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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  It was a quarter past midday. The sun was in its zenith, and thespot chosen for the scene of the duel was exposed to its fullardor.
2.  "Certainly not! They will then fancy it is an ambuscade,they will deliberate; and by the time they have found outthe pleasantry, we shall be out of the range of their balls.That renders it useless to get a pleurisy by too muchhaste."
3.  This time, without knowing why, D'Artagnan felt a cold shiver runthrough his veins. Perhaps the cold began to affect him, and hetook a perfectly physical sensation for a moral impression.Then the idea seized him that he had read incorrectly, and thatthe appointment was for eleven o'clock. He drew near to thewindow, and placing himself so that a ray of light should fallupon the letter as he held it, he drew it from his pocket andread it again; but he had not been mistaken, the appointment wasfor ten o'clock. He went and resumed his post, beginning to berather uneasy at this silence and this solitude.
4.  He then went straight to the door and knocked, murmuring, "I willgo myself and be caught in the mousetrap, but woe be to the catsthat shall pounce upon such a mouse!"
5.  "But who is she?"
6.  "You must be gone!" said Porthos; "and if the cardinal asksfor you, what answer can we make?"


1.  "But, my Reverend-" replied Aramis, a little amazed by the showerof arguments that poured upon his head.
2.  "Oh, my God!" said Kitty, "you know how to represent thingsin such a way that you are always in the right. You aregoing now to pay your court to her again, and if this timeyou succeed in pleasing her in your own name and with yourown face, it will be much worse than before."
3.  "Plague stifle you and your Latin!" said D'Artagnan, who began tofeel all his patience exhausted.
4.  D'Artagnan opened it, and as the day was beginning to decline, heapproached the window to read it. The citizen followed him."'Do not seek your wife,'" read D'Artagnan; "'she will berestored to you when there is no longer occasion for her. If youmake a single step to find her you are lost.'
5.  "And you say that one of your friends lives in that house?""I say so, and I repeat it for the third time; that house is oneinhabited by my friend, and that friend is Aramis.""All this will be cleared up at a later period," murmured theyoung woman; "no, monsieur, be silent."
6.  The heart of the young man overflowed with joy. An opportunitypresented itself to him in which there would be at the same timeglory to be acquired, and money to be gained; and as a far higherencouragement, it brought him into close intimacy with a woman headored. This chance did, then, for him at once more than hewould have dared to ask of Providence.


1.  Milady mounted upon a chair and passed the upper part of her bodythrough the window. She saw the young officer suspended over theabyss by a ladder of ropes. For the first time an emotion ofterror reminded her that she was a woman.
2.  He had not gone twenty steps before he became convinced that thewoman was really Mme. Bonacieux and that the man was Aramis.He felt at that instant all the suspicions of jealousy agitatinghis heart. He felt himself doubly betrayed, by his friend and byher whom he already loved like a mistress. Mme. Bonacieux haddeclared to him, by all the gods, that she did not know Aramis;and a quarter of an hour after having made this assertion, hefound her hanging on the arm of Aramis.
3.  "Well!" resumed Mme. Bonacieux, in a voice almost caressing, andpressing the hand of D'Artagnan, who had not relinquished hers,"well: I will not say as much as you do; what is lost for todaymay not be lost forever. Who knows, when I shall be at liberty,that I may not satisfy your curiosity?"
4.  She passed an hour without breathing, panting, with a cold sweatupon her brow, and her heart oppressed by frightful agony atevery movement she heard in the corridor.
5.   "The devil!" cried D'Artagnan.
6.  Porthos fancied they were mystifying him, and began to curlhis mustache and knit his eyebrows; but the knee of Mme.Coquenard gently advised him to be patient.


1.  Milady and Rochefort exchanged a smile and separated. An hour afterwardRochefort set out at a grand gallop; five hours after that he passedthrough Arras.
2.  At the end of a quarter of an hour, however, surprised at thelength of the journey, she leaned forward toward the door to seewhither she was being conducted. Houses were no longer to beseen; trees appeared in the darkness like great black phantomschasing one another. Milady shuddered.
3.  "Well, then, I repeat, you are wrong. What is the use of onehorse for us two? I could not ride behind. We should look likethe two sons of Anmon, who had lost their brother. You cannotthink of humiliating me by prancing along by my side on thatmagnificent charger. For my part, I should not hesitate amoment; I should take the hundred pistoles. We want money forour return to Paris."
4、  "Himself!"
5、  "Upon my honor," said Rochefort, "it takes you, my dear countess, toperform such miracles!"




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      "One last favor, my Lord!" said he to the baron.

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      "How did it come about?"

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      "Then she is dead?" stammered D'Artagnan.

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    {  "Zounds, monsieur! Because he had boasted that he wouldperforate the stranger with whom you left him in dispute; whereasthe stranger, on the contrary, in spite of all his rodomontadesquickly threw him on his back. As Monsieur Porthos is a veryboastful man, he insists that nobody shall know he has receivedthis wound except the duchess, whom he endeavored to interest byan account of his adventure."

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      "Two hours passed away without anything fresh happening. Oh, myGod! who could have said so the evening before? I began to fearthat he would not come.}

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      "Oh, a day and night soon pass away. Let us return to the objectthat brings me here."

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      "And whose room is this, my dear child?"

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       Vous qui pleurez!"

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    {  "And I mine," said Aramis.

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      Then he placed her in the boat, and as he was going to set foot in ithimself, Athos handed him a sum of silver.