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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, if we can't we can't," said Holmes, cheerfully.
2.  No, no, Watson, that side of the matter is, of course, obvious.But there is another which is far more subtle. You may recollectthat in the case which you, in your sensational way, coupled withthe Copper Beeches, I was able, by watching the mind of the child,to form a deduction as to the criminal habits of the very smug andrespectable father."
3.  "By George! it's Black Gorgiano himself!" cried the Americandetective. "Someone has got ahead of us this time."
4.  "Well, it's only a foot above the ground. The poor devil was onthe floor dying when he wrote it. He lost his senses before he couldfinish."
5.  The Duke stood in thought for a moment, with a look of intensesurprise on his face. Then he opened a door and showed us into a largeroom furnished as a museum. He led the way to a glass case in acorner, and pointed to the inscription.
6.  "Exactly. Excessive and a little violent and unnatural. ProfessorPresbury was rich, however, and there was no objection upon the partof the father. The daughter, however, had other views, and therewere already several candidates for her hand, who, if they were lesseligible from a worldly point of view, were at least more of an age.The girl seemed to like the professor in spite of his


1.  "Excellent, Watson! You are scintillating this evening. The idea didcross my mind. There is, as you may have observed, a bicycle shop nextto our inn. Into this I rushed, engaged a bicycle, and was able to getstarted before the carriage was quite out of sight. I rapidly overtookit, and then, keeping at a discreet distance of a hundred yards or so,I followed its lights until we were clear of the town. We had got wellout on the country road, when a somewhat mortifying incident occurred.The carriage stopped, the doctor alighted, walked swiftly back towhere I had also halted, and told me in an excellent sardonicfashion that he feared the road was narrow, and that he hoped hiscarriage did not impede the passage of my bicycle. Nothing couldhave been more admirable than his way of putting it. I at once rodepast the carriage, and, keeping to the main road, I went on for afew miles, and then halted in a convenient place to see if thecarriage passed. There was no sign of it, however, and so it becameevident that it had turned down one of several side roads which Ihad observed. I rode back, but again saw nothing of the carriage,and now, as you perceive, it has returned after me. Of course, I hadat the outset no particular reason to connect these journeys withthe disappearance of Godfrey Staunton, and was only inclined toinvestigate them on the general grounds that everything which concernsDr. Armstrong is at present of interest to us, but, now that I find hekeeps so keen a look-out upon anyone who may follow him on theseexcursions, the affair appears more important, and I shall not besatisfied until I have made the matter clear."
2.  "You've not seen Miss Dunbar. She is a wonderful fine woman in everyway. He may well have wished his wife out of the road. And theseAmericans are readier with pistols than our folk are. It was hispistol, you know."
3.  "None, Holmes."
4.  "You'll see your pal again presently," said Jones. "He'squicker at climbing down holes than I am. Just hold out while Ifix the derbies."
5.  "Come, my friend," said he, "our day's work has been quite longenough. I think that we have gathered all that we can. It's a longwalk to the school, and the sooner we get started the better."He hardly opened his lips during that weary trudge across themoor, nor would he enter the school when he reached it, but went on toMackleton Station, whence he could send some telegrams. Late atnight I heard him consoling Dr. Huxtable, prostrated by the tragedy ofhis master's death, and later still he entered my room as alert andvigorous as he had been when he started in the morning. "All goeswell, my friend," said he. "I promise that before to-morrow evening weshall have reached the solution of the mystery."
6.  "Well, I happen to be clear to-morrow afternoon. If you would saya word to Mrs. Saunders it would be quite in order. By the way, who isyour house-agent?"


1.  "No one."
2.  "It seems to me that I have done you full justice in the matter,"I remarked with some coldness, for I was repelled by the egotism whichI had more than once observed to be a strong factor in my friend'ssingular character.
3.  "That's good enough. Watson and I are famous fishermen- are wenot, Watson? You may address us in future at the Green Dragon. Weshould reach it to-night. I need not say that we don't want to seeyou, Mr. Mason, but a note will reach us, and no doubt I could findyou if I want you. When we have gone a little farther into thematter I will let you have a considered opinion."
4.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
5.   "PIERROT.
6.  "Because we have in this case one singular incident coming closeto the heels of another singular incident. The police are making themistake of concentrating their attention upon the second, because ithappens to be the one which is actually criminal. But it is evident tome that the logical way to approach the case is to begin by tryingto throw some light upon the first incident- the curious will, sosuddenly made, and to so unexpected an heir. It may do something tosimplify what followed. No, my dear fellow, I don't think you can helpme. There is no prospect of danger, or I should not dream ofstirring out without you. I trust that when I see you in theevening, I will be able to report that I have been able to dosomething for this unfortunate youngster, who has thrown himselfupon my protection."


