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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Gentlemen," exclaimed D'Artagnan, whom reflection neverabandoned, "gentlemen, think of what you are about. Patience,Athos! You are running your heads into a very silly affair; youwill be riddled. My lackey and I will have three shots at you,and you will get as many from the cellar. You will then have outswords, with which, I can assure you, my friend and I can playtolerably well. Let me conduct your business and my own. Youshall soon have something to drink; I give you my word.""If there is any left," grumbled the jeering voice of Athos.The host felt a cold sweat creep down his back.
2.  "Oh," said Milady, raising herself, "I defy you to find any tribunalwhich pronounced that infamous sentence against me. I defy you to findhim who executed it."
3.  "Somebody has disturbed him, without doubt," said D'Artagnan."But he must be disturbed," cried the host; "Here are two Englishgentlemen just arrived."
4.  "PARDIEU!" replied D'Artagnan, "for my part, I am eating vealgarnished with shrimps and vegetables."
5.  "A tall, dark man, with black mustaches, dark eyes, and the airof a gentleman."
6.  communication.


1.  "My God, that's all. I shall be about again in a few days.""Why did you not have yourself conveyed to Paris? You must becruelly bored here."
2.  The voice became more and more indistinct; a tumultuous movementshook the partition. The victim resisted as much as a womancould resist four men.
3.  At the same instant a market cart, which some minutes before hadappeared upon the Amiens road, pulled up at the inn, and Planchetand Grimaud came out of it with the saddles on their heads. Thecart was returning empty to Paris, and the two lackeys hadagreed, for their transport, to slake the wagoner's thirst alongthe route.
4.  Felton started; and Milady felt she was lost if she did not cometo the assistance of the disconcerted Puritan.
5.  "That is to say," stammered Milady, "I am not really very intimate withany of them. I know them from having heard one of their friends,Monsieur d'Artagnan, say a great deal about them.""You know Monsieur d'Artagnan!" cried the novice, in her turn seizingthe hands of Milady and devouring her with her eyes.Then remarking the strange expression of Milady's countenance, she said,"Pardon me, madame; you know him by what title?"
6.  Aramis, after a journey into Lorraine, disappeared all at once, andceased to write to his friends; they learned at a later period throughMme. de Chevreuse, who told it to two or three of her intimates, that,yielding to his vocation, he had retired into a convent--only intowhich, nobody knew.


1.  "You do not understand?" asked Felton.
2.  "In that case, adieu."
3.  "Very well; but it is already five o'clock, so make haste."A quarter of an hour afterward Porthos appeared at the endof the Rue Ferou on a very handsome genet. Mousquetonfollowed him upon an Auvergne horse, small but veryhandsome. Porthos was resplendent with joy and pride.At the same time, Aramis made his appearance at the otherend of the street upon a superb English charger. Bazinfollowed him upon a roan, holding by the halter a vigorousMecklenburg horse; this was D'Artagnan mount.
4.  "Yes. Must I take anything with me?"
5.   The cavalier addressed some words in English to his sister."I speak to you in French," said D'Artagnan; "be kindenough, then, to reply to me in the same language. You areMadame's brother, I learn--be it so; but fortunately you arenot mine."
6.  Athos, perceiving that she knew him, pushed the window with his knee andhand. The window yielded. The squares were broken to shivers; andAthos, like the spectre of vengeance, leaped into the room.Milady rushed to the door and opened it. More pale and menacing thanAthos, D'Artagnan stood on the threshold.


