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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No, Sherlock, no! That's the pinch. We have not. Ten papers weretaken from Woolwich. There were seven in the pocket of Cadogan West.The three most essential are gone- stolen, vanished. You must dropeverything, Sherlock. Never mind your usual petty puzzles of thepolice-court. It's a vital international problem that you have tosolve. Why did Cadogan West take the papers, where are the missingones, how did he die, how came his body where it was found, how canthe evil be set right? Find an answer to all these questions, andyou will have done good service for your country."
2.  The inspector seemed considerably relieved.
3.  "I used to have a billet at Coxon & Woodhouse's, of DraperGardens, but they were let in early in the spring through theVenezuelan loan, as no doubt you remember, and came a nasty cropper. Ihave been with them five years, and old Coxon gave me a ripping goodtestimonial when the smash came, but of course we clerks were allturned adrift, the twenty-seven of us. I tried here and tried there,but there were lots of other chaps on the same lay as myself, and itwas a perfect frost for a long time. I had been taking three poundsa week at Coxon's, and I had saved about seventy of them, but I soonworked my way through that and out at the other end. I was fairly atthe end of my tether at last and could hardly find the stamps toanswer the advertisements or the envelopes to stick them to. I hadworn out my boots paddling up office stairs, and I seemed just asfar from getting a billet as ever.
4.  "We had news of it just before you came. It has been found in thefront garden of an empty house in Campden House Road. It was brokeninto fragments. I am going round now to see it. Will you come?""Certainly. I must just take one look round." He examined the carpetand the window. "The fellow had either very long legs or was a mostactive man," said he. "With an area beneath, it was no mean feat toreach that window ledge and open that window. Getting back wascomparatively simple. Are you coming with us to see the remains ofyour bust, Mr. Harker?"
5.  "No short cuts, Josiah Amberley, Things must be done decently and inorder. What about it, Barker?"
6.  "Well, they ought to be, but they've had a lawsuit for some yearswhich has sucked the blood out of both of them, I fancy. Old Acton hassome claim on half Cunningham's estate, and the lawyers have been atit with both hands."


1.  "Certainly, Mr. Holmes."
2.  "Yes, indeed, Holmes."
3.  "What do you think of that, Holmes?" I had read the account aloud tohim, while he finished his breakfast.
4.  "Who locked the plans up that night?"
5.  Sterndale sat down with a gasp, overawed for, perhaps, the firsttime in his adventurous life. There was a calm assurance of power inHolmes's manner which could not be withstood. Our visitor stammeredfor a moment, his great hands opening and shutting in his agitation."What do you mean?" he asked at last. "If this is bluff upon yourpart, Mr. Holmes, you have chosen a bad man for your experiment. Letus have no more beating about the bush. What do you mean?""I will tell you," said Holmes, "and the reason why I tell you isthat I hope frankness may beget frankness. What the next step may bewill depend entirely upon the nature of your own defence.""My defence?"
6.  "There has been an inquest" said I, "and a good many fresh factshave come out. Looked at more closely, I should certainly say thatit was a curious case."


1.  "I think that I mentioned to you that the doctor kept a cheetahand a baboon. We had no feeling of security unless our doors werelocked."
2.  "I noticed it, Mr. Holmes, but you'll always find scratches rounda keyhole."
3.  "We met the dog-cart on the road. There was no one in it. We droveback to help the young lady."
4.  "'It is not worth your while to wait,' she went on. 'You can passthrough the door; no one hinders.' And then, seeing that I smiledand shook my head, she suddenly threw aside her constraint and madea step forward, with her hands wrang together. 'For the love ofHeaven!' she whispered, 'get away from here before it is too late!'"But I am somewhat headstrong by nature, and the more ready toengage in an affair when there is some obstacle in the way. Ithought of my fifty-guinea fee, of my wearisome journey, and of theunpleasant night which seemed to be before me. Was it all to go fornothing? Why should I slink away without having carried out mycommission, and without the payment which was my due? This womanmight, for all I knew, be a monomaniac. With a stout bearing,therefore, though her manner had shaken me more than I cared toconfess, I still shook my head and declared my intention ofremaining where I was. She was about to renew her entreaties when adoor slammed overhead, and the sound of several footsteps was heardupon the stairs. She listened for an instant, threw up her handswith a despairing gesture, and vanished as suddenly and as noiselesslyas she had come.
5.   It was a very large and high chamber, with carved oak ceiling, oakenpanelling, and a fine array of deer's heads and ancient weapons aroundthe walls. At the further end from the door was the high French windowof which we had heard. Three smaller windows on the right-hand sidefilled the apartment with cold winter sunshine. On the left was alarge, deep fireplace, with a massive, overhanging oak mantelpiece.Beside the fireplace was a heavy oaken chair with arms and crossbarsat the bottom. In and out through the open woodwork was woven acrimson cord, which was secured at each side to the crosspiecebelow. In releasing the lady, the cord had been slipped off her, butthe knots with which it had been secured still remained. These detailsonly struck our attention afterwards, for our thoughts were entirelyabsorbed by the terrible object which lay upon the tigerskin hearthrugin front of the fire.
6.  "In that case I shall continue my professional round. But Ishall come back in the evening at the hour you have mentioned, forI should like to see the solution of so tangled a business.""Very glad to see you. I dine at seven. There is a woodcock,I believe. By the way, in view of recent occurrences, perhaps Iought to ask Mrs. Hudson to examine its crop."


