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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why, to be sure, he promised to rejoin us, and we have seennothing of him."
2.  Aramis darted at D'Artagnan one of those looks which inform a manthat he has acquired a mortal enemy. Then, resuming his mildair, "You are deceived, gentlemen," said he, "this handkerchiefis not mine, and I cannot fancy why Monsieur has taken it intohis head to offer it to me rather than to one of you; and as aproof of what I say, here is mine in my pocket."
3.  "The letter shall be given to himself."
4.  "No, he will not desert," said the king; "he can always be found,as Treville says. Besides," added he, lowering his voice andlooking with a suppliant air at the cardinal, "let us give themapparent security; that is policy."
5.  "But they may come any moment, for you left word that I awaitedthem?"
6.  "Sire," said the queen, "I can send for them to the Louvre, wherethey are, and thus your Majesty's wishes will be complied with.""Do so, madame, do so, and that at once; for within an hour theballet will commence."


1.  "That of the patrol going their rounds."
2.  "PERHAPS is too much," said D'Artagnan, smiling.
3.  "Well?" eagerly demanded all his three friends.
4.  The order was executed.
5.  "She will follow you to the end of the world, Athos, if sherecognizes you. Let her, then, exhaust her vengeance on mealone!"
6.  "And will you make the same promise to my love?" criedD'Artagnan, beside himself with joy.


1.  "But don't mistake," said D'Artagnan, "there is more selfishnessin my toast than perhaps you may think--for it is only inprosperous establishments that one is well received. In hotelsthat do not flourish, everything is in confusion, and thetraveler is a victim to the embarrassments of his host. Now, Itravel a great deal, particularly on this road, and I wish to seeall innkeepers making a fortune."
2.  Felton leaned for support upon a piece of furniture; and Miladysaw, with the joy of a demon, that his strength would fail himperhaps before the end of her recital.
3.  All at once she heard a tap at her window, and by the help of aflash of lightning she saw the face of a man appear behind thebars.
5.   "Dec. 3, 1627
6.  "You have, perhaps, no money?"


1.  Then, taking the glass with a firm hand, she said, "Drink. This winewill give you strength, drink!" And she put the glass to the lips ofthe young woman, who drank mechanically.
2.  "You will leave France, you will return to England?""I will, I swear to you."
3.  "This is not his writing!" said Athos. "I am acquaintedwith it; before we left Villeroy I settled the accounts ofthe regiment."
4、  When D'Artagnan was out of the Louvre, and consulted his friendsupon the use he had best make of his share of the forty pistoles,Athos advised him to order a good repast at the Pomme-de-Pin,Porthos to engage a lackey, and Aramis to provide himself with asuitable mistress.
5、  It was near midnight; the moon, lessened by its decline, and reddened bythe last traces of the storm, arose behind the little town ofArmentieres, which showed against its pale light the dark outline of itshouses, and the skeleton of its high belfry. In front of them the Lysrolled its waters like a river of molten tin; while on the other sidewas a black mass of trees, profiled on a stormy sky, invaded by largecoppery clouds which created a sort of twilight amid the night. On theleft was an old abandoned mill, with its motionless wings, from theruins of which an owl threw out its shrill, periodical, and monotonouscry. On the right and on the left of the road, which the dismalprocession pursued, appeared a few low, stunted trees, which looked likedeformