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3.It's hard enough for NBA defenders to stop Rose, so just imagine how ridiculously hard that must have been back in high school with Rose being nearly the same size that he is now.
4.But we at The BostonConsulting Group believe that the current dip in China’s growth will not endureand that, under Xi’s leadership, China’s economy is destined to continuegrowing at a rapid clip. In fact, we are confident last week’s reforms willcontribute mightily to China’s growth between now and 2020. We stand by our base case forecast that China will deliver trillion in growth over the next decade and combine with India to deliver a trillion prize — an economic powerhouse driven by booming middle classconsumption and growing overall optimism. No one can perfectly forecastthe future … and in our book we describe scenarios where growthslows. But we remain optimistic and positive about China’s future.


1.adv. 严格地
2.单词combat 联想记忆:
3.[di'rekt?, dai'rekt?]
4.Along with her friend Chloe, Max is out to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber. With an indie-film feel and an eclectic soundtrack, Life Is Strange stands out from other games by blending the angst of being a teenage girl today with life-and-death situations, and the ability to rewind time. While this gameplay mechanic has been used in many games before, this take on time manipulation feels as unique as the American characters the French developer has created.
5.Attractions: Food, culture and scary stories
6.The FORBES Global 2000 is a comprehensive list of the world’s largest, most powerful public companies, as measured by revenues, profits, assets and market value.


4.4. Manufacturing won't save the economy.
5. 8、苹果发布会
6.节目13 歌曲《嫦娥》,李玉刚 景海鹏 刘旺 刘洋


1.1. “Timbuktu”(Abderrahmane Sissako)




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    单词combat 联想记忆:

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     n. 非法移民

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    {Many grand and spectacular museums are located in picturesque cities like Bruges, Antwerp and Brussels. Art lovers can fully engage themselves in the numerous treasures dating back to the medieval period. Exploring the quiet towns and appreciating their Gothic architecture is also an opportunity not to be missed. As the hometown of the world’s best beers, chocolates and fries, everyone can be a gourmet here. With the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I approaching, Belgium is set to draw many tourists in the coming years.

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    Roth, 60, is a professor at Harvard University in Boston. Shapley, 89, is a professor emeritus at University of California Los Angeles.}

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    13. “Girlhood” (Céline Sciamma)

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    {'If global demand picks up in the developed world, and you combine that with the growth in the emerging economies, I think the market is going to get tight,' he said, which means those mighty peaks could return to the oil-price graph.

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    伦敦商学院的MBA课程位列欧洲第一,与美国哥伦比亚商学院(Columbia Business School)合办的EMBA课程位列第三,管理硕士课程首次参与排名就跻身前10名。参与管理硕士课程排名是伦敦商学院夺得欧洲榜首的关键因素。