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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'It was in this way. We had gone on the May Day for a roundvoyage of seven days, but a hogshead got loose and started one ofour plates, so that we had to put back into port for twelve hours. Ileft the ship and came home, thinking what a surprise it would befor my wife, and hoping that maybe she would be glad to see me sosoon. The thought was in my head as I turned into my own street and atthat moment a cab passed me, and there she was, sitting by the side ofFairbairn, the two chatting and laughing, with never a thought forme as I stood watching them from the footpath.
2.  "So you sent the letters to my husband, and he- the noblestgentleman that ever lived, a man whose boots I was never worthy tolace- he broke his gallant heart and died. You remember that lastnight, when I came through that door, I begged and prayed you formercy, and you laughed in my face as you are trying to laugh now, onlyyour coward heart cannot keep your lips from twitching. Yes, you neverthought to see me here again, but it was that night which taught mehow I could meet you face to face, and alone. Well, Charles Milverton,what have you to say?"
3.  "Excellent, Watson! You are scintillating this evening. The idea didcross my mind. There is, as you may have observed, a bicycle shop nextto our inn. Into this I rushed, engaged a bicycle, and was able to getstarted before the carriage was quite out of sight. I rapidly overtookit, and then, keeping at a discreet distance of a hundred yards or so,I followed its lights until we were clear of the town. We had got wellout on the country road, when a somewhat mortifying incident occurred.The carriage stopped, the doctor alighted, walked swiftly back towhere I had also halted, and told me in an excellent sardonicfashion that he feared the road was narrow, and that he hoped hiscarriage did not impede the passage of my bicycle. Nothing couldhave been more admirable than his way of putting it. I at once rodepast the carriage, and, keeping to the main road, I went on for afew miles, and then halted in a convenient place to see if thecarriage passed. There was no sign of it, however, and so it becameevident that it had turned down one of several side roads which Ihad observed. I rode back, but again saw nothing of the carriage,and now, as you perceive, it has returned after me. Of course, I hadat the outset no particular reason to connect these journeys withthe disappearance of Godfrey Staunton, and was only inclined toinvestigate them on the general grounds that everything which concernsDr. Armstrong is at present of interest to us, but, now that I find hekeeps so keen a look-out upon anyone who may follow him on theseexcursions, the affair appears more important, and I shall not besatisfied until I have made the matter clear."
4.  "Ah, that's a pity, Bannister. Up to now you may have spoken thetruth, but now I know that you have lied."
5.  "You must make allowance for this poor girl, placed in sounprecedented. a position."
6.  "Oh, remarkably superficial," said Holmes, smiling. "Come, Watson, Idon't think we shall be wanted in Aldershot any more."


1.  "About the same."
2.  "I see many objections to any such theory."
3.  "The actual possession of the stone."
4.  To tell the truth, my desire to fetch a doctor had somewhatweakened, for poor Holmes was so obviously delirious that it seemeddangerous to leave him. However, he was as eager now to consult theperson named as he had been obstinate in refusing.
5.  Sherlock Holmes left the house alone, and only returned aftereleven. He had obtained a large ordnance map of the neighbourhood, andthis he brought into my room, where he laid it out on the bed, and,having balanced the lamp in the middle of it, he began to smoke overit, and occasionally to point out objects of interest with the reekingamber of his pipe.
6.  "It is very good of you- very noble of you. I appreciate yourspecial knowledge."


1.  "'Do you know who it was that we let into the house that day?'"'I have no idea.'
2.  "We have had the pleasure of making the doctors acquaintance,"said Holmes, and in a few words he sketched out what had occurred.Miss Stoner turned white to the lips as she listened.
3.  "Then pray send him home in it. You may safely trust him, for heappears to be too limp to get into any mischief. I should recommendyou also to send a note by the cabman to your wife to say that youhave thrown in your lot with me. If you will wait outside, I shallbe with you in five minutes."
4.  "Well, really, when I consider that she has turned her back-I willnot say upon me, but upon so much that many have aspired to withoutsuccess-I can hardly explain it in any other fashion."
5.   "Yes; he was the last to pass me."
6.  "Thank you. We have certainly been favoured with extraordinaryluck during this inquiry, and it will be entirely our own fault ifwe do not succeed in clearing the matter up. With your permission, Mr.Holder, I shall now continue my investigations outside."He went alone, at his own request, for he explained that anyunnecessary footmarks might make his task more difficult. For anhour or more he was at work, returning at last with his feet heavywith snow and his features as inscrutable as ever.


