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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, let it be, then, as you have said, Monsieurd'Artagnan; we shall see each other again after thecampaign. I will have my eye upon you, for I shall bethere," replied the cardinal, pointing with his finger to amagnificent suit of armor he was to wear, "and on ourreturn, well--we will settle our account!"
2.  "Well?"
3.  "Still higher."
4.  "I will not promise," said Milady, "for no one has more respectfor a promise or an oath than I have; and if I make a promise Imust keep it."
5.  "That's well, Monsieur de Treville," said the cardinal;"pray let that napkin be sent to me. I will have threefleur-de-lis embroidered on it in gold, and will give it toyour company as a standard."
6.  "You would not, then, prefer a method," resumed D'Artagnan,"which would equally avenge you while rendering the combatuseless?"


1.  "What is it?" said the Musketeers.
2.  The messenger, without replying a single word, bowed, took theletter, with the order for the two hundred pistoles, and retired.Here is what the letter contained:
3.  "The cardinal pursues not only crimes," said she: "there are certainvirtues which he pursues more severely than certain offenses.""Permit me, madame, to express my surprise," said the abbess."At what?" said Milady, with the utmost ingenuousness."At the language you use."
4.  "And you will leave me then?"
5.  "Within two leagues of this place, at the inn of the RedDovecot."
6.  "Your Eminence may perceive that if we had not taken thisprecaution, we should have been exposed to allowing you to passwithout presenting you our respects or offering you our thanksfor the favor you have done us in uniting us. D'Artagnan,"continued Athos, "you, who but lately were so anxious for such anopportunity for expressing your gratitude to Monseigneur, here itis; avail yourself of it."


1.  "What, you are ignorant of Lord de Winter's designs upon me?""I am."
2.  "Yes, I know you are a man of a stout heart, monsieur," said thecardinal, with a voice almost affectionate; "I can therefore tell youbeforehand you shall be tried, and even condemned.""Another might reply to your Eminence that he had his pardon in hispocket. I content myself with saying: Command, monseigneur; I amready."
3.  "But he will not wish for only one harness."
4.  The valet went out with a mute promptitude which showed himaccustomed to obey blindly and without reply.
5.   "Ah," said D'Artagnan, "I did not see that; it was the sword ofthe Comte de Wardes which made that hole, when he gave me a goodthrust in the breast."
6.  "But that is not quite what I mean to ask you, Aramis,"replied Athos. "I want to know if you were left alone, andnobody interrupted


1.  "Without waiting for my coming out again?"
2.  "He and she."
3.  "I say that love is a lottery in which he who wins, wins death!You are very fortunate to have lost, believe me, my dearD'Artagnan. And if I have any counsel to give, it is, alwayslose!"
4、  "Come," said the king, "will you swear, by my father, that Athoswas at your residence during the event and that he took no partin it?"
5、  "Insolent!" cried Milady; and as if acted upon by a spring, shebounded toward the baron, who awaited her attack with his armscrossed, but nevertheless with one hand on the hilt of his sword."Come!" said he. "I know you are accustomed to assassinatepeople; but I warn you I shall defend myself, even against you.""You are right," said Milady. "You have all the appearance ofbeing cowardly enough to lift your hand against a woman.""Perhaps so; and I have an excuse, for mine would not be thefirst hand of a man that has been placed upon you, I imagine."And the baron pointed, with a slow and accusing gesture, to theleft shoulder of Milady, which he almost touched with his finger.Milady uttered a deep, inward shriek, and retreated to a cornerof the room like a panther which crouches for a spring."Oh, growl as much as you please," cried Lord de Winter, "butdon't try to bite, for I warn you that it would be to yourdisadvantage. There are here no procurators who regulatesuccessions beforehand. There is no knight-errant to come andseek a quarrel with me on account of the fair lady I detain aprisoner; but I have judges quite ready who will quickly disposeof a woman so shameless as to glide, a bigamist, into the bed ofLord de Winter, my brother. And these judges, I warn you, willsoon send you to an executioner who will make both your shouldersalike."




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      Richelieu, as everyone knows, had loved the queen. Was thislove a simple political affair, or was it naturally one ofthose profound passions which Anne of Austria inspired inthose who approached her? That we are not able to say; butat all events, we have seen, by the anterior developments ofthis story, that Buckingham had the advantage over him, andin two or three circumstances, particularly that of thediamond studs, had, thanks to the devotedness of the threeMusketeers and the courage and conduct of D'Artagnan,cruelly mystified him.

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      "Oh, you may even see her if you like, my dear Mr. O'Reilly.Your captivity shall be mild, be assured; and as everyinconvenience deserves its indemnification, here is, in additionto the price of the studs, an order for a thousand pistoles, tomake you forget the annoyance I cause you."

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       The abbess introduced them to each other. When this formality wasended, as her duties called her to chapel, she left the two young womenalone.

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      "Here!" said Milady, placing a bag full of louis in Felton'shands.

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    {  Porthos, abated, no doubt, of his too-great confidence byhis adventure of Chantilly, played with skill and prudence.Aramis, who had the third canto of his poem to finish,behaved like a man in haste.

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      "Come, come, Treville, hold your tongue," said the king."If his Eminence entertains any suspicion against one of myMusketeers," said Treville, "the justice of Monsieur the Cardinalis so well known that I demand an inquiry."

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      She rang the bell and Kitty appeared.

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       "The wine you prefer."

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    {  "Go along this corridor, down a little staircase, and you are in it.""Excellent; thank you!"

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      "You are right," cried the gentleman; "begone then, on your part,and I will depart as quickly on mine." And bowing to the lady,sprang into his saddle, while her coachman applied his whipvigorously to his horses. The two interlocutors thus separated,taking opposite directions, at full gallop.