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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I must put it plainly, Mr. Holmes. If only you two know of thisincident, there is no reason why it should go any farther. I thinktwelve thousand pounds is the sum that I owe you, is it not?"But Holmes smiled and shook his head.
2.  "What am I to do with it?"
3.  "But he had no pipe."
4.  "Then I suggest that we turn our dinner into a supper andfollow up this clue while it is still hot."
5.  "Did you see anyone?"
6.  "You were yourself struck by the nature of the injury as recorded bythe surgeon at the inquest. The blow was struck from immediatelybehind, and yet was upon the left side. Now, how can that be unless itwere by a left-handed man? He had stood behind that tree during theinterview between the father and son. He had even smoked there. Ifound the ash of a cigar, which my special knowledge of tobaccoashes enables me to pronounce as an Indian cigar. I have, as you know,devoted some attention to this, and written a little monograph onthe ashes of 140 different varieties of pipe, cigar, and cigarettetobacco. Having found the ash, I then looked round and discoveredthe stump among the moss where he had tossed it. It was an Indiancigar, of the variety which are rolled in Rotterdam."


1.  'I feel that I have brought trouble upon you, and that if I hadacted differently this terrible misfortune might never haveoccurred. I cannot, with this thought in my mind, ever again behappy under your roof, and I feel that I must leave you forever. Donot worry about my future, for that is provided for; and, above all,do not search for me, for it will be fruitless labour and anill-service to me. In life or in death, I am ever
2.  "The London press has not had very full accounts. I have just beenlooking through all the recent papers in order to master theparticulars. It seems, from what I gather, to be one of those simplecases which are so extremely difficult."
3.  "Ah, you've blundered badly for once, Mr. Sherlock Holmes," saidPeters, who had followed us into the room.
5.  Holmes laughed.
6.  "No, no, Watson, I will not admit that it is possible. Where a crimeis coolly premeditated, then the means of covering it are coollypremeditated also. I hope, therefore, that we are in the presence of aserious misconception."


1.  "I'll trouble you to walk out of my house, sir," said he. "You cantell your employer, Lord Mount-James, that I do not wish to haveanything to do either with him or with his agents. No, sir- notanother word!" He rang the bell furiously. "John, show these gentlemenout!" A pompous butler ushered us severely to the door, and we foundourselves in the street. Holmes burst out laughing.
2.  Five minutes had not passed before we were flying in a hansom downBaker Street. But even so it was twenty-five to eight as we passed BigBen, and eight struck as we tore down the Brixton Road. But otherswere late as well as we. Ten minutes after the hour the hearse wasstill standing at the door of the house, and even as our foaming horsecame to a halt the coffin, supported by three men, appeared on thethreshold. Holmes darted forward and barred their way.
3.  "I answered that I had not.
4.  Holmes smoked for some time in silence. Then he crossed the room,and shook our visitor by the hand.
5.   "Suddenly, without any preliminary sound in the midst of the utterstillness, the door of my room swung slowly open. The woman wasstanding in the aperture, the darkness of the hall behind her, theyellow light from my lamp beating upon her eager and beautiful face. Icould see at a glance that she was sick with fear, and the sightsent a chill to my own heart. She held up one shaking finger to warnme to be silent, and she shot a few whispered words of brokenEnglish at me, her eyes glancing back, like those of a frightenedhorse, into the gloom behind her.
6.  "As this is an express, and as the boat runs in connection withit, I should think we have shaken him off very effectively.""My dear Watson, you evidently did not realize my meaning when Isaid that this man may be taken as being quite on the sameintellectual plane as myself. You do not imagine that if I were thepursuer I should allow myself to be baffled by so slight anobstacle. Why, then, should you think so meanly of him?""What will he do?"


1.  "I wonder you dare carry it."
2.  disadvantages, to my brother, your father, whence it will, nodoubt, descend to you. If you can enjoy it in peace, well andgood! If you find you cannot, take my advice, my boy, and leaveit to your deadliest enemy. I am sorry to give you such atwo-edged thing, but I can't say what turn things are going totake. Kindly sign the paper where Mr. Fordham shows you.'"I signed the paper as directed, and the lawyer took it awaywith him. The singular incident made, as you may think, thedeepest impression upon me, and I pondered over it and turned itevery way in my mind without being able to make anything of it.Yet I could not shake off the vague feeling of dread which it leftbehind, though the sensation grew less keen as the weeks passed,and nothing happened to disturb the usual routine of our lives. Icould see a change in my uncle, however. He drank more than ever,and he was less inclined for any sort of society. Most of histime he would spend in his room, with the door locked upon theinside, but sometimes he would emerge in a sort of drunken frenzyand would burst out of the house and tear about the garden with arevolver in his hand, screaming out that he was afraid of no man,and that he was not to be cooped up, like a sheep in a pen, by manor devil. When these hot fits were over, however, he would rushtumultuously in at the door and lock and bar it behind him, like aman who can brazen it out no longer against the terror which liesat the roots of his soul. At such times I have seen his face,even on a cold day, glisten with moisture, as though it were newraised from a basin.
3.  "How far from the body?"
4、  "I assure you, my good Lestrade, that I have an excellent reason foreverything that I do. You may possibly remember that you chaffed mea little, some hours ago, when the sun seemed on your side of thehedge, so you must not grudge me a little pomp and ceremony now. MightI ask you, Watson, to open that window, and then to put a match to theedge of the straw?"
5、  "It was a letter of mine, Mr. Holmes, an indiscreet letter writtenbefore my marriage- a foolish letter, a letter of an impulsive, lovinggirl. I meant no harm, and yet he would have thought it criminal.Had he read that letter his confidence would have been foreverdestroyed. It is years since I wrote it. I had thought that thewhole matter was forgotten. Then at last I heard from this man, Lucas,that it had passed into his hands, and that he would lay it beforemy husband. I implored his mercy. He said that he would return myletter if I would bring him a certain document which he described inmy husband's despatch-box. He had some spy in the office who hadtold him of its existence. He assured me that no harm could come to myhusband. Put yourself in my position, Mr. Holmes! What was I to do?""Take your husband into your confidence."




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      In a few clear words Holmes explained the situation as it hadappeared to us. The American struck his hands together with vexation."He's on to us!" he cried.

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      "The London press has not had very full accounts. I have just beenlooking through all the recent papers in order to master theparticulars. It seems, from what I gather, to be one of those simplecases which are so extremely difficult."

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       It was a small, office-like room, with a huge ledger upon the table,and a telephone projecting from the wall. The inspector sat down athis desk.

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      "Then came Miss Grace Dunbar. She answered our advertisement andbecame governess to our two children. Perhaps you have seen herportrait in the papers. The whole world has proclaimed that she alsois a very beautiful woman. Now, I make no pretence to be more moralthan my neighbours, and I will admit to you that I could not liveunder the same roof with such a woman and in daily contact with herwithout feeling a passionate regard for her. Do you blame me, Mr.Holmes?"

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    {  "A box by chance?"

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      "Have the carriages been examined for any sign of violence?""There are no such signs, and no ticket has been found.""No record of a door being found open?"}

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      "What happened was this: This young fellow had employed hisafternoon at the athletic grounds, where he had been practising thejump. He returned carrying his jumping shoes, which are provided, asyou are aware, with several sharp spikes. As he passed by yourwindow he saw, by means of his great height, these proofs upon yourtable, and conjectured what they were. No harm would have been donehad it not been that, as he passed your door, he perceived the keywhich had been left by the carelessness of your servant. A suddenimpulse came over him to enter, and see if they were indeed theproofs. It was not a dangerous exploit for he could always pretendthat he had simply looked in to ask a question.

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      "Well, now, let us take up line B, which concerns Sir Robert. Heis mad keen upon winning the Derby. He is in the hands of the Jews,and may at any moment be sold up and his racing stables seized byhis creditors. He is a daring and desperate man. He derives his incomefrom his sister. His sister's maid is his willing tool. So far we seemto be on fairly safe ground, do we not?"

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    {  It was only nine o'clock, and we were off full cry upon the trail atonce. First we drove to Brixton Workhouse Infirmary, where we foundthat it was indeed the truth that a charitable couple had calledsome days before, that they had claimed an imbecile old woman as aformer servant, and that they had obtained permission to take her awaywith them. No surprise was expressed at the news that she had sincedied.

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      Holmes sat up again.