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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "PARBLEU! Indeed I do," said Athos; "I not only approve of whathe has done, but I congratulate him upon it."
2.  "Gentlemen," said he, "Monseigneur's order is, you know, toconduct that woman, without losing time, to the fort of thePoint, and never to leave her till she is on board."As these words agreed wholly with the order they hadreceived, they bowed their heads in sign of assent.With regard to Athos, he leaped lightly into the saddle andset out at full gallop; only instead of following the road,he went across the fields, urging his horse to the utmostand stopping occasionally to listen.
3.  "Yes, sir, I know it," replied the duke, dipping the quill in the ink."Then your Grace knows her real name?" asked Felton, in a sharp tone."I know it"; and the duke put the quill to the paper. Felton grew pale."And knowing that real name, my Lord," replied Felton, "will you sign itall the same?"
4.  "Well, since there is another finer and younger, why, you maytake the old one; and let us drink."
5.  "Did you never see him?"
6.  "Withdraw, young man," cried Jussac, who doubtless, by hisgestures and the expression of his countenance, had guessedD'Artagnan's design. "You may retire; we consent to that. Saveyour skin; begone quickly."


1.  "Oh, yes!" cried D'Artagnan, "yes! If it be to avenge her, I am readyto follow you."
2.  assassination."
3.  The officers were full of thanks, and took away their prey. Asthey were going down D'Artagnan laid his hand on the shoulder oftheir leader.
4.  D'Artagnan did reflect, and resolved to thrash Planchetprovisionally; which he did with the conscientiousness thatD'Artagnan carried into everything. After having well beatenhim, he forbade him to leave his service without his permission."For," added he, "the future cannot fail to mend; I inevitablylook for better times. Your fortune is therefore made if youremain with me, and I am too good a master to allow you to misssuch a chance by granting you the dismissal you require."This manner of acting roused much respect for D'Artagnan's policyamong the Musketeers. Planchet was equally seized withadmiration, and said no more about going away.
5.  "And that is but just," said Athos, and he took aside theone of the four Englishmen with whom he was to fight, andcommunicated his name in a low voice.
6.  "And if it were an interrogatory!" replied the cardinal. "Othersbesides you have undergone such, Monsieur Athos, and have repliedthereto."


1.  "If my Lord suspects they have been stolen, perhaps the personwho stole them still has them in his hands."
2.  D'Artagnan thought this was the moment to interfere. Heapproached the other door, and taking off his hatrespectfully, said, "Madame, will you permit me to offer youmy services? It appears to me that this cavalier has madeyou very angry. Speak one word, madame, and I take uponmyself to punish him for his want of courtesy."
3.  "You think so, Porthos?" replied the Musketeer, with a sadsmile which D'Artagnan alone understood.
4.  The superior of the convent of Bethune will place in the hands of theperson who shall present this note to her the novice who entered theconvent upon my recommendation and under my patronage.ANNE
5.   "But you will remain; you are not afraid?" said D'Artagnan,coming back to recommend courage to his lackey.
6.  "By the faith of a gentleman. Take my arm, and let us go."D'Artagnan offered his arm to Mme. Bonacieux, who willingly tookit, half laughing, half trembling, and both gained the top of Ruede la Harpe. Arriving there, the young woman seemed to hesitate,as she had before done in the Rue Vaugirard. She seemed,however, by certain signs, to recognize a door, and approachingthat door, "And now, monsieur," said she, "it is here I havebusiness; a thousand thanks for your honorable company, which hassaved me from all the dangers to which, alone I was exposed. Butthe moment is come to keep your word; I have reached mydestination."


1.  It soon appeared to him that he heard a slight noise within--atimid noise which seemed to tremble lest it should be heard.Then D'Artagnan ceased knocking, and prayed with an accent sofull of anxiety and promises, terror and cajolery, that his voicewas of a nature to reassure the most fearful. At length an old,worm-eaten shutter was opened, or rather pushed ajar, but closedagain as soon as the light from a miserable lamp which burned inthe corner had shone upon the baldric, sword belt, and pistolpommels of D'Artagnan. Nevertheless, rapid as the movement hadbeen, D'Artagnan had had time to get a glimpse of the head of anold man.
2.  At length Felton, who had not yet looked at Milady, turned towardher.
3.  This disposition, visible as it was in his Majesty, did notprevent the courtiers from ranging themselves along his pathway.In royal antechambers it is worth more to be viewed with an angryeye than not to be seen at all. The three Musketeers thereforedid not hesitate to make a step forward. D'Artagnan on thecontrary remained concealed behind them; but although the kingknew Athos, Porthos, and Aramis personally, he passed before themwithout speaking or looking--indeed, as if he had never seen thembefore. As for M. de Treville, when the eyes of the king fellupon him, he sustained the look with so much firmness that it wasthe king who dropped his eyes; after which his Majesty,grumbling, entered his apartment.
4、  "Oh, my God, my God!" murmured Kitty, "he has not evenwaited for the hour he himself named!"
5、  "Yes; I am a man of honor," said D'Artagnan, determined tocome to an end, "and since your love is mine, and I amsatisfied I possess it--for I do possess it, do I not?""Entirely; go on."




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      Then turning his eyes from Milady to the paper, he read: "'Orderto conduct--' The name is blank," interrupted Lord de Winter."If you have any preference you can point it out to me; and if itbe not within a thousand leagues of London, attention will bepaid to your wishes. I will begin again, then:

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      "Monsieur Cardinal, you have heard me; I will have thoseletters."

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       With such a VADE MECUM D'Artagnan was morally and physically anexact copy of the hero of Cervantes, to whom we so happilycompared him when our duty of an historian placed us under thenecessity of sketching his portrait. Don Quixote took windmillsfor giants, and sheep for armies; D'Artagnan took every smile foran insult, and every look as a provocation--whence it resultedthat from Tarbes to Meung his fist was constantly doubled, or hishand on the hilt of his sword; and yet the fist did not descendupon any jaw, nor did the sword issue from its scabbard. It wasnot that the sight of the wretched pony did not excite numeroussmiles on the countenances of passers-by; but as against the sideof this pony rattled a sword of respectable length, and as overthis sword gleamed an eye rather ferocious than haughty, thesepassers-by repressed their hilarity, or if hilarity prevailedover prudence, they endeavored to laugh only on one side, likethe masks of the ancients. D'Artagnan, then, remained majesticand intact in his susceptibility, till he came to this unluckycity of Meung.

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      "Repeat it! Repeat it!" cried D'Artagnan; "it will make a littlechange."

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    {  There only remained in the closet of the wounded duke Laporte andPatrick. A physician was sought for, but none was yet found."You will live, my Lord, you will live!" repeated the faithful servantof Anne of Austria, on his knees before the duke's sofa."What has she written to me?" said Buckingham, feebly, streaming withblood, and suppressing his agony to speak of her he loved, "what has shewritten to me? Read me her letter."

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      "This time," said Athos, first breaking the silence,"D'Artagnan has given us an excellent program, and theletter must be written at once."}

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      "Oh, monsieur, if I could believe I might trust in yourdiscretion."

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       "That is, whether you really love me?"

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    {  "Of her whose carriage was at the gate; of a woman who calls herselfyour friend; of a woman to whom you have told everything.""Her name, her name!" cried D'Artagnan. "My God, can you not rememberher name?"

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      "And you did not know that it was inhabited by a young man?""No."