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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What is this?" asked Mercedes.
2.  "Raving mad; his head becomes weaker. Sometimes he weepsbitterly, sometimes laughs boisterously, at other time hepasses hours on the seashore, flinging stones in the waterand when the flint makes `duck-and-drake' five or six times,he appears as delighted as if he had gained another Marengoor Austerlitz. Now, you must agree that these areindubitable symptoms of insanity."
3.  "Ma foi," said the young man; "was it possible there couldbe two answers to such a question?"
4.  "A most dangerous conspirator, a man we are ordered to keepthe most strict watch over, as he is daring and resolute."
5.  "Have you succeeded?" asked Monte Cristo quickly, with animperceptible gleam of hope.
6.  After the usual civilities, the count inquired after M. deVillefort. "My husband dines with the chancellor," repliedthe young lady; "he has just gone, and I am sure he'll beexceedingly sorry not to have had the pleasure of seeing youbefore he went." Two visitors who were there when the countarrived, having gazed at him with all their eyes, retiredafter that reasonable delay which politeness admits andcuriosity requires. "What is your sister Valentine doing?"inquired Madame de Villefort of Edward; "tell some one tobid her come here, that I may have the honor of introducingher to the count."


1.  "Ah, yes," continued Caderousse, "and capital offers, too;but you know, you will be captain, and who could refuse youthen?"
2.  "The contract shall not be signed!" cried Morrel. "Oh,pardon me, sir; I can scarcely realize so great a happiness.Will they not sign it?"
3.  "Is this the same lemonade of which you partook?"
4.  "Presented to whom?"
5.  "Mercedes is dead, madame," said Monte Cristo; "I know noone now of that name."
6.  "But," said Andrea, ill-temperedly, "by my faith, if it wasonly to breakfast with you, that you disturbed me, I wishthe devil had taken you!"


1.  "He appears cool. But, then your word is given."
2.  "A man who holds a sword in his hand, and sees a mortalenemy within reach of that sword, and does not fight, is acoward! Why is he not here that I may tell him so?"
3.  "It is not he," she murmured, and waited, in the assurancethat this was but a dream, for the man to disappear orassume some other form. Still, she felt her pulse, andfinding it throb violently she remembered that the bestmethod of dispelling such illusions was to drink, for adraught of the beverage prepared by the doctor to allay herfever seemed to cause a reaction of the brain, and for ashort time she suffered less. Valentine therefore reachedher hand towards the glass, but as soon as her trembling armleft the bed the apparition advanced more quickly towardsher, and approached the young girl so closely that shefancied she heard his breath, and felt the pressure of hishand.
4.  "Nothing else was talked of; only some said he was worthmillions, and others that he did not possess a farthing."
5.   "My dear fellow, the emperor is at this moment on the way toGrenoble; on the 10th or 12th he will be at Lyons, and onthe 20th or 25th at Paris."
6.  "I must learn where we are going. I will summon him hither."


1.  "Put it into my portfolio."
2.  "All?"
3.  "Doubtless; what does that imply?"
4、  "Why is that gendarme there?" asked Andrea of himself. Then,all at once, he replied, with that logic which the readerhas, doubtless, remarked in him, "There is nothingastonishing in seeing a gendarme at an inn; instead of beingastonished, let me dress myself." And the youth dressedhimself with a facility his valet de chambre had failed torob him of during the two months of fashionable life he hadled in Paris. "Now then," said Andrea, while dressinghimself, "I'll wait till he leaves, and then I'll slipaway." And, saying this, Andrea, who had now put on hisboots and cravat, stole gently to the window, and a secondtime lifted up the muslin curtain. Not only was the firstgendarme still there, but the young man now perceived asecond yellow, blue, and white uniform at the foot of thestaircase, the only one by which he could descend, while athird, on horseback, holding a musket in his fist, wasposted as a sentinel at the great street door which aloneafforded the means of egress.
5、  "Then," replied M. de Villefort, "have the kindness to waithalf an hour; Valentine shall come down into thedrawing-room. I will send for M. Deschamps; we will read andsign the contract before we separate, and this eveningMadame de Villefort; shall accompany Valentine to herestate, where we will rejoin them in a week."




