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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Chapter 96The Contract.
2.  "And what is that?" inquired the young man, perceiving thatValentine hesitated.
3.  "I will give you three," replied the stranger.
4.  "`Signed El-Kobbir.'
5.  "Your excellency will judge for yourself."
6.  Chapter 82The Burglary.


1.  "What are your excellency's orders?" inquired Gaetano.
2.  "Don't be uneasy on that score," replied Villefort; "noceremony will be neglected in my house. Mademoiselle deVillefort may retire during the prescribed three months toher estate of Saint-Meran; I say hers, for she inherits itto-day. There, after a few days, if you like, the civilmarriage shall be celebrated without pomp or ceremony.Madame de Saint-Meran wished her daughter should be marriedthere. When that in over, you, sir, can return to Paris,while your wife passes the time of her mourning with hermother-in-law."
3.  "Not a word."
4.  "Fernand," cried Mercedes, "I believed you weregood-hearted, and I was mistaken! Fernand, you are wicked tocall to your aid jealousy and the anger of God! Yes, I willnot deny it, I do await, and I do love him of whom youspeak; and, if he does not return, instead of accusing himof the inconstancy which you insinuate, I will tell you thathe died loving me and me only." The young girl made agesture of rage. "I understand you, Fernand; you would berevenged on him because I do not love you; you would crossyour Catalan knife with his dirk. What end would thatanswer? To lose you my friendship if he were conquered, andsee that friendship changed into hate if you were victor.Believe me, to seek a quarrel with a man is a bad method ofpleasing the woman who loves that man. No, Fernand, you willnot thus give way to evil thoughts. Unable to have me foryour wife, you will content yourself with having me for yourfriend and sister; and besides," she added, her eyestroubled and moistened with tears, "wait, wait, Fernand; yousaid just now that the sea was treacherous, and he has beengone four months, and during these four months there havebeen some terrible storms."
5.  "Eight!" repeated Bertuccio.
6.  "What are you bringing me?" said he.


1.  Franz heard the words of the count but imperfectly, and heperhaps did not fully appreciate this new attention to theirwishes; for he was wholly absorbed by the spectacle that thePiazza del Popolo presented, and by the terrible instrumentthat was in the centre. It was the first time Franz had everseen a guillotine, -- we say guillotine, because the Romanmandaia is formed on almost the same model as the Frenchinstrument.* The knife, which is shaped like a crescent,that cuts with the convex side, falls from a less height,and that is all the difference. Two men, seated on themovable plank on which the victim is laid, were eating theirbreakfasts, while waiting for the criminal. Their repastconsisted apparently of bread and sausages. One of themlifted the plank, took out a flask of wine, drank some, andthen passed it to his companion. These two men were theexecutioner's assistants. At this sight Franz felt theperspiration start forth upon his brow. The prisoners,transported the previous evening from the Carcere Nuovo tothe little church of Santa Maria del Popolo, had passed thenight, each accompanied by two priests, in a chapel closedby a grating, before which were two sentinels, who wererelieved at intervals. A double line of carbineers, placedon each side of the door of the church, reached to thescaffold, and formed a circle around it, leaving a pathabout ten feet wide, and around the guillotine a space ofnearly a hundred feet. All the rest of the square was pavedwith heads. Many women held their infants on theirshoulders, and thus the children had the best view. TheMonte Pincio seemed a vast amphitheatre filled withspectators; the balconies of the two churches at the cornerof the Via del Babuino and the Via di Ripetta were crammed;the steps even seemed a parti-colored sea, that was impelledtowards the portico; every niche in the wall held its livingstatue. What the count said was true -- the most curiousspectacle in life is that of death. And yet, instead of thesilence and the solemnity demanded by the occasion, laughterand jests arose from the crowd. It was evident that theexecution was, in the eyes of the people, only thecommencement of the Carnival. Suddenly the tumult ceased, asif by magic, and the doors of the church opened. Abrotherhood of penitents, clothed from head to foot in robesof gray sackcloth, with holes for the eyes, and holding intheir hands lighted tapers, appeared first; the chiefmarched at the head. Behind the penitents came a man of vaststature and proportions. He was naked, with the exception ofcloth drawers at the left side of which hung a large knifein a sheath, and he bore on his right shoulder a heavy ironsledge-hammer. This man was the executioner. He had,moreover, sandals bound on his feet by cords. Behind theexecutioner came, in the order in which they were to die,first Peppino and then Andrea. Each was accompanied by twopriests. Neither had his eyes bandaged. Peppino walked witha firm step, doubtless aware of what awaited him. Andrea wassupported by two priests. Each of them, from time to time,kissed the crucifix a confessor held out to them. At thissight alone Franz felt his legs tremble under him. He lookedat Albert -- he was as white as his shirt, and mechanicallycast away his cigar, although he had not half smoked it. Thecount alone seemed unmoved -- nay, more, a slight colorseemed striving to rise in his pale cheeks. His nostrilsdilated like those of a wild beast that scents its prey, andhis lips, half opened, disclosed his white teeth, small andsharp like those of a jackal. And yet his features wore anexpression of smiling tenderness, such as Franz had neverbefore witnessed in them; his black eyes especially werefull of kindness and pity. However, the two culpritsadvanced, and as they approached their faces became visible.Peppino was a handsome young man of four or five and twenty,bronzed by the sun; he carried his head erect, and seemed onthe watch to see on which side his liberator would appear.Andrea was short and fat; his visage, marked with brutalcruelty, did not indicate age; he might be thirty. In prisonhe had suffered his beard to grow; his head fell on hisshoulder, his legs bent beneath him, and his movements wereapparently automatic and unconscious.
2.  "What have you seen? -- come, tell me!"
3.  "Then we shall have to wait two hours for the gentleman, andthree for the diplomatist. I shall come back to dessert;keep me some strawberries, coffee, and cigars. I shall takea cutlet on my way to the Chamber."
4.  "I need not say I think you are too faithful and too kind tohave spoken of that painful circumstance. Your having sentfor me is another proof of your affection. So, withoutlosing time, tell me, have you the slightest idea whencethis terrible blow proceeds?"
5.   "Excuse me," said Morcerf, "but is it a play we are acting?"
6.  "He is going to the opera."


