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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  'Tis time to part.
2.  I for this cause should fear to love. The loss my certain death would prove.Mephistopheles
3.  The speaker in delivery will find Success alone; I still am far behind.Faust
4.  Mephistopheles
5.  Come! look me in the face! no fooling now! You are but making fun of us, Itrow.
6.  In the currents of life, in action's storm, I float and I wave With billowymotion! Birth and the grave A limitless ocean, A constant weaving Withchange still rife, A restless heaving, A glowing life Thus time's whirring loomunceasing I ply, And weave the life - garment of deity.Faust


1.  With small sharp shears, in insect guise Behold us at your revel! That we maytender, filial - wise, Our homage to the devil.Hennings
2.  All this is doubtless good and fair; Almost the same the parson says, Only inslightly different phrase.
3.  Good - bye!
4.  Oh, credit me, who still as ages roll, Have chew'd this bitter fare from year toyear, No mortal, from the cradle to the bier, Digests the ancient leaven!Know, this Whole Doth for the Deity alone subsist! He in eternal brightnessdoth exist, Us unto darkness he hath brought, and here Where day and nightalternate, is your sphere.
5.  Frosch
6.  Frosch, Brander, Siebel, Altmayer,


1.  The world behold; Unceasingly roll'd, It riseth and falleth ever; It ringeth likeglass! How brittle, alas! 'Tis hollow, and resteth never. How bright the sphere,Still brighter here! Now living am I! Dear son, beware! Nor venture there!Thou too must die! It is of clay; 'Twill crumble away; There fragments lie.Mephistopheles
2.  Mephistopheles
3.  Faust
4.  And look, my hand doth thine enclose!
5.   No! She to a neighbour's house will go; But in her atmosphere alone, Thetedious hours meanwhile you may employ, In blissful dreams of future joy.Faust
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  Faust
2.  Loosed from their fetters are streams and rills Through the gracious spring -tide's all - quickening glow; Hope's budding joy in the vale doth blow; OldWinter back to the savage hills Withdraweth his force, decrepid now. Thenceonly impotent icy grains Scatters he as he wings his flight, Striping with sleetthe verdant plains; But the sun endureth no trace of white; Everywhere growthand movement are rife, All things investing with hues of life: Though flowersare lacking, varied of dye, Their colours the motley throng supply. Turn theearound, and from this height, Back to the town direct thy sight. Forth from thehollow, gloomy gate, Stream forth the masses, in bright array. Gladly seekthey the sun to - day; The Lord's Resurrection they celebrate: For theythemselves have risen, with joy, From tenement sordid, from cheerless room,From bonds of toil, from care and annoy, From gable and roof's o'er -hanging gloom, From crowded alley and narrow street, And from thechurches' awe - breathing night, All now have come forth into the light. Look,only look, on nimble feet, Through garden and field how spread the throng,How o'er the river's ample sheet,
3.  Come in!
4、  I know you now, - and therefore will retire; At present you've distinguishedcompany. Pardon the freedom, Madam, with your leave, I will make free tocall again at eve.
5、  So men, forsooth, he thinks to imitate! Now, in the devil's name, for once gostraight! Or out at once your flickering life I'll blow.Ignis Fatuus




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      Mephistopheles (to Faust)

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      I thank you; for not willingly I traffic with the dead, and still aver That youth'splump blooming cheek I very much prefer. I'm not at home to corpses; 'tis myway, Like cats with captive mice to toy and play.The Lord

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    {  A very poodle, he appears to be! Thou standest still, for thee he'll wait; Thouspeak'st to him, he fawns upon thee straight; Aught thou mayst lose, again he'llbring, And for thy stick will into water spring.Faust

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      I'm near her still - and should I distant rove, Her I can ne'er forget, ne'er loseher love; And all things touch'd by those sweet lips of hers, Even the veryHost, my envy stirs.}

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      Dear soul! I've long forgiven him, indeed!

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      My friend, learn this to understand, I pray! To deal with witches this is still theway.

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       Margaret (putting fresh flowers in the pots)

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    {  At Padua, in St. Anthony's, In holy ground his body lies; Quiet and cool hisplace of rest, With pious ceremonials blest.

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      These fellows would not scent the devil out, E'en though he had them by thevery throat!