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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, now, your hand, young man. Perhaps we shall soon meet onthe field of battle; but in the meantime we shall part goodfriends, I hope."
2.  "If I am guilty, if I have committed the crimes you accuse me of,"shrieked Milady, "take me before a tribunal. You are not judges! Youcannot condemn me!"
3.  Many a time, nevertheless, during the evening she despaired offate and of herself. She did not invoke God, we very well know,but she had faith in the genius of evil--that immense sovereigntywhich reigns in all the details of human life, and by which, asin the Arabian fable, a single pomegranate seed is sufficient toreconstruct a ruined world.
4.  "Or one of my friends, what matters?"
5.  "We have always some difficulty in believing such things, mypretty dear, were it only from self-love."
6.  Grimaud entered.


1.  "Whom do I see yonder?"
2.  D'Artagnan left the hotel instead of going up at once toKitty's chamber, as she endeavored to persuade him to do--andthat for two reasons: the first, because by this means heshould escape reproaches, recriminations, and prayers; thesecond, because be was not sorry to have an opportunity ofreading his own thoughts and endeavoring, if possible, tofathom those of this woman.
3.  "I say that you must surrender your sword to me, monsieur, and thatwithout resistance. This concerns your head, I warn you.""Who are you, then?" demanded D'Artagnan, lowering the point of hissword, but without yet surrendering it.
4.  She then had one of those sudden inspirations which only peopleof genius receive in great crises, in supreme moments which areto decide their fortunes or their lives.
5.  "He will guess, at least. Now, then, what had I better do?""Return instantly. It appears to me that the news you bear is worth thetrouble of a little diligence."
6.  D'Artagnan, on his return, sent the twelve bottles of wineto the refreshment room of the Guards, with strict ordersthat great care should be taken of it; and then, on the dayappointed, as the dinner was fixed for midday D'Artagnansent Planchet at nine in the morning to assist in preparingeverything for the entertainment.


1.  This threat brought no reply.
2.  "By the side of the Luxembourg."
3.  "You have my word," said he; "for the second time I give youyour life."
4.  presentiment instantly told D'Artagnan that this carriagecontained the person who had appointed the rendezvous; theyoung man was himself astonished to find his heart beat soviolently. Almost instantly a female head was put out atthe window, with two fingers placed upon her mouth, eitherto enjoin silence or to send him a kiss. D'Artagnan uttereda slight cry of joy; this woman, or rather this apparition--for the carriage passed with the rapidity of a vision--wasMme. Bonacieux.
5.   He then related to his friends, word for word, all that hadpassed between him and his host, and how the man who had abductedthe wife of his worthy landlord was the same with whom he had hadthe difference at the hostelry of the Jolly Miller."Your affair is not bad," said Athos, after having tasted like aconnoisseur and indicated by a nod of his head that he thoughtthe wine good; "and one may draw fifty or sixty pistoles fromthis good man. Then there only remains to ascertain whetherthese fifty or sixty pistoles are worth the risk of four heads.""But observe," cried D'Artagnan, "that there is a woman in theaffair--a woman carried off, a woman who is doubtless threatened,tortured perhaps, and all because she is faithful to hermistress."
6.  "You are right, Treville; but they were not alone, yourMusketeers. They had a youth with them?"


1.  "Do you know whom I have encountered here?"
2.  "But, my Reverend-" replied Aramis, a little amazed by the showerof arguments that poured upon his head.
4、  She turned toward the wall to smile--for there was in this smilesuch an expression of triumph that this smile alone would havebetrayed her.
5、  Bazin gone, the mendicant cast a rapid glance around him inorder to be sure that nobody could either see or hear him,and opening his ragged vest, badly held together by aleather strap, he began to rip the upper part of hisdoublet, from which he drew a letter.




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      "Well," said Milady, "what can those who sleep wish for--a happyawakening? This awakening you have given me; allow me, then, to enjoyit at my ease," and taking her hand, she drew her toward the armchair bythe bedside.

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      "Nothing more easy."

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       "Listen. This evening M. Coquenard is going to the house ofthe Due de Chaulnes, who has sent for him. It is for aconsultation, which will last three hours at least. Come!We shall be alone, and can make up our accounts.""In good time. Now you talk, my dear."

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      "She seemed to love me so!"

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    {  "How do I know it?"

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      "What is that?"}

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      At length after a journey of nearly an hour, the carriage stoppedbefore an iron gate, which closed an avenue leading to a castlesevere in form, massive, and isolated. Then, as the wheelsrolled over a fine gravel, Milady could hear a vast roaring,which she at once recognized as the noise of the sea dashingagainst some steep cliff.

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       Finally, the rest of the equipment was successively debatedin the same manner; and the result of the sitting was thatthe procurator's wife should give eight hundred livres inmoney, and should furnish the horse and the mule whichshould have the honor of carrying Porthos and Mousqueton toglory.

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    {  "God? Say the devil!"

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      "But why this question?"