1.  "That's what I think," said he. "I know that every word is true, foryou have hardly said a word which I did not know. No one but anacrobat or a sailor could have got up to that bell-rope from thebracket, and no one but a sailor could have made the knots withwhich the cord was fastened to the chair. Only once had this lady beenbrought into contact with sailors, and that was on her voyage, andit was someone of her own class of life, since she was trying hardto shield him, and so showing that she loved him. You see how easyit was for me to lay my hands upon you when once I had started uponthe right trail."
2.  "This is the street," said he as we turned into a short thoroughfarelined with plain two-storied brick houses. "Ah, here is Simpson toreport."
3.  "Run away, little Jacky," said he, and he watched his son withloving eyes until he disappeared. "Now, Mr. Holmes," he continued whenthe boy was gone, "I really feel that I have brought you on a fool'serrand, for what can you possibly do save give me your sympathy? Itmust be an exceedingly delicate and complex affair from your pointof view."
4、  My answer was to rise from the table.
5、  Holmes sprang to his feet, all energy in an instant.




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      "Hullo!" cried the inspector, "where's he got to?"

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      "Ah! who? I would call your attention very particularly to twopoints. One is that the murdered man had an appointment with someoneat the pool, and that the someone could not have been his son, for hisson was away, and he did not know when he would return. The secondis that the murdered man was heard to cry 'Cooee!' before he knew thathis son had returned. Those are the crucial points upon which the casedepends. And now let us talk about George Meredith, if you please, andwe shall leave all minor matters until to-morrow."

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       "I have an inspector and two officers waiting at the frontdoor."

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      "I cannot see how such a message as this could inspire horror. Itseems to me to be rather grotesque than otherwise."

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    {  "A pathetic, futile, broken creature."

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      Again we saw the dim silhouette of a crouching man and the whiskof the small flame across the window as the signals were renewed. Theycame more rapidly than before- so rapid that it was hard to followthem.}

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      "In that case I shall come out to-morrow and talk it over withyou. Good-bye, and, above all, do not fret until you know that youreally have a cause for it."

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      An hour and a half had elapsed before the inspector returned alone."Mr. Holmes is walking up and down in the field outside," said he."He wants us all four to go up to the house together."

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       "One moment- one moment!" cried a querulous voice, and we lookedup to find a queer little old man, jerking and twitching in thedoorway. He was dressed in rusty black, with a very broad-brimmedtop-hat and a loose white necktie- the whole effect being that of avery rustic parson or of an undertaker's mute. Yet, in spite of hisshabby and even absurd appearance, his voice had a sharp crackle,and his manner a quick intensity which commanded attention."Who are you, sir, and by what right do you touch this gentleman'spapers?" he asked.

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    {  "Is this necessary, Sir Robert? Have you thought what you aredoing?" cried the woman.

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      "I was furious. My first idea was that I had been the victim of someabsurd practical joke. I packed my things, banged the hall door behindme, and set off for Esher, with my bag in my hand. I called at AllanBrothers', the chief land agents in the village, and found that it wasfrom this firm that the villa had been rented. It struck me that thewhole proceeding could hardly be for the purpose of making a fool ofme, and that the main object must be to get out of the rent. It islate in March, so quarter-day is at hand. But this theory would notwork. The agent was obliged to me for my warning, but told me that therent had been paid in advance. Then I made my way to town and calledat the Spanish embassy. The man was unknown there. After this I wentto see Melville, at whose house I had first met Garcia, but I foundthat he really knew rather less about him than I did. Finally when Igot your reply to my wire I came out to you, since I gather that youare a person who gives advice in difficult cases. But now, Mr.Inspector, I understand, from what you said when you entered the room,that you can carry the story on, and that some tragedy has occurred. Ican assure you that every word I have said is the truth, and thatoutside of what I have told you, I know absolutely nothing about thefate of this man. My only desire is to help the law in everypossible way."