1.  "I'm fainting- I'm gone!"
2.  "'For two days Rachel Howells had been so ill, sometimesdelirious, sometimes hysterical, that a nurse had been employed to situp with her at night. On the third night after Brunton'sdisappearance, the nurse, finding her patient sleeping nicely, haddropped into a nap in the armchair, when she woke in the early morningto find the bed empty, the window open, and no signs of the invalid. Iwas instantly aroused, and, with the two footmen, started off atonce in search of the missing girl. It was not difficult to tell thedirection which she had taken, for, starting from under her window, wecould follow her footmarks easily across the lawn to the edge of themere, where they vanished close to the gravel path which leads outof the grounds. The lake there is eight feet deep, and you can imagineour feelings when we saw that the trail of the poor demented girl cameto an end at the edge of it.
3.  "I was shaken but not hurt by the fall; so I picked myself up andrushed off among the bushes as hard as I could run, for I understoodthat I was far from being out of danger yet. Suddenly, however, as Iran, a deadly dizziness and sickness came over me. I glanced down atmy hand, which was throbbing painfully, and then, for the firsttime, saw that my thumb had been cut off and that the blood waspouring from my wound. I endeavoured to tie my handkerchief roundit, but there came a sudden buzzing in my ears, and next moment I fellin a dead faint among the rose-bushes.
4、  "But when will that be?"
5、  He spoke in little, sharp, jerky outbursts, and it seemed to me thatto speak at all was very painful to him, and that his will all throughwas overriding his inclinations.




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      Holmes laughed softly to himself and stretched himself out uponthe cushioned seat. "Both you and the coroner have been at somepains," said he, "to single out the very strongest points in the youngman's favour. Don't you see that you alternately give him credit forhaving too much imagination and too little? Too little, if he couldnot invent a cause of quarrel which would give him the sympathy of thejury; too much, if he evolved from his own inner consciousnessanything so outre as a dying reference to a rat, and the incident ofthe vanishing cloth. No, sir, I shall approach this case from thepoint of view that what this young man says is true, and we shallsee whither that hypothesis will lead us. And now here is my pocketPetrarch, and not another word shall I say of this case until we areon the scene of action. We lunch at Swindon, and I see that we shallbe there in twenty minutes."

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      A four-wheeler was at the door at eleven, and in it we drove to aspot at the other side of Hammersmith Bridge. Here the cabman wasdirected to wait. A short walk brought us to a secluded road fringedwith pleasant houses, each standing in its own grounds. In the lightof a street lamp we read "Laburnum Villa" upon the gate-post of one ofthem. The occupants had evidently retired to rest, for all was darksave for a fanlight over the hall door, which shed a single blurredcircle on to the garden path. The wooden fence which separated thegrounds from the road threw a dense black shadow upon the innerside, and here it was that we crouched.

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       "Well, what happened then?"

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      "My dear Watson, can you doubt that it was to him that I firstapplied? I do not know whether it came from his own innate depravityor from the promptings of his master, but he was rude enough to seta dog at me. Neither dog nor man liked the look of my stick,however, and the matter fell through. Relations were strained afterthat, and further inquiries out of the question. All that I havelearned I got from a friendly native in the yard of our own inn. Itwas he who told me of the doctor's habits and of his daily journey. Atthat instant, to give point to his words, the carriage came round tothe door."

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    {  "Indeed! In the garden?"

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      "Yes," said Holmes, answering the look rather than the words. "It isso. I know all about McCarthy."}

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      "Let us reconstruct, Watson," said Holmes after half an hour ofsilence. "I am not aware that in all our joint researches we have everhad a case which was more difficult to get at. Every fresh advancewhich we make only reveals a fresh ridge beyond. And yet we havesurely made some appreciable progress.

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      Ferguson gave a gesture of relief.

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       bramble-covered land which represent the family estate, and wouldaccept in return the hospitality of their tents, wandering away withthem sometimes for weeks on end. He has a passion also for Indiananimals, which are sent over to him by a correspondent, and he hasat this moment a cheetah and a baboon, which wander freely over hisgrounds and are feared by the villagers almost as much as theirmaster.

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    {  Holmes shrugged his shoulders.

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      Please be at the Black Swan Hotel at Winchester at middayto-morrow [it said]. Do come! I am at my wit's end.