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      "Mother, I must go," said Albert in a firm, calm voice; "youlove me too well to wish me to remain useless and idle withyou; besides, I have signed."

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      "I will tell you, Mr. President. A man who had swornvengeance against my father, and had long watched hisopportunity to kill him, had introduced himself that nightinto the garden in which my father buried me. He wasconcealed in a thicket; he saw my father bury something inthe ground, and stabbed him; then thinking the deposit mightcontain some treasure he turned up the ground, and found mestill living. The man carried me to the foundling asylum,where I was registered under the number 37. Three monthsafterwards, a woman travelled from Rogliano to Paris tofetch me, and having claimed me as her son, carried me away.Thus, you see, though born in Paris, I was brought up inCorsica."

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       "It was an impossibility; for the last week M. de Villeforthas secluded himself. It is natural enough; this strangechain of domestic afflictions, followed by the no lessstrange death of his daughter" --

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      "No, monsieur, I do not know the writing, and yet it istolerably plain. Whoever did it writes well. I am veryfortunate," added he, looking gratefully at Villefort, "tobe examined by such a man as you; for this envious person isa real enemy." And by the rapid glance that the young man'seyes shot forth, Villefort saw how much energy lay hidbeneath this mildness.

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    {  "My end will be achieved before I grow old."

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      "If you are already aware of the conversation that passed,the wooden partition which interposed between us and you hasproved but a slight security."}

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      A gloomy scene had indeed just passed at the house of M. deVillefort. After the ladies had departed for the ball,whither all the entreaties of Madame de Villefort had failedin persuading him to accompany them, the procureur had shuthimself up in his study, according to his custom. with aheap of papers calculated to alarm any one else, but whichgenerally scarcely satisfied his inordinate desires. Butthis time the papers were a mere matter of form. Villeforthad secluded himself, not to study, but to reflect; and withthe door locked and orders given that he should not bedisturbed excepting for important business, he sat down inhis arm-chair and began to ponder over the events, theremembrance of which had during the last eight days filledhis mind with so many gloomy thoughts and bitterrecollections. Then, instead of plunging into the mass ofdocuments piled before him, he opened the drawer of hisdesk. touched a spring, and drew out a parcel of cherishedmemoranda, amongst which he had carefully arranged, incharacters only known to himself, the names of all thosewho, either in his political career, in money matters, atthe bar, or in his mysterious love affairs, had become hisenemies.

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      "Ah, yes" returned the count, "I know who he is, gentlemen;will you return to the salon? you will find good cigars onthe centre table. I will be with you directly." The youngmen rose and returned into the salon, while the count, againapologizing, left by another door. Albert, who was a greatsmoker, and who had considered it no small sacrifice to bedeprived of the cigars of the Cafe de Paris, approached thetable, and uttered a cry of joy at perceiving some veritablepuros.

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       "It is from no personal ill-feeling towards the viscount,that is all I can say, sir," replied Danglars, who resumedhis insolent manner as soon as he perceived that Morcerf wasa little softened and calmed down. "And towards whom do youbear this personal ill-feeling, then?" said Morcerf, turningpale with anger. The expression of the count's face had notremained unperceived by the banker; he fixed on him a lookof greater assurance than before, and said: "You may,perhaps, be better satisfied that I should not go fartherinto particulars."

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    {  "Precisely what I was about to say," cried Danglars. "Nowwhat is vague is doubtful; and it was a wise man who said,`when in doubt, keep out.'"

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      "Good-by, for the present," replied the count, walking upontiptoe towards the library door, and smiling with anexpression so sad and paternal that the young girl's heartwas filled with gratitude. Before closing the door he turnedaround once more, and said, "Not a movement -- not a word;let them think you asleep, or perhaps you may be killedbefore I have the power of helping you." And with thisfearful injunction the count disappeared through the door,which noiselessly closed after him.