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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The young man cast a glance at the first musket and saw,with a certain degree of inquietude, that it was leveled inhis direction; but as soon as he perceived that the orificeof the barrel was motionless, he threw himself upon theground. At the same instant the gun was fired, and he heardthe whistling of a ball pass over his head.
2.  "People, in general," he said, "only ask advice not tofollow it; or if they do follow it, it is for the sake ofhaving someone to blame for having given it."
3.  But the real adieux were made in Mme. Coquenard's chamber;they were heartrending.
4.  D'Artagnan sank on his knees and prayed.
5.  "All sorts of misfortunes."
6.  "The aid of a gentleman, not the watchfulness of a spy.""The word is rather hard."


1.  Besides, the woman wore that black mantle which D'Artagnan couldstill see outlined on the shutter of the Rue de Vaugirard and onthe door of the Rue de la Harpe; still further, the man wore theuniform of a Musketeer.
2.  "Well, what is the matter?" asked the young lieutenant."You told me to open the door if I heard anyone cry out," saidthe soldier; "but you forgot to leave me the key. I heard youcry out, without understanding what you said. I tried to openthe door, but it was locked inside; then I called the sergeant.""And here I am," said the sergeant.
3.  "Monsieur the Duke," said M. de Treville, "I was so confident ofyour loyalty that I required no other defender before his Majestythan yourself. I find that I have not been mistaken, and I thankyou that there is still one man in France of whom may be said,without disappointment, what I have said of you.""That's well said," cried the king, who had heard all thesecompliments through the open door; "only tell him, Treville,since he wishes to be considered your friend, that I also wish tobe one of his, but he neglects me; that it is nearly three yearssince I have seen him, and that I never do see him unless I sendfor him. Tell him all this for me, for these are things which aking cannot say for himself."
4.  The young man pressed her to his heart.
5.  "You, to be sure!" said D'Artagnan, pressing Athos's hand."You know the interest we both take in this poor littleMadame Bonacieux. Besides, Kitty will tell nothing; willyou, Kitty? You understand, my dear girl," continuedD'Artagnan, "she is the wife of that frightful baboon yousaw at the door as you came in."
6.  A cold sweat burst from the brow of Milady.


1.  But the knife had fortunately, we ought to say skillfully, comein contact with the steel busk, which at that period, like acuirass, defended the chests of women. It had glided down it,tearing the robe, and had penetrated slantingly between the fleshand the ribs. Milady's robe was not the less stained with bloodin a second.
2.  "And did the mercer,"* rejoined Athos, "tell you, D'Artagnan,that the queen thought that Buckingham had been brought over by aforged letter?"
3.  Mme. Bonacieux and the duke entered the Louvre withoutdifficulty. Mme. Bonacieux was known to belong to the queen; theduke wore the uniform of the Musketeers of M. de Treville, who,as we have said, were that evening on guard. Besides, Germainwas in the interests of the queen; and if anything should happen,Mme. Bonacieux would be accused of having introduced her loverinto the Louvre, that was all. She took the risk upon herself.Her reputation would be lost, it is true; but of what value inthe world was the reputation of the little wife of a mercer?Once within the interior of the court, the duke and the youngwoman followed the wall for the space of about twenty-five steps.This space passed, Mme. Bonacieux pushed a little servants' door,open by day but generally closed at night. The door yielded.Both entered, and found themselves in darkness; but Mme.Bonacieux was acquainted with all the turnings and windings ofthis part of the Louvre, appropriated for the people of thehousehold. She closed the door after her, took the duke by thehand, and after a few experimental steps, grasped a balustrade,put her foot upon the bottom step, and began to ascend thestaircase. The duke counted two stories. She then turned to theright, followed the course of a long corridor, descended aflight, went a few steps farther, introduced a key into a lock,opened a door, and pushed the duke into an apartment lighted onlyby a lamp, saying, "Remain here, my Lord Duke; someone willcome." She then went out by the same door, which she locked, sothat the duke found himself literally a prisoner.Nevertheless, isolated as he was, we must say that the Duke ofBuckingham did not experience an instant of fear. One of thesalient points of his character was the search for adventures anda love of romance. Brave, rash, and enterprising, this was notthe first time he had risked his life in such attempts. He hadlearned that the pretended message from Anne of Austria, upon thefaith of which he had come to Paris, was a snare; but instead ofregaining England, he had, abusing the position in which he hadbeen placed, declared to the queen that he would not departwithout seeing her. The queen had at first positively refused;but at length became afraid that the duke, if exasperated, wouldcommit some folly. She had already decided upon seeing him andurging his immediate departure, when, on the very evening ofcoming to this decision, Mme. Bonacieux, who was charged withgoing to fetch the duke and conducting him to the Louvre, wasabducted. For two days no one knew what had become of her, andeverything remained in suspense; but once free, and placed incommunication with Laporte, matters resumed their course, and sheaccomplished the perilous enterprise which, but for her arrest,would have been executed three days earlier.
4.  "But, monseigneur, I know nothing about them; I have never seenher."
5.   To the lions the martyr be thrown!
6.  Dec. 3, 1627


1.  "'Where has he gone?' asked Monsieur de Cavois.
2.  "In that case you will not get beyond Bondy. I tell you so, bythe faith of De Treville."
3.  "Rich? Richest, my dear fellow!"
4、  "Oh, when I said I was alone," said Milady, hoping to make the novicetalk by talking of herself, "it is not for want of friends in highplaces; but these friends themselves tremble before the cardinal. Thequeen herself does not dare to oppose the terrible minister. I haveproof that her Majesty, notwithstanding her excellent heart, has morethan once been obliged to abandon to the anger of his Eminence personswho had served her."
5、  Anne of Austria stretched forth her hand, closing her eyes, andleaning with the other upon Estafania, for she felt that herstrength was about to fail her.




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      "Yes; I."

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      "The devil!" murmured the king; "what must be done?""Sign an order for his release, and all will be said," repliedthe cardinal. "I believe with your Majesty that Monsieur deTreville's guarantee is more than sufficient."

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       "Again!" said D'Artagnan, whose ears chafed terribly under therepetition of this word COINERs.

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      "Oh, my Lord!" said Laporte.

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    {  "Judge not rashly, say the gospel and the cardinal," repliedAthos. "How many guns, gentlemen?"

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      "Change these lackeys," said he; "she has spoken to them. They are nolonger sure."}

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      "I have five hundred pistoles, or thereabouts."

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      "The day after that, you received a visit from Cavois,"resumed the cardinal. "He went to desire you to come to thepalace. You have not returned that visit, and you werewrong."

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       All the city was agitated by an extraordinary movement. Fourlarge vessels, recently built, had just been launched. At theend of the jetty, his clothes richly laced with gold, glittering,as was customary with him, with diamonds and precious stones, hishat ornamented with a white feather which drooped upon hisshoulder, Buckingham was seen surrounded by a staff almost asbrilliant as himself.

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    {  "Yes, we. Besides, we are men; and everything considered,it is our lot to risk our lives; but she," asked he, in anundertone.

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      "It is only to poets that such things happen," said Athos,gravely.