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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Nov. 21st.
2.  "Mr. Sherlock Holmes?"
3.  The stonework was gray, But at this one point it showed white fora space not larger than a sixpence. When examined closely one couldsee that the surface was chipped as by a sharp blow.
4.  "But here also the ministers of justice were waiting. Knowing thathe would return there, Garcia, who is the son of the former highestdignitary in San Pedro, was waiting with two trusty companions ofhumble station, all three fired with the same reasons for revenge.He could do little during the day, for Murillo took every precautionand never went out save with his satellite Lucas, or Lopez as he wasknown in the days of his greatness. At night, however, he slept alone,and the avenger might find him. On a certain evening, which had beenprearranged, I sent my friend final instructions, for the man wasforever on the alert and continually changed his room. I was to seethat the doors were open and the signal of a green or white light in awindow which faced the drive was to give notice if all was safe orif the attempt had better be postponed.
5.  "The fact is, your Grace," said he, "that my colleague, Dr.Watson, and myself had an assurance from Dr. Huxtable that a rewardhad been offered in this case. I should like to have this confirmedfrom your own lips."
6.  "On the Tuesday, Peter Carey was in one of his blackest moods,flushed with drink and as savage as a dangerous wild beast. Heroamed about the house, and the women ran for it when they heard himcoming. Late in the evening, he went down to his own hut. About twoo'clock the following morning, his daughter, who slept with her windowopen, heard a most fearful yell from that direction, but it was nounusual thing for him to bawl and shout when he was in drink, so nonotice was taken. On rising at seven, one of the maids noticed thatthe door of the hut was open, but so great was the terror which theman caused that it was midday before anyone would venture down tosee what had become of him. Peeping into the open door, they saw asight which sent them flying, with white faces, into the village.Within an hour, I was on the spot and had taken over the case."Well, I have fairly steady nerves, as you know, Mr. Holmes, but Igive you my word, that I got a shake when I put my head into thatlittle house. It was droning like a harmonium with the flies andbluebottles, and the floor and walls were like a slaughter-house. Hehad called it a cabin, and a cabin it was, sure enough, for youwould have thought that you were in a ship. There was a bunk at oneend, a sea-chest, maps and charts, a picture of the Sea Unicorn, aline of logbooks on a shelf, all exactly as one would expect to findit in a captain's room. And there, in the middle of it, was the manhimself- his face twisted like a lost soul in torment, and his greatbrindled beard stuck upward in his agony. Right through his broadbreast a steel harpoon had been driven, and it had sunk deep intothe wood of the wall behind him. He was pinned like a beetle on acard. Of course, he was quite dead, and had been so from the instantthat he had uttered that last yell of agony.


1.  "I cannot say that I have."
2.  "You won't die in your bed, Holmes."
3.  "Water! For God's sake, water!" was his cry.
4.  "Well, you are in the right place for that. There is a deal of itlying about. But mind what I have told you about Sir Robert. He'sthe sort that strikes first and speaks afterwards. Keep clear of thepark."
5.  "'It was in this way. We had gone on the May Day for a roundvoyage of seven days, but a hogshead got loose and started one ofour plates, so that we had to put back into port for twelve hours. Ileft the ship and came home, thinking what a surprise it would befor my wife, and hoping that maybe she would be glad to see me sosoon. The thought was in my head as I turned into my own street and atthat moment a cab passed me, and there she was, sitting by the side ofFairbairn, the two chatting and laughing, with never a thought forme as I stood watching them from the footpath.
6.  "Eh? What was that?"


1.  "My dear fellow, there lies the problem. It is true that `ForMrs. Henry Baker' was printed upon a small card which was tied tothe bird's left leg, and it is also true that the initials `H. B.'are legible upon the lining of this hat; but as there are somethousands of Bakers, and some hundreds of Henry Bakers in thiscity of ours, it is not easy to restore lost property to any oneof them."
2.  "'What shall we give for it?'
3.  "And how far from the edge of the wood?"
4.  "And also unfrocked."
5.   "By Jove! that's true," said the detective. "Now that I come tothink of it, Dr. Barnicot's bust was broken not far from his red lamp.Well, Mr. Holmes, what are we to do with that fact?"
6.  "So I read it."


1.  "Well, ma'am, I was comin' in to ask if the visitors was stayin' forlunch when this man jumped out at me."
2.  "My dear fellow, pray come in."
3.  Holmes smiled, and clapped Lestrade upon the shoulder.
4、  "'"On the contrary, I think that we have both shown extraordinarypatience towards him," I answered.
5、  It read like a love affair, an assignation, though when and wherewere a blank. The constable replaced it in the card-case andreturned it with the other things to the pockets of the Burberry.Then, as nothing more suggested itself, I walked back to my housefor breakfast, having first arranged that the base of the cliffsshould be thoroughly searched.




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      "That is final. Then someone came into your room and placed thepistol there in order to inculpate you."

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      "Where could I have it safer? If we could take it out of Whitehallsomeone else could surely take it out of my lodgings."

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      "No, I can't say I was."

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    {  "My dear fellow, you know my methods."

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      Holmes laughed good-naturedly.}

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      "Each member of the Cabinet was informed of it yesterday, but thepledge of secrecy which attends every Cabinet meeting was increased bythe solemn warning which was given by the Prime Minister. Goodheavens, to think that within a few hours I should myself have lostit!" His handsome face was distorted with a spasm of despair, andhis hands tore at his hair. For a moment we caught a glimpse of thenatural man, impulsive, ardent, keenly sensitive. The next thearistocratic mask was replaced, and the gentle voice had returned."Besides the members of the Cabinet there are two, or possiblythree, departmental officials who know of the letter. No one else inEngland, Mr. Holmes, I assure you."

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      "Well, about Victor Savage's death. You as good as admitted just nowthat you had done it. I'll forget it."

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       "None, unless the little man with the beard acted as such. Heseemed, however, to be quite a superior person."

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    {  "'The governor is dying,' were the first words he said."'Impossible!' I cried. 'What is the matter?'

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      "Anything else?" I asked, for Holmes was turning the pipe about inhis hand and staring at it in his peculiar pensive way.He held it up and tapped on it with his long, thin forefinger, asa professor might who was lecturing on a bone.