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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You jest!" said she, in a hollow voice.
2.  The queen's paleness, if possible, increased; the king perceivedit, and enjoyed it with that cold cruelty which was one of theworst sides of his character.
3.  "I answer for Bazin," said Aramis.
4.  This policy of Louis XIII made Richelieu smile.
5.  The young men filled up their third of a glass with water;then, when they had drunk half the glass, they filled it upagain, and continued to do so. This brought them, by theend of the repast, to swallowing a drink which from thecolor of the ruby had passed to that of a pale topaz.Porthos ate his wing of the fowl timidly, and shuddered whenhe felt the knee of the procurator's wife under the table,as it came in search of his. He also drank half a glass ofthis sparingly served wine, and found it to be nothing butthat horrible Montreuil--the terror of all expert palates.M. Coquenard saw him swallowing this wine undiluted, andsighed deeply.
6.  significantly, "that it was I who came to seek you, and thatI did all in my power to prevent this misfortune befallingyou."


1.  "Yes; he struck his pocket and said, 'We shall see what Monsieurde Treville will think of this insult offered to his protege.'""Monsieur de Treville?" said the stranger, becoming attentive,"he put his hand upon his pocket while pronouncing the name ofMonsieur de Treville? Now, my dear host, while your young manwas insensible, you did not fail, I am quite sure, to ascertainwhat that pocket contained. What was there in it?""A letter addressed to Monsieur de Treville, captain of theMusketeers."
2.  "Rather say that you have a new love."
3.  "What!" said he, "you have just lost one woman, whom youcall good, charming, perfect; and here you are, runningheadlong after another."
4.  "Why, my companion. She who out of friendship for me wished to take mefrom my persecutors. She who, mistaking you for the cardinal's Guards,has just fled away."
5.  "What is that?"
6.  And now that we are acquainted, superficially at least, with themasters and the valets, let us pass on to the dwellings occupiedby each of them.


1.  "Have you not said that that abduction was entirely political?""Yes; but that abduction had for its object the betrayal of mymistress, to draw from me by torture confessions that mightcompromise the honor, and perhaps the life, of my augustmistress."
2.  He passed along the same corridor as before, crossed one court,then a second side of a building; at length, at the gate of theentrance court he found a carriage surrounded by four guards onhorseback. They made him enter this carriage, the officer placedhimself by his side, the door was locked, and they were left in arolling prison. The carriage was put in motion as slowly as afuneral car. Through the closely fastened windows the prisonercould perceive the houses and the pavement, that was all; but,true Parisian as he was, Bonacieux could recognize every streetby the milestones, the signs, and the lamps. At the moment ofarriving at St. Paul--the spot where such as were condemned atthe Bastille were executed--he was near fainting and crossedhimself twice. He thought the carriage was about to stop there.The carriage, however, passed on.
3.  On his part, the cardinal was not behind the king in thisrespect. When he saw the formidable and chosen body with whichLouis XIII had surrounded himself, this second, or rather thisfirst king of France, became desirous that he, too, should havehis guard. He had his Musketeers therefore, as Louis XIII hadhis, and these two powerful rivals vied with each other inprocuring, not only from all the provinces of France, but evenfrom all foreign states, the most celebrated swordsmen. It wasnot uncommon for Richelieu and Louis XIII to dispute over theirevening game of chess upon the merits of their servants. Eachboasted the bearing and the courage of his own people. Whileexclaiming loudly against duels and brawls, they excited themsecretly to quarrel, deriving an immoderate satisfaction orgenuine regret from the success or defeat of their owncombatants. We learn this from the memoirs of a man who wasconcerned in some few of these defeats and in many of thesevictories.
4.  D'Artagnan and Planchet followed the gentleman at a distance offive hundred paces. Once outside the city, D'Artagnan overtookthe gentleman as he was entering a little wood.
6.  "Here they are! My God!"


1.  And she made a sign for Kitty to leave the room.
2.  "I would rather have had a hat," said D'Artagnan. "Mine wascarried away by a ball. By my faith, it is very fortunate thatthe letter was not in it."
3.  But no one entered except two or three marines, who brought hertrunks and packages, deposited them in a corner, and retiredwithout speaking.
4、  To death we can aspire."
5、  "Well, I will take it, then," said D'Artagnan.




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      The queen took the two hands of the young woman with a burst ofemotion, gazed at her as if to read her very heart, and seeingnothing but sincerity in her beautiful eyes, embraced hertenderly.

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       He thought that, beginning to be afraid, they had stayedbehind, and he continued to advance.

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      "Ah! You resist, do you?" cried Jussac.

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    {  Some minutes after, the superior of the convent sent to inform theMusketeers that the burial would take place at midday. As to thepoisoner, they had heard no tidings of her whatever, only that she musthave made her escape through the garden, on the sand of which herfootsteps could be traced, and the door of which had been found shut.As to the key, it had disappeared.

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      D'Artagnan fell at the feet of the cardinal.

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      "My dear Athos, we are enveloped in a network of spies. Anddo you believe he knew you again, Kitty?"

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       "Has anyone an interest in preventing your arrival there?""The cardinal, I believe, would give the world to prevent mysuccess."

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    {  The door opened gently; the beautiful supplicant pretended not tohear the noise, and in a voice broken by tears, she continued:"God of vengeance! God of goodness! wilt thou allow thefrightful projects of this man to be accomplished?"Then only she pretended to hear the sound of Felton's steps, andrising quick as thought, she blushed, as if ashamed of beingsurprised on her knees.

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      "Doubtless. Has he not seen Monsieur d'Artagnan at my house?""Oh, yes, yes; you are right. Thus all may go well--all may be for thebest; but we do not go far from this place?"