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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I thought you had gone with Pearl," she said to her lover.
2.  Lord! what was that? For the first time he was tense, as if astern hand had been laid upon his shoulder. He looked fearfullyaround. Not a soul was present. Not a sound. Some one wasshuffling by on the sidewalk. He took the box and the money andput it back in the safe. Then he partly closed the door again.
3.  "Why don't you stay down town and go to the theatre with me?" hesaid, hitching his chair closer. The table was not very wide.
4.  He smiled when he saw that she took him seriously, and he thoughtwhat a chance it would afford for a possible junket of a week ortwo. He had a notion to tell her that he was joking and so brushaway her sweet seriousness, but the effect of it was toodelightful. He let it stand.
5.  On Tuesday it was the same way. He did manage to bring himselfinto the mood to go out to Carrie, but when he got in Ogden Placehe thought he saw a man watching him and went away. He did notgo within a block of the house.
6.  "Why, Mrs. Wheeler," said Mrs. Vance, looking Carrie over in aglance, "where have you been? Why haven't you been to see me?I've been wondering all this time what had become of you.Really, I----"


1.  He scratched his head and prepared to go down town. He was stillfrowning. As he came into the hall he encountered the girl, whowas now looking after another chamber. She had on a whitedusting cap, beneath which her chubby face shone good-naturedly.Drouet almost forgot his worry in the fact that she was smilingon him. He put his hand familiarly on her shoulder, as if onlyto greet her in passing.
2.  "I don't think you'd better try any more this fall," said Minnie.
3.  "Oh, I don't know," said Carrie, slightly aroused.
4.  "Yes; this is the second," answered Carrie.
5.  "I knew it was, the moment I saw you. Well, how have you been,anyhow?"
6.  "Get in," said Hurstwood, helping her and jumping after.


1.  "Oh, yes," she answered, rather pleased now with his caution. Itwas clever for Drouet.
2.  He hastened to his room with rising spirits and changed hislinen. As he did so, he made up his mind that if Carrie wasalone, or if she had gone to another place, it behooved him tofind out. He decided to call at once.
3.  "Is it the Casino show you told me about?"
4.  Hurstwood recognised his wife's writing. He tore it open andread without a show of feeling. It began in the most formalmanner and was sharply and coldly worded throughout.
5.   "They'll want motormen, mostly."
6.  "I don't know," said Hanson, and went over to the baby, hisforehead slightly wrinkled.


1.  "Yes, we whipped them out over there without much trouble."
2.  "Do you know how to stitch caps?" he returned.
3.  That night the pretty little flat seemed a commonplace thing. Itwas not what the rest of the world was enjoying. She saw theservant working at dinner with an indifferent eye. In her mindwere running scenes of the play. Particularly she remembered onebeautiful actress--the sweetheart who had been wooed and won.The grace of this woman had won Carrie's heart. Her dresses hadbeen all that art could suggest, her sufferings had been so real.The anguish which she had portrayed Carrie could feel. It wasdone as she was sure she could do it. There were places in whichshe could even do better. Hence she repeated the lines toherself. Oh, if she could only have such a part, how broad wouldbe her life! She, too, could act appealingly.
4、  "Well, if you will marry me then," she said, "I'll go."
5、  Carrie heard this passively. The peculiar state which she was inmade it sound like the welcome breath of an open door. Drouetseemed of her own spirit and pleasing. He was clean, handsome,well-dressed, and sympathetic. His voice was the voice of afriend.




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      "Cue," said the prompter, close to her side, but she did nothear. Already she was moving forward with a steady grace, bornof inspiration. She dawned upon the audience, handsome andproud, shifting, with the necessity of the situation, to a cold,white, helpless object, as the social pack moved away from herscornfully.

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      A man in his situation who comes, after a long round of worthlessor hardening experiences, upon a young, unsophisticated, innocentsoul, is apt either to hold aloof, out of a sense of his ownremoteness, or to draw near and become fascinated and elated byhis discovery. It is only by a roundabout process that such menever do draw near such a girl. They have no method, nounderstanding of how to ingratiate themselves in youthful favour,save when they find virtue in the toils. If, unfortunately, thefly has got caught in the net, the spider can come forth and talkbusiness upon its own terms. So when maidenhood has wanderedinto the moil of the city, when it is brought within the circleof the "rounder" and the roue, even though it be at the outermostrim, they can come forth and use their alluring arts.

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       "Any answer?"

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      "Not much of a place to sleep in, is it?" said the man.

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    {  The best proof that there was something open and commendableabout the man was the fact that Carrie took the money. No deep,sinister soul with ulterior motives could have given her fifteencents under the guise of friendship. The unintellectual are notso helpless. Nature has taught the beasts of the field to flywhen some unheralded danger threatens. She has put into thesmall, unwise head of the chipmunk the untutored fear of poisons."He keepeth His creatures whole," was not written of beastsalone. Carrie was unwise, and, therefore, like the sheep in itsunwisdom, strong in feeling. The instinct of self-protection,strong in all such natures, was roused but feebly, if at all, bythe overtures of Drouet.

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      Accordingly, he was carted away.}

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      "Miss--Miss Courtland," Bamberger faltered weakly.

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      For an hour he thought over this plausible statement of thetangle. He wanted to tell them about his wife, but couldn't. Hefinally narrowed it down to an assertion that he was light-headedfrom entertaining friends, had found the safe open, and havinggone so far as to take the money out, had accidentally closed it.This act he regretted very much. He was sorry he had put them toso much trouble. He would undo what he could by sending themoney back--the major portion of it. The remainder he would payup as soon as he could. Was there any possibility of his beingrestored? This he only hinted at.

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       Carrie deigned no suggestion of hearing this.

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    {  "Oh, some time, possibly," said Carrie. "I'll be here allsummer. Good-night!"

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      "Was he?" said Drouet. "I thought from what he said that he hadcalled a week or so ago."