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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Sherlock Holmes shook his head. "This young man could not talk aword of Greek. The lady could talk English fairly well. Inference-thatshe had been in England some little time, but he had not been inGreece."
2.  '3:30 A.M.
3.  It was an old acquaintance, Inspector Morton, of Scotland Yard,dressed in unofficial tweeds.
4.  Mortimer Tregennis considered earnestly for a moment.
5.  "Then it makes it the easier for me to propose that you shouldcome away with me for a week to the Continent."
6.  As to the arrest of John Mitton, the valet, it was a council ofdespair as an alternative to absolute inaction. But no case could besustained against him. He had visited friends in Hammersmith thatnight. The alibi was complete. It is true that he started home at anhour which should have brought him to Westminster before the time whenthe crime was discovered, but his own explanation that he had walkedpart of the way seemed probable enough in view of the fineness ofthe night. He had actually arrived at twelve o'clock, and appearedto be overwhelmed by the unexpected tragedy. He had always been ongood terms with his master. Several of the dead man's possessions-notably a small case of razors- had been found in the valet's boxes,but he explained that they had been presents from the deceased, andthe housekeeper was able to corroborate the story. Mitton had beenin Lucas's employment for three years. It was noticeable that Lucasdid not take Mitton on the Continent with him. Sometimes he visitedParis for three months on end, but Mitton was left in charge of theGodolphin Street house. As to the housekeeper, she had heard nothingon the night of the crime. If her master had a visitor he hadhimself admitted him.


1.  "How comes it that he is unknown?"
2.  I saw the old man throw up his arms, a terrible convulsion passedover his grim face, and he fell back in his chair. At the same instantthe bookcase at which Holmes pointed swung round upon a hinge, and awoman rushed out into the room. "You are right!" she cried, in astrange foreign voice. "You are right! I am here."
3.  "Yes."
4.  "On the face of it the case is not a very complex one, though itcertainly presents some novel and interesting features. A furtherknowledge of facts is necessary before I would venture to give a finaland definite opinion. By the way, Mr. Baynes, did you find anythingremarkable besides this note in your examination of the house?"The detective looked at my friend in a singular way.
5.  "Oh, anywhere. It's all the same to me."


1.  "Might I have one word with you alone?"
2.  "I can give it to you in a very few words, Mr. Holmes," said he atlast. "There are some things that are painful as well as difficultto say, so I won't go deeper than is needful. I met my wife when I wasgold-hunting in Brazil. Maria Pinto was the daughter of a governmentofficial at Manaos, and she was very beautiful. I was young and ardentin those days, but even now, as I look back with colder blood and amore critical eye, I can see that she was rare and wonderful in herbeauty. It was a deep rich nature, too, passionate, whole-hearted,tropical, ill-balanced, very different from the American women whomI had known. Well, to make a long story short, I loved her and Imarried her. It was only when the romance had passed- and itlingered for years- that I realized that we had nothing- absolutelynothing- in common. My love faded. If hers had faded also it mighthave been easier. But you know the wonderful way of women! Do what Imight, nothing could turn her from me. If I have been harsh to her,even brutal as some have said, it has been because I knew that if Icould kill her love, or if it turned to hate, it would be easier forboth of us. But nothing changed her. She adored me in those Englishwoods as she had adored me twenty years ago on the banks of theAmazon. Do what I might, she was as devoted as ever.
3.  "That is our signal," said Holmes, springing to his feet; "itcomes from the middle window."
4.  "You have nothing to add then, which could assist me?"
5.   "You have not unbacked them? How long have you had them?""They arrived last week."
6.  "Ah!"


1.  "There is really so little to tell. I have no doubt that wickedSusan had planned an entrance for them. They must have known the houseto an inch. I was conscious for a moment of the chloroform rag whichwas thrust over my mouth, but I have no notion how long I may havebeen senseless. When I woke, one man was at the bedside and anotherwas rising with a bundle in his hand from among my son's baggage,which was partially opened and littered over the floor. Before hecould get away I sprang up and seized him."
2.  "Did you dust this bureau yesterday morning?"
3.  "Then I will ask Sir James to step this way. He is at present in thecarriage outside the door. Meanwhile, Colonel Emsworth, we may perhapsassemble in your study, where I could give the necessaryexplanations."
4、  The lecturer unlocked the outer door and ushered us into his room.We stood at the entrance while Holmes made an examination of thecarpet.
5、  "Well, I can't possibly leave you."




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      "Oh! it's fine, is it?" growled the savage. "It won't be so damnfine if I have to trim you up a bit. I've handled your kind beforenow, and they didn't look fine when I was through with them. Look atthat, Masser Holmes!"

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      "It can't hurt now," was Mr. Sherlock Holmes's comment when, for thetenth time in as many years, I asked his leave to reveal the followingnarrative. So it was that at last I obtained permission to put onrecord what was, in some ways, the supreme moment of my friend'scareer.

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       "Perhaps we may make them less so."

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      "I am afraid," said I, "that the facts are so obvious that youwill find little credit to be gained out of this case.""There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact," he answered,laughing. "Besides, we may chance to hit upon some other obvious factswhich may have been by no means obvious to Mr. Lestrade. You know metoo well to think that I am boasting when I say that I shall eitherconfirm or destroy his theory by means which he is quite incapableof employing, or even of understanding. To take the first example tohand, I very clearly perceive that in your bedroom the window isupon the right-hand side, and yet I question whether Mr. Lestradewould have noted even so self-evident a thing as that.""How on earth-"

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    {  In town the earliest risers were just beginning to look sleepilyfrom their windows as we drove through the streets of the Surrey side,Passing down the Waterloo Bridge Road we crossed over the river, anddashing up Wellington Street wheeled sharply to the right and foundourselves in Bow Street. Sherlock Holmes was well known to theforce, and the two constables at the door saluted him. One of themheld the horse's head while the other led us in.

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      "There remained the third possibility, into which, rare and unlikelyas it was, everything seemed to fit. Leprosy is not uncommon inSouth Africa. By some extraordinary chance this youth might havecontracted it. His people would be placed in a very dreadful position,since they would desire to save him from segregation. Great secrecywould be needed to prevent rumours from getting about and subsequentinterference by the authorities. A devoted medical man, ifsufficiently paid, would easily be found to take chance of thesufferer. There would be no reason why the latter should not heallowed freedom after dark. Bleaching of the skin is a common resultof the disease. The case was a strong one- so strong that I determinedto act as if it were actually proved. When on arriving here Inoticed that Ralph, who carries out the meals, had gloves which areimpregnated with disinfectants, my last doubts were removed. Asingle word showed you, sir, that your secret was discovered, and if Iwrote rather than said it, it was to prove to you that my discretionwas to be trusted."}

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      "One moment," said Holmes; "are you sure about this whistle andmetallic sound? Could you swear to it?"

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      "I can hardly think that you would find many decent citizens toagree with you," I answered.

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       "No one else?"

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    {  My friend rubbed his thin hands together with an appearance ofavidity which was a surprise to me, who knew his frugal tastes."I fancy that I see your Grace's check-book upon the table," saidhe. "I should be glad if you would make me out a check for sixthousand pounds. It would be as well, perhaps, for you to cross it.The Capital and Counties Bank, Oxford Street branch are my agents."His Grace sat very stern and upright in his chair and looked stonilyat my friend.

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      "How do you prove that?"