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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Dantes held down his head, that the other might not see howjoy at the thought of having a companion outweighed thesympathy he felt for the failure of the abbe's plans.
2.  "It was his Cornelius Nepos that Master Edward was repeatingwhen he referred to King Mithridates," continued the count,"and you interrupted him in a quotation which proves thathis tutor has by no means neglected him, for your son isreally advanced for his years."
3.  "For my father?"
4.  "So that, as you confess, you are jealous?"
5.  "`Extract from the Report of a meeting of the BonapartistClub in the Rue Saint-Jacques, held February 5th, 1815.'"
6.  "Yes, but those five millions and a half are not mine, andare only a proof of the great confidence placed in me; mytitle of popular banker has gained me the confidence ofcharitable institutions, and the five millions and a halfbelong to them; at any other time I should not havehesitated to make use of them, but the great losses I haverecently sustained are well known, and, as I told you, mycredit is rather shaken. That deposit may be at any momentwithdrawn, and if I had employed it for another purpose, Ishould bring on me a disgraceful bankruptcy. I do notdespise bankruptcies, believe me, but they must be thosewhich enrich, not those which ruin. Now, if you marry M.Cavalcanti, and I get the three millions, or even if it isthought I am going to get them, my credit will be restored,and my fortune, which for the last month or two has beenswallowed up in gulfs which have been opened in my path byan inconceivable fatality, will revive. Do you understandme?"


1.  "Will the petition go soon?"
2.  "What do you mean, sir?" asked Villefort, trembling at thenew idea inspired by the delirium of Morrel.
3.  "After all the disclosures which were made this morning, M.Noirtier de Villefort must see the utter impossibility ofany alliance being formed between his family and that of M.Franz d'Epinay. M. d'Epinay must say that he is shocked andastonished that M. de Villefort, who appeared to be aware ofall the circumstances detailed this morning, should not haveanticipated him in this announcement."
4.  "Oh, do not fear, my friend," said Morrel, raising his head,and smiling with a sweet expression on the count; "I shallno longer attempt my life."
5.  "Then sleep here, my dear count. The conditions arefavorable; what else was opera invented for?"
6.  "Well, count," replied Morrel gayly, "I will not disputeit."


1.  "But," said the Englishman, "this looks very much like asuspension of payment."
2.  "Ma foi, I have called three times without once seeing him.Still, his sister did not seem uneasy, and told me thatthough she had not seen him for two or three days, she wassure he was well."
3.  "And your slave?"
4.  "But delay may ruin our plan, sir," replied the young man."Alone, Valentine has no power; she will be compelled tosubmit. I am here almost miraculously, and can scarcely hopefor so good an opportunity to occur again. Believe me, thereare only the two plans I have proposed to you; forgive myvanity, and tell me which you prefer. Do you authorizeMademoiselle Valentine to intrust herself to my honor?"
5.   It was an imposing sight to witness this old man, apparentlya mere useless burden, becoming the sole protector, support,and adviser of the lovers who were both young, beautiful,and strong. His remarkably noble and austere expressionstruck Morrel, who began his story with trembling. Herelated the manner in which he had become acquainted withValentine, and how he had loved her, and that Valentine, inher solitude and her misfortune, had accepted the offer ofhis devotion. He told him his birth, his position, hisfortune, and more than once, when he consulted the look ofthe paralytic, that look answered, "That is good, proceed."
6.  "Yes, my mother," said Albert, "I will return, and woe tothe infamous wretch! But first of all I must get there."


1.  The two young men looked at Morcerf as if to say, -- "Areyou mad, or are you laughing at us?"
2.  Monte Cristo took the gong and struck it once. In about thespace of a second a private door opened, and Ali appeared,bringing two chibouques filled with excellent latakia. "Itis quite wonderful," said Albert.
3.  "Is there a window in the dressing-room?"
4、  "Ah, a month -- six months -- a year."
5、  "Yes, which made fools laugh, which caused the minister tohave a sleepless night, which has caused the minister'ssecretaries to blacken several sheets of paper, but whichhas cost me 700,000 francs."




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      "Yes, and much more."

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      Three days after the scene we have just described, namelytowards five o'clock in the afternoon of the day fixed forthe signature of the contract between Mademoiselle EugenieDanglars and Andrea Cavalcanti, -- whom the banker persistedin calling prince, -- a fresh breeze was stirring the leavesin the little garden in front of the Count of Monte Cristo'shouse, and the count was preparing to go out. While hishorses were impatiently pawing the ground, -- held in by thecoachman, who had been seated a quarter of an hour on hisbox, -- the elegant phaeton with which we are familiarrapidly turned the angle of the entrance-gate, and cast outon the doorsteps M. Andrea Cavalcanti, as decked up and gayas if he were going to marry a princess. He inquired afterthe count with his usual familiarity, and ascending lightlyto the second story met him at the top of the stairs. Thecount stopped on seeing the young man. As for Andrea, he waslaunched, and when he was once launched nothing stopped him."Ah, good morning, my dear count," said he. "Ah, M. Andrea,"said the latter, with his half-jesting tone; "how do youdo."

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       "Never mind," replied Villefort; "I say that this marriageshall be consummated."

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      "But still there are some signals only addressed to you."

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    {  "Shall you be present in the reception room?"

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      "What is it you want, dear grandpapa?" said Valentine, andshe endeavored to recall to mind all the things which hewould be likely to need; and as the ideas presentedthemselves to her mind, she repeated them aloud, then, --finding that all her efforts elicited nothing but a constant"No," -- she said, "Come, since this plan does not answer, Iwill have recourse to another." She then recited all theletters of the alphabet from A down to N. When she arrivedat that letter the paralytic made her understand that shehad spoken the initial letter of the thing he wanted. "Ah,"said Valentine, "the thing you desire begins with the letterN; it is with N that we have to do, then. Well, let me see,what can you want that begins with N? Na -- Ne -- Ni -- No"--

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      "Had you not a meeting with my son this morning?" asked thegeneral.

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       "And what do you think of her personal appearance?"

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    {  "A friend," said Monte Cristo in the same language.

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      The idea that her strength had failed her in attempting toescape, and that she had fainted in one of the paths, wasthe one that most impressed itself upon his mind. "In thatcase," said he, "I should lose her, and by my own fault." Hedwelt on this idea for a moment, then it appeared reality.He even thought he could perceive something on the ground ata distance; he ventured to call, and it seemed to him thatthe wind wafted back an almost inarticulate sigh. At lastthe half-hour struck. It was impossible to wait longer, histemples throbbed violently, his eyes were growing dim; hepassed one leg over the wall, and in a moment leaped down onthe other side. He was on Villefort's premises -- hadarrived there by scaling the wall. What might be theconsequences? However, he had not ventured thus far to drawback. He followed a short distance close under the wall,then crossed a path, hid entered a clump of trees. In amoment he had passed through them, and could see the housedistinctly. Then Morrel saw that he had been right inbelieving that the house was not illuminated. Instead oflights at every window, as is customary on days of ceremony,he saw only a gray mass, which was veiled also by a cloud,which at that moment obscured the moon's feeble light. Alight moved rapidly from time to time past three windows ofthe second floor. These three windows were in Madame deSaint-Meran's room. Another remained motionless behind somered curtains which were in Madame de Villefort's bedroom.Morrel guessed all this. So many times, in order to followValentine in thought at every hour in the day, had he madeher describe the whole house, that without having seen it heknew it all.