself with De Wardes, andasked himself why, after all, he should not be beloved forhimself?
6.  "What love?" asked the young girl.


1.  He started, and the prisoner saw that start--for though her eyeswere cast down, nothing escaped her.
2.  On the morning of the eighth day, Bazin, fresh as ever, andsmiling, according to custom, entered the cabaret of theParpaillot as the four friends were sitting down tobreakfast, saying, as had been agreed upon: "MonsieurAramis, the answer from your cousin."
3.  These conditions being agreed to, Porthos took leave of Mme.Coquenard. The latter wished to detain him by dartingcertain tender glances; but Porthos urged the commands ofduty, and the procurator's wife was obliged to give place tothe king.
4.  "She is not to leave this chamber, understand, John," continuedthe baron. "She is to correspond with nobody; she is to speak tono one but you--if you will do her the honor to address a word toher."
5.   "But," continued Aramis, "the details escape me.""And me also," said Porthos.
6.  The reflections of the mercer were already made; he cursed theinstant when M. Laporte formed the idea of marrying him to hisgoddaughter had been received as Lady of the Linen to herMajesty.


1.  "Oh, he won't return; and if he should, he will be told that Ihave brought a woman with me, and that woman is in hisapartment."
2.  "Nothing, absolutely nothing, at present, but quitting at Paris,as I told you, as soon as possible. I will see the queen; I willrelate to her the details of the disappearance of this poorwoman, of which she is no doubt ignorant. These details willguide her on her part, and on your return, I shall perhaps havesome good news to tell you. Rely on me."
3.  Milady stopped, and a bitter smile passed over her lips."Finally," said Felton, "finally, what did they do?""At length, one evening my enemy resolved to paralyze theresistance he could not conquer. One evening he mixed a powerfulnarcotic with my water. Scarcely had I finished my repast, whenI felt myself sink by degrees into a strange torpor. Although Iwas without mistrust, a vague fear seized me, and I tried tostruggle against sleepiness. I arose. I wished to run to thewindow and call for help, but my legs refused their office. Itappeared as if the ceiling sank upon my head and crushed me withits weight. I stretched out my arms. I tried to speak. I couldonly utter inarticulate sounds, and irresistible faintness cameover me. I supported myself by a chair, feeling that I was aboutto fall, but this support was soon insufficient on account of myweak arms. I fell upon one knee, then upon both. I tried topray, but my tongue was frozen. God doubtless neither heard norsaw me, and I sank upon the floor a prey to a slumber whichresembled death.
4、  "I do not retreat, MORDIEU!" cried the citizen, swearing in orderto rouse his courage. "Besides, by the faith of Bonacieux--""You call yourself Bonacieux?" interrupted D'Artagnan."Yes, that is my name."
5、  "I do not like to disturb those who pray, madame," said Felton,seriously; "do not disturb yourself on my account, I beseechyou."




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      Porthos and Aramis were so engaged with their game, and Athos waswatching them with so much attention, that they did not evenperceive their young companion go out, who, as he had told theGuardsman of his Eminence, stopped outside the door. An instantafter, the Guardsman descended in his turn. As D'Artagnan had notime to lose, on account of the audience of the king, which wasfixed for midday, he cast his eyes around, and seeing that thestreet was empty, said to his adversary, "My faith! It isfortunate for you, although your name is Bernajoux, to have onlyto deal with an apprentice Musketeer. Never mind; be content, Iwill do my best. On guard!"

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       "Besides," said Athos, waiting till D'Artagnan, who went to thankMonsieur de Treville, had shut the door, "besides, there is thatbeautiful ring which beams from the finger of our friend. Whatthe devil! D'Artagnan is too good a comrade to leave hisbrothers in embarrassment while he wears the ransom of a king onhis finger."

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      "Not to be found!" cried Athos. "I know it well, so takeGrimaud."

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    {  "To ask me if I want money."

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      Upon gaining this advantage D'Artagnan was near uttering a cry ofsurprise; it was not Aramis who was conversing with the nocturnalvisitor, it was a woman! D'Artagnan, however, could only seeenough to recognize the form of her vestments, not enough todistinguish her features.}

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      The despair of Athos had given place to a concentrated grief which onlyrendered more lucid the brilliant mental faculties of that extraordinaryman.

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      "How can it be otherwise, my dear Bonacieux?" replied D'Artagnan;"trust me, I am fully grateful for such unparalleled conduct, andif, as I told you, I can be of any service to you--""I believe you, monsieur, I believe you; and as I was about tosay, by the word of Bonacieux, I have confidence in you.""Finish, then, what you were about to say."

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    {  At these words she opened the door of the corridor, and pushedD'Artagnan out of the room. D'Artagnan obeyed like a child,without the least resistance or objection, which proved that hewas really in love.

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      "My officer," said Athos, "has forgotten to give a piece ofvery important information to the lady, and has sent me backto repair his forgetfulness."