1.  "Tell Vitray to come to me," said he, "and tell him to get readyfor a journey."
2.  "Then, at least turn the gem inside, you silly fellow; foreverybody must be aware that a cadet from Gascony does not findsuch stones in his mother's jewel case."
3.  "D'Artagnan," said Aramis, in a reproachful tone, "how couldyou believe that we had made a disturbance?"
4、  "Remember that I affirm nothing, Monsieur the Commissary, andthat I only suspect."
5、  But when the time came to pay for his rosemary, this oil, and thewine, the only expense the master had incurred, as he hadpreserved a strict abstinence--while on the contrary, the yellowhorse, by the account of the hostler at least, had eaten threetimes as much as a horse of his size could reasonably supposed tohave done--D'Artagnan found nothing in his pocket but his littleold velvet purse with the eleven crowns it contained; for as tothe letter addressed to M. de Treville, it had disappeared.The young man commenced his search for the letter with thegreatest patience, turning out his pockets of all kinds over andover again, rummaging and rerummaging in his valise, and openingand reopening his purse; but when he found that he had come tothe conviction that the letter was not to be found, he flew, forthe third time, into such a rage as was near costing him a freshconsumption of wine, oil, and rosemary--for upon seeing this hot-headed youth become exasperated and threaten to destroyeverything in the establishment if his letter were not found, thehost seized a spit, his wife a broom handle, and the servants thesame sticks they had used the day before.




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      "Without doubt you will, monsieur; he persists in remainingthere. We every day pass through the air hole some bread at theend of a fork, and some meat when he asks for it; but alas! Itis not of bread and meat of which he makes the greatestconsumption. I once endeavored to go down with two of myservants; but he flew into terrible rage. I heard the noise hemade in loading his pistols, and his servant in loading hismusketoon. Then, when we asked them what were their intentions,the master replied that he had forty charges to fire, and that heand his lackey would fire to the last one before he would allow asingle soul of us to set foot in the cellar. Upon this I wentand complained to the governor, who replied that I only had whatI deserved, and that it would teach me to insult honorablegentlemen who took up their abode in my house."

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      "Never mind; if his mistress abandons him, he will find friends,I will answer for it. So, my dear host, be not uneasy, andcontinue to take all the care of him that his situationrequires."

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       In fact, as we have said, the whole camp was in motion.More than two thousand persons had assisted, as at aspectacle, in this fortunate but wild undertaking of thefour friends--and undertaking of which they were far fromsuspecting the real motive. Nothing was heard but cried of"Live the Musketeers! Live the Guards!" M. de Busigny wasthe first to come and shake Athos by the hand, andacknowledge that the wager was lost. The dragoon and theSwiss followed him, and all their comrades followed thedragoon and the Swiss. There was nothing but felicitations,pressures of the hand, and embraces; there was no end to theinextinguishable laughter at the Rochellais. The tumult atlength became so great that the cardinal fancied there mustbe some riot, and sent La Houdiniere, his captain of theGuards, to inquire what was going on.

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      "But you are not one of us," said Porthos.

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    {  And D'Artagnan went among those Guardsmen with whom he hadformed greater intimacy than with the others, to invite themto enjoy with him this present of delicious Anjou wine whichhad been sent him from Villeroy.

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      "Yes; about in the same manner," said another Musketeer, "that Ibought this new purse with what my mistress put into the oldone."}

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      Athos remained a Musketeer under the command of D'Artagnan till the year1633, at which period, after a journey he made to Touraine, he also quitthe service, under the pretext of having inherited a small property inRoussillon.

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      There were two means of gaining his object--to search him onthe spot, or to carry him away, making a buckler of hisbody, and search him in the trench.

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       D'Artagnan stopped before them, and they stopped before him."What do you want, monsieur?" demanded the Musketeer, recoiling astep, and with a foreign accent, which proved to D'Artagnan thathe was deceived in one of his conjectures.

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    {  "You have told me the truth, my gentlemen," said he,addressing the Musketeers, "and it will not be my fault ifour encounter this evening be not advantageous to you. Inthe meantime, follow me."

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      "I pardon you, monseigneur!" said Bonacieux, hesitating to takethe purse, fearing, doubtless, that this pretended gift was but apleasantry. "But you are able to have me arrested, you are ableto have me tortured, you are able to have me hanged; you are themaster, and I could not have the least word to say. Pardon you,monseigneur! You cannot mean that!"