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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Hurstwood was charmed by the development of the fact that thegirl had capabilities. There is nothing so inspiring in life asthe sight of a legitimate ambition, no matter how incipient. Itgives colour, force, and beauty to the possessor.
2.  "One of those fellows on the Fifth Avenue line must have had ahell of a time, according to the papers," drawled another. "Theybroke his car windows and pulled him off into the street 'forethe police could stop 'em."
3.  "Do you suppose the boat will sail promptly?" asked Jessica, "ifit keeps up like this?"
4.  "You must bring the girl down and take dinner with me," he said."I'm afraid you keep her cooped up out there. I'll get a box forJoe Jefferson."
5.  As she dressed with a flutter, in her little stage room, hearingthe voices outside, seeing Mr. Quincel hurrying here and there,noting Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Hoagland at their nervous work ofpreparation, seeing all the twenty members of the cast movingabout and worrying over what the result would be, she could nothelp thinking what a delight this would be if it would endure;how perfect a state, if she could only do well now, and then sometime get a place as a real actress. The thought had taken amighty hold upon her. It hummed in her ears as the melody of anold song.
6.  "We are going to see Charlie, aren't we?" she asked.


1.  He frowned as he thought of their ignorance.
2.  She could not help sharing in Lola's love for a good time. Therewere days when they went carriage riding, nights when after theshow they dined, afternoons when they strolled along Broadway,tastefully dressed. She was getting in the metropolitan whirl ofpleasure.
3.  "I haven't, either," she answered.
4.  Caroline, or Sister Carrie, as she had been half affectionatelytermed by the family, was possessed of a mind rudimentary in itspower of observation and analysis. Self-interest with her washigh, but not strong. It was, nevertheless, her guidingcharacteristic. Warm with the fancies of youth, pretty with theinsipid prettiness of the formative period, possessed of a figurepromising eventual shapeliness and an eye alight with certainnative intelligence, she was a fair example of the middleAmerican class--two generations removed from the emigrant. Bookswere beyond her interest--knowledge a sealed book. In theintuitive graces she was still crude. She could scarcely tossher head gracefully. Her hands were almost ineffectual. Thefeet, though small, were set flatly. And yet she was interestedin her charms, quick to understand the keener pleasures of life,ambitious to gain in material things. A half-equipped littleknight she was, venturing to reconnoitre the mysterious city anddreaming wild dreams of some vague, far-off supremacy, whichshould make it prey and subject--the proper penitent, grovellingat a woman's slipper.
5.  "A little," said Carrie.
6.  "Not as anything in particular," she faltered.


1.  "Nobody knows us down there," said one, a gentleman whose facewas a slight improvement over gross ignorance and sensuality. Healways wore a silk hat of most imposing proportions. "We canhave a good time." His left eye moved with just the semblance ofa wink. "You want to come along, George."
2.  "Oh, come off! Here."
3.  It had been tacitly understood beforehand that she was to getwork and pay her board. He was of a clean, saving disposition,and had already paid a number of monthly instalments on two lotsfar out on the West Side. His ambition was some day to build ahouse on them.
4.  "My friend," he said, recognising even in his plight the man'sinferiority, "is there anything about this hotel that I could getto do?"
5.   At home was Hurstwood, daily giving her cause for thought. Heseemed to get nothing to do, and yet he made bold to inquire howshe was getting along. The regularity with which he did thissmacked of some one who was waiting to live upon her labour. Nowthat she had a visible means of support, this irritated her. Heseemed to be depending upon her little twelve dollars.
6.  "Very well," said Cargill, troubled for something to talk about."Stopping here?"


1.  He saw some energetic charging by the police and arrests beingmade.
2.  They went to look at it. Carrie had saved ten dollars from herexpenditures--enough for this and her board beside. Her enlargedsalary would not begin for ten days yet--would not reach her forseventeen. She paid half of the six dollars with her friend.
3.  "I got some lard," he would add, as an afterthought. "I thoughtmaybe you might want to make some biscuit."
4、  "Oh, it's not very far from here," answered Minnie. "It's inHalstead Street, right up here."
5、  For the most part there was silence; gaunt men shuffling,glancing, and beating their arms.




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      Summoning all his courage, he crossed to Broadway and up to theBroadway Central hotel. Within a block he halted, undecided. Abig, heavy-faced porter was standing at one of the sideentrances, looking out. Hurstwood purposed to appeal to him.Walking straight up, he was upon him before he could turn away.

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      A carriage went jingling by with some reclining figure in it.One of the men nearest the door saw it.

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       "Aw, I haven't anything of the kind," he answered.

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      "Butter is awful dear these days," he suggested.

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    {  "Yes," said Carrie.

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      Drouet resolved then and there that he would take more interestin such matters. So when he got back to Chicago he repaired tohis local lodge headquarters.}

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      She took the letter the next morning, and at the corner droppedit reluctantly into the letter-box, still uncertain as to whethershe should do so or not. Then she took the car and went downtown.

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      In the rosy restaurant, filled with the merry lovers of latehours, she found herself criticising this man. He was toostilted, too self-opinionated. He did not talk of anything thatlifted her above the common run of clothes and material success.When it was all over, he smiled most graciously.

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       Idleness, however, and the sight of the company, backed by thepolice, triumphing, angered the men. They saw that each day morecars were going on, each day more declarations were being made bythe company officials that the effective opposition of thestrikers was broken. This put desperate thoughts in the minds ofthe men. Peaceful methods meant, they saw, that the companieswould soon run all their cars and those who had complained wouldbe forgotten. There was nothing so helpful to the companies aspeaceful methods.All at once they blazed forth, and for a week there was storm andstress. Cars were assailed, men attacked, policemen struggledwith, tracks torn up, and shots fired, until at last streetfights and mob movements became frequent, and the city wasinvested with militia.

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    {  On the second floor were the managerial offices, to which, aftersome inquiry, she was now directed. There she found other girlsahead of her, applicants like herself, but with more of thatself-satisfied and independent air which experience of the citylends; girls who scrutinised her in a painful manner. After await of perhaps three-quarters of an hour, she was called inturn.

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      "A full house!" said the youth, spreading out his cards.