1.  "And who is her maid?"
2.  "Hum! I am afraid Joseph's character is a rather deeper and moredangerous one than one might judge from his appearance. From what Ihave heard from him this morning, I gather that he has lost heavily indabbling with stocks, and that he is ready to do anything on earthto better his fortunes. Being an absolutely selfish man, when a chancepresents itself he did not allow either his sister's happiness or yourreputation to hold his hand."
3.  "Do you keep plate in the house, or anything to attract burglars?""Nothing of value."
4、  "But what other is there?" cried the banker with a gesture ofdespair. "If his motives were innocent, why does he not explain them?""It is our task to find that out," replied Holmes; "so now, if youplease, Mr. Holder, we will set off for Streatham together, and devotean hour to glancing a little more closely into details."My friend insisted upon my accompanying them in their expedition,which I was eager enough to do, for my curiosity and sympathy weredeeply stirred by the story to which we had listened. I confess thatthe guilt of the banker's son appeared to me to be as obvious as itdid to his unhappy father, but still I had such faith in Holmes'sjudgment that I felt that there must be some grounds for hope aslong as he was dissatisfied with the accepted explanation. He hardlyspoke a word the whole way out to the southern suburb, but sat withhis chin upon his breast and his hat drawn over his eyes, sunk inthe deepest thought. Our client appeared to have taken fresh heartat the little glimpse of hope which had been presented to him, andhe even broke into a desultory chat with me over his business affairs.A short railway journey and a shorter walk brought us to Fairbank, themodest residence of the great financier.
5、  "I say that I have solved it."




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      "Is there no watchman to the building?"

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      "Yes, sir."

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       "Anything I can do-"

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      "No, no, you would not. You are a gentleman. It is a woman'ssecret."

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    {  "They are not all successes, Watson," said he. "But there are somepretty little problems among them. Here's the record of the Tarletonmurders, and the case of Vamberry, the wine merchant, and theadventure of the old Russian woman, and the singular affair of thealuminum crutch, as well as a full account of Ricoletti of theclub-foot, and his abominable wife. And here-ah, now, this really issomething a little recherche."

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      Holmes turned the body over reverently, and examined it with greatattention. He then sat in deep thought for a time, and I could seeby his ruffied brow that this grim discovery had not, in hisopinion, advanced us much in our inquiry.}

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      "I should say it was. That was the real Shoscombe breed. There ain'ta better in England."

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      I remained in my hiding-place, and it was well that I did so, forpresently the man reappeared, cycling slowly back. He turned in at theHall gates, and dismounted from his machine. For some minutes Icould see him standing among the trees. His hands were raised, andhe seemed to be settling his necktie. Then he mounted his cycle, androde away from me down the drive towards the Hall. I ran across theheath and peered through the trees. Far away I could catch glimpses ofthe old gray building with its bristling Tudor chimneys, but the driveran through a dense shrubbery, and I saw no more of my man.However, it seemed to me that I had done a fairly good morning'swork, and I walked back in high spirits to Farnham. The local houseagent could tell me nothing about Charlington Hall, and referred me toa well known firm in Pall Mall. There I halted on my way home, and metwith courtesy from the representative. No, I could not haveCharlington Hall for the summer. I was just too late. It had beenlet about a month ago. Mr. Williamson was the name of the tenant. Hewas a respectable, elderly gentleman. The polite agent was afraid hecould say no more, as the affairs of his clients were not matterswhich he could discuss.

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       "It must have been so."

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    {  He was not alone. Behind him came Stackhurst, hatless and panting,almost as distrait as his companion.

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      "If you use the code which I have explained," said Holmes, "you willfind that it simply means `Come here at once.' I was convinced that itwas an invitation which he would not refuse, since he could neverimagine that it could come from anyone but the lady. And so, my dearWatson, we have ended by turning the dancing men to good when theyhave so often been the agents of evil, and I think that I havefulfilled my promise of giving you something unusual for yournotebook. Three-forty is our train, and I fancy we should be back inBaker Street for dinner."