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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Colonel Emsworth was not in his room, but he came quickly enoughon receipt of Ralph's message. We heard his quick, heavy step in thepassage. The door was flung open and he rushed in with bristling beardand twisted features, as terrible an old man as ever I have seen. Heheld our cards in his hand, and he tore them up and stamped on thefragments.
2.  "Quite true, Watson. The telegram still remains the only solid thingwith which we have to deal, and we must not permit our attention towander away from it. It is to gain light upon the purpose of thistelegram that we are now upon our way to Cambridge. The path of ourinvestigation is at present obscure, but I shall be very muchsurprised if before evening we have not cleared it up, or made aconsiderable advance along it."
3.  "Not at all. This gentleman, Mr. Wilson, has been my partnerand helper in many of my most successful cases, and I have nodoubt that he will be of the utmost use to me in yours also."The stout gentleman half rose from his chair and gave a bob ofgreeting, with a quick little questioning glance from his small,fat-encircled eyes.
4.  "'On the contrary,' I answered, 'I think it is fairly evident that Ido. Pray take a chair. I can spare you five minutes if you haveanything to say.'
5.  "It would appear so."
6.  "You hardly realize the effect of your own action, Mr. Holmes," saidhe. "You place me in a most serious dilemma, for I am perfectlycertain that you would be proud to take over the case if I couldgive you the facts, and yet a promise forbids me from revealing themall. May I, at least, lay all that I can before you?"


1.  "Oh, spare me, Mr. Holmes! Spare me!" she pleaded, in a frenzy ofsupplication. "For heaven's sake, don't tell him! I love him so! Iwould not bring one shadow on his life, and this I know would breakhis noble heart."
3.  "It was in this way, sir. You see me now with my back like a cameland my ribs all awry, but there was a time when Corporal Henry Woodwas the smartest man in the One Hundred and Seventeenth foot. Wewere in India, then, in cantonments, at a place we'll call Bhurtee.Barclay, who died the other day, was sergeant in the same company asmyself, and the belle of the regiment, ay, and the finest girl thatever had the breath of life between her lips, was Nancy Devoy, thedaughter of the colour-sergeant. There were two men that loved her,and one that she loved, and you'll smile when you look at this poorthing huddled before the fire and hear me say that it was for mygood looks that she loved me.
4.  "Good-bye, Susan. Paregoric is the stuff.... Now," he continued,turning suddenly from lively to severe when the door had closed behindthe flushed and angry woman, "this gang means business. Look how closethey play the game. Your letter to me had the 10 P.M. postmark. Andyet Susan passes the word to Barney. Barney has time to go to hisemployer and get instructions; he or she- I incline to the latter fromSusan's grin when she thought I had blundered- forms a plan. BlackSteve is called in, and I am warned off by eleven o'clock nextmorning. That's quick work, you know."
5.  "Precisely. What do you make of the other?"
6.  "That we go up at once and see for ourselves."


1.  "'And what salary do you ask?'
2.  "To Mr. Cunningham's?"
3.  "Then I think we had better hear their story at once."
4.  "And then in an instant the key of the riddle was in my hands, and Isaw that every third word, beginning with the first, would give amessage which might well drive old Trevor to despair.
5.   "Well, then," said Holmes with a mischievous twinkle, "I supposethat you have no objection to helping me?"
6.  "Who killed Colonel James Barclay, then?"


1.  "'What shall we give for it?'
2.  "Well, sir?" asked Holmes sternly.
4、  "What is it, Mr. Holmes? Have you a clue?"
5、  "What have you against him?"




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      "I wish to heavens that you would, Mr. Holmes. It's my first bigchance, and I am at my wit's end. For goodness' sake, come down andlend me a hand."

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      "I cannot imagine."

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       "'I shall come down in a carriage to meet you.'

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      I don't think that any of my adventures with Mr. Sherlock Holmesopened quite so abruptly, or so dramatically, as that which Iassociate with The Three Gables. I had not seen Holmes for some daysand had no idea of the new channel into which his activities hadbeen directed. He was in a chatty mood that morning, however, andhad just settled me into the well-worn low armchair on one side of thefire, while he had curled down with his pipe in his mouth upon theopposite chair, when our visitor arrived. If I had said that a madbull had arrived it would give a clearer impression of what occurred.The door had flown open and a huge negro had burst into the room. Hewould have been a comic figure if he had not been terrific, for he wasdressed in a very loud gray check suit with a flowing

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    {  "It's worth trying, Watson," said Holmes. "Of course, with a warrantwe could demand to see the counterfoils, but we have not reachedthat stage yet. I don't suppose they remember faces in so busy aplace. Let us venture it."

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      "But why do you follow me? What do you want?"}

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      "I was furious. My first idea was that I had been the victim of someabsurd practical joke. I packed my things, banged the hall door behindme, and set off for Esher, with my bag in my hand. I called at AllanBrothers', the chief land agents in the village, and found that it wasfrom this firm that the villa had been rented. It struck me that thewhole proceeding could hardly be for the purpose of making a fool ofme, and that the main object must be to get out of the rent. It islate in March, so quarter-day is at hand. But this theory would notwork. The agent was obliged to me for my warning, but told me that therent had been paid in advance. Then I made my way to town and calledat the Spanish embassy. The man was unknown there. After this I wentto see Melville, at whose house I had first met Garcia, but I foundthat he really knew rather less about him than I did. Finally when Igot your reply to my wire I came out to you, since I gather that youare a person who gives advice in difficult cases. But now, Mr.Inspector, I understand, from what you said when you entered the room,that you can carry the story on, and that some tragedy has occurred. Ican assure you that every word I have said is the truth, and thatoutside of what I have told you, I know absolutely nothing about thefate of this man. My only desire is to help the law in everypossible way."

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      "No, no, you would not. You are a gentleman. It is a woman'ssecret."

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       "Why," said my wife, pulling up her veil, "it is Kate Whitney. Howyou startled me, Kate! I had not an idea who you were when you camein."

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    {  "You think, sir, that unless this document is recovered there willbe war?"

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      "I had got into the way of supposing that you knew everythingwithout being told," said he. "But I will give you the facts, and Ihope to God that you will be able to tell me what they mean. I've beenawake all night puzzling my brain, and the more I think the moreincredible does it become.