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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That is our brave Musketeer, I think," said the cardinal."Yes, monseigneur," said Porthos, "it is he."
2.  "Capital!"
3.  "Golden dreams!" cried Aramis. "Oh, beautiful life! Yes, weare young; yes, we shall yet have happy days! My love, myblood, my life! all, all, all, are thine, my adoredmistress!"
4.  "The Marechale d'Ancre was no more than the Marechale d'Ancre. AFlorentine adventurer, sire, and that was all; while the augustspouse of your Majesty is Anne of Austria, Queen of France--thatis to say, one of the greatest princesses in the world.""She is not the less guilty, Monsieur Duke! The more she hasforgotten the high position in which she was placed, the moredegrading is her fall. Besides, I long ago determined to put anend to all these petty intrigues of policy and love. She hasnear her a certain Laporte."
5.  "And you think that your wife--"
6.  "Well, merit this pretended happiness, then!"


1.  Without doubt the chancellor, Seguier looked about at that momentfor the rope of the famous bell; but not finding it he summonedhis resolution, and stretched forth his hands toward the placewhere the queen had acknowledged the paper was to be found.Anne of Austria took one step backward, became so pale that itmight be said she was dying, and leaning with her left hand upona table behind her to keep herself from falling, she with herright hand drew the paper from her bosom and held it out to thekeeper of the seals.
2.  "The devil!" cried D'Artagnan.
3.  "well, madame, I perceive I must do as you wish.""Why did you deprive yourself of the merit of doing so at once?""Is there no merit in repentance?"
4.  "No, I would wish you to reflect."
5.  Felton jumped onshore, climbed the little ascent which led to the top ofthe cliff, saluted Milady a last time, and took his course toward thecity.
6.  "Change these lackeys," said he; "she has spoken to them. They are nolonger sure."


1.  "What, monsieur, will you leave us so soon?"
2.  "You have, then, seen something?" replied D'Artagnan. "In thatcase, in the name of heaven," continued he, throwing him apistole, "tell me what you have seen, and I will pledge you theword of a gentleman that not one of your words shall escape frommy heart."
3.  "Yes; I."
4.  This event had hastened the resolutions of the cardinal; andtill the king and he could take the command of the siege ofLa Rochelle, which was determined, he had sent Monsieur todirect the first operations, and had ordered all the troopshe could dispose of to march toward the theater of war. Itwas of this detachment, sent as a vanguard, that our friendD'Artagnan formed a part.
5.   "This Rochefort," cried Porthos, "if I were the esquire of poorChalais, should pass a minute or two very uncomfortably with me.""And you--you would pass rather a sad quarter-hour with the RedDuke," replied Aramis.
6.  "The letter was lost," replied his Eminence; "yes, I knowthat. But Monsieur de Treville is a skilled physiognomist,who knows men at first sight; and he placed you in thecompany of his brother-in-law, Monsieur Dessessart, leavingyou to hope that one day or other you should enter theMusketeers."


1.  On the staircase he met the pretty SOUBRETTE, who brushedgently against him as she passed, and then, blushing to theeyes, asked his pardon for having touched him in a voice sosweet that the pardon was granted instantly.
2.  "Without doubt you will, monsieur; he persists in remainingthere. We every day pass through the air hole some bread at theend of a fork, and some meat when he asks for it; but alas! Itis not of bread and meat of which he makes the greatestconsumption. I once endeavored to go down with two of myservants; but he flew into terrible rage. I heard the noise hemade in loading his pistols, and his servant in loading hismusketoon. Then, when we asked them what were their intentions,the master replied that he had forty charges to fire, and that heand his lackey would fire to the last one before he would allow asingle soul of us to set foot in the cellar. Upon this I wentand complained to the governor, who replied that I only had whatI deserved, and that it would teach me to insult honorablegentlemen who took up their abode in my house."
3.  "Next week I hope my duties will afford me a little liberty, andI will take advantage of it to come and put things in order here,so they must necessarily be much deranged."
4、  "Yes, how do you know it? No half-confidence, or--you understand!""I know it from my wife, monsieur--from my wife herself.""Who learns it from whom?"
5、  "The short one."




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      D'Artagnan went straight to M. de Treville's. He had reflectedthat in a few minutes the cardinal would be warned by this cursedstranger, who appeared to be his agent, and he judged, withreason, he had not a moment to lose.

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      "Oh, that's very well, young man," continued M. de Treville,"that's all very well. I know these airs; I myself came to Pariswith four crowns in my purse, and would have fought with anyonewho dared to tell me I was not in a condition to purchase theLouvre."

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       "Sir," cried she, "be kind, be clement, listen to my prayer!That knife, which the fatal prudence of the baron deprived me of,because he knows the use I would make of it! Oh, hear me to theend! that knife, give it to me for a minute only, for mercy's,for pity's sake! I will embrace your knees! You shall shut thedoor that you may be certain I contemplate no injury to you! MyGod! to you--the only just, good, and compassionate being I havemet with! To you--my preserver, perhaps! One minute that knife,one minute, a single minute, and I will restore it to you throughthe grating of the door. Only one minute, Mr. Felton, and youwill have saved my honor!"

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      "In that case," said Athos, "Planchet must receive sevenhundred livres for going, and seven hundred livres forcoming back; and Bazin, three hundred livres for going, andthree hundred livres for returning--that will reduce the sumto five thousand livres. We will each take a thousandlivres to be employed as seems good, and we will leave afund of a thousand livres under the guardianship of MonsieurAbbe here, for extraordinary occasions or common wants.Will that do?"

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    {  "Agreed!" shouted the three Musketeers in chorus.Each one, stretching out his hand to the bag, took his seventy-five pistoles, and make his preparations to set out at the timeappointed.

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      "Would you like to know?"}

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      "That person is here, madame," said the officer, leaving theentrance open, and drawing himself up in an attitude of respect.At the same time the door opened; a man appeared on thethreshold. He was without a hat, carried a sword, and flourisheda handkerchief in his hand.

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      "How so?" asked the Musketeer.

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       Athos allowed the cardinal to finish his sentence completely, andbowed in sign of assent. Then he resumed in his turn:"Discipline, Monseigneur, has, I hope, in no way been forgottenby us. We are not on duty, and we believed that not being onduty we were at liberty to dispose of our time as we pleased. Ifwe are so fortunate as to have some particular duty to performfor your Eminence, we are ready to obey you. Your Eminence mayperceive," continued Athos, knitting his brow, for this sort ofinvestigation began to annoy him, "that we have not come outwithout our arms."

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    {  "We are alone, sir," said Buckingham; "speak!"

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      "We went out. I took him to the Rue Payenne, to exactly the samespot where, a year before, at the very same hour, he had paid methe compliment I have related to you. It was a superb moonlightnight. We immediately drew, and at the first pass I laid himstark dead."