1.  "Yes, miserable wretch!" cried Morcerf, "it is your fault."Danglars retreated a few steps. "My fault?" said he; "youmust be mad! What do I know of the Grecian affair? Have Itravelled in that country? Did I advise your father to sellthe castle of Yanina -- to betray" --
2.  "I follow you." Monte Cristo entered the tower, which wasdivided into three stories. The tower contained implements,such as spades, rakes, watering-pots, hung against the wall;this was all the furniture. The second was the man'sconventional abode, or rather sleeping-place; it contained afew poor articles of household furniture -- a bed, a table,two chairs, a stone pitcher -- and some dry herbs, hung upto the ceiling, which the count recognized as sweet pease,and of which the good man was preserving the seeds; he hadlabelled them with as much care as if he had been masterbotanist in the Jardin des Plantes.
3.  "You have, doubtless, heard the adventures of M. Zaccone'syouth?"
4、  "Then you were wrong to refuse to dine with him."
5、  "Alas!"




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      "And now, my dear friend," said Faria, "sole consolation ofmy wretched existence, -- you whom heaven gave me somewhatlate, but still gave me, a priceless gift, and for which Iam most grateful, -- at the moment of separating from youforever, I wish you all the happiness and all the prosperityyou so well deserve. My son, I bless thee!" The young mancast himself on his knees, leaning his head against the oldman's bed.

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      The young girl uttered a joyful cry, raised her eyes, lookedround to question the messenger, but he had disappeared. Shecast her eyes again over the note to peruse it a secondtime, and saw there was a postscript. She read: --

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       "Peppino is a lad of sense, who, unlike most men, who arehappy in proportion as they are noticed, was delighted tosee that the general attention was directed towards hiscompanion. He profited by this distraction to slip awayamong the crowd, without even thanking the worthy priestswho accompanied him. Decidedly man is an ungrateful andegotistical animal. But dress yourself; see, M. de Morcerfsets you the example." Albert was drawing on the satinpantaloon over his black trousers and varnished boots."Well, Albert," said Franz, "do you feel much inclined tojoin the revels? Come, answer frankly."

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      "Decidedly, my dear duke."

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    {  "And who is the Countess G---- ?" inquired Chateau-Renaud.

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      "I have been nearly mad; and you know the axiom, -- non bisin idem. It is an axiom of criminal law, and, consequently,you understand its full application."}

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      Albert left the cab in which he had come at the count'sdoor, intending to take a turn on foot. As he was passingthe Allee des Veuves, he thought he saw the count's horsesstanding at Gosset's shooting-gallery; he approached, andsoon recognized the coachman. "Is the count shooting in thegallery?" said Morcerf.

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      "Well, when we quitted Naples, Captain Leclere was attackedwith a brain fever. As we had no doctor on board, and he wasso anxious to arrive at Elba, that he would not touch at anyother port, his disorder rose to such a height, that at theend of the third day, feeling he was dying, he called me tohim. `My dear Dantes,' said he, `swear to perform what I amgoing to tell you, for it is a matter of the deepestimportance.'

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       "No; but then we are lodged, as you perceive."

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    {  "Precisely. Had stolen away this child, in order that yourname might become extinct."

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      "Yes, excellency; I hastened to the river, sat down on thebank, and with my knife forced open the lock of the box. Ina fine linen cloth was wrapped a new-born child. Its purplevisage, and its violet-colored hands showed that it hadperished from suffocation, but as it was not yet cold, Ihesitated to throw it into the water that ran at my feet.After a moment I fancied that I felt a slight pulsation ofthe heart, and as I had been assistant at the hospital atBastia, I did what a doctor would have done -- I inflatedthe lungs by blowing air into them, and at the expiration ofa quarter of an hour, it began to breathe, and cried feebly.In my turn I uttered a cry, but a cry of joy. `God has notcursed me then,' I cried, `since he permits me to save thelife of a human creature, in exchange for the life I havetaken away.'"