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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The sweat started forth on Dantes brow. Until this day andfor how long a time! -- he had refrained from talking of thetreasure, which had brought upon the abbe the accusation ofmadness. With his instinctive delicacy Edmond had preferredavoiding any touch on this painful chord, and Faria had beenequally silent. He had taken the silence of the old man fora return to reason; and now these few words uttered byFaria, after so painful a crisis, seemed to indicate aserious relapse into mental alienation.
2.  "What I have said, I have said," answered Caderousse.
3.  A light yacht, chaste and elegant in its form, was glidingamidst the first dews of night over the immense lake,extending from Gibraltar to the Dardanelles, and from Tunisto Venice. The vessel resembled a swan with its wings openedtowards the wind, gliding on the water. It advanced swiftlyand gracefully, leaving behind it a glittering stretch offoam. By degrees the sun disappeared behind the westernhorizon; but as though to prove the truth of the fancifulideas in heathen mythology, its indiscreet rays reappearedon the summit of every wave, as if the god of fire had justsunk upon the bosom of Amphitrite, who in vain endeavored tohide her lover beneath her azure mantle. The yacht movedrapidly on, though there did not appear to be sufficientwind to ruffle the curls on the head of a young girl.Standing on the prow was a tall man, of a dark complexion,who saw with dilating eyes that they were approaching a darkmass of land in the shape of a cone, which rose from themidst of the waves like the hat of a Catalan. "Is that MonteCristo?" asked the traveller, to whose orders the yacht wasfor the time submitted, in a melancholy voice.
4.  "Well, sir, what do you require of me, and what document isit that you wish to be drawn up?" Valentine named all theletters of the alphabet until she came to W. At this letterthe eloquent eye of Noirtier gave her notice that she was tostop. "It is very evident that it is the letter W which M.Noirtier wants," said the notary. "Wait," said Valentine;and, turning to her grandfather, she repeated, "Wa -- We --Wi" -- The old man stopped her at the last syllable.Valentine then took the dictionary, and the notary watchedher while she turned over the pages. She passed her fingerslowly down the columns, and when she came to the word"Will," M. Noirtier's eye bade her stop. "Will," said thenotary; "it is very evident that M. Noirtier is desirous ofmaking his will."
5.  "No."
6.  "Possibly my father-in-law trusted to its generalnotoriety."


1.  "You see my position, madame," said Morrel, bestowing agrateful smile on Monte Cristo.
2.  Faria replied to this sarcasm with a glance of profoundcontempt. They went out. The turnkey closed the door behindthem.
3.  "`Luigi Vampa.'"
4.  "Yes; the road to Bayonne."
5.  "Yes," said Morrel, "it is true; I have but now left a housewhere death has just entered, to run to you."
6.  "Perhaps not," replied Danglars; "but I hear that he isambitions, and that's rather against him."


1.  "Give us a light," said the other bearer, "or I shall neverfind what I am looking for." The man with the torchcomplied, although not asked in the most polite terms.
2.  "To preserve it, sealed up as it is, doubtless," said theprocureur.
3.  "With one of the clamps of my bedstead; and this very toolhas sufficed me to hollow out the road by which I camehither, a distance of about fifty feet."
4.  "Oh, yes; oh, yes, I do indeed repent." And he struck hisbreast with his emaciated fist.
5.   "Yes," resolutely replied Noirtier. Morrel suffered anexclamation of horror and surprise to escape him. "Oh, sir,"said Villefort, arresting Maximilian by the arm, "if myfather, the inflexible man, makes this request, it isbecause he knows, be assured, that Valentine will beterribly revenged. Is it not so, father?" The old man made asign in the affirmative. Villefort continued: "He knows me,and I have pledged my word to him. Rest assured, gentlemen,that within three days, in a less time than justice woulddemand, the revenge I shall have taken for the murder of mychild will be such as to make the boldest heart tremble;"and as he spoke these words he ground his teeth, and graspedthe old man's senseless hand.
6.  "What day do you fix?" asked the president.


1.  "Ah, I know the way -- you get good sweetened rum overthere."
2.  Baptistin, without answering, approached the count, andpresented the letter. "Important and urgent," said he. Thecount opened the letter, and read: --
3.  "And you say that Dantes has gone to the Catalans?"
4、  "I do not yet know myself, neither is it necessary that youshould do so. `Lucullus dines with Lucullus,' that is quitesufficient." Bertuccio bowed, and left the room.
5、  "What happened to him?" asked the owner, with an air ofconsiderable resignation. "What happened to the worthycaptain?"




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      "You know how little I require," said the old man.

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      "Yes, monsieur; you are aware from whom I come?"

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       "You think, then, that I may rely on the count's promises?"

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      "Bah!" said Danglars, "a lad of his make was not born to beunhappy in love. You are laughing at him, Caderousse."

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    {  "The one in the dark blue coat?"

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      "That is another thing: he was recommended to me by a goodabbe, who may be deceived. Give him a direct invitation, butdo not ask me to present him. If he were afterwards to marryMademoiselle Danglars, you would accuse me of intrigue, andwould be challenging me, -- besides, I may not be theremyself."}

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      "Do you find any dazzling sensation before the eyes?"

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      "True," said the abbe, with a stifled sigh, "Mercedes itwas."

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       "Right, Dantes, quite right. I always knew you were a goodson."

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    {  "Frightful."

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      "Indeed? Pray tell me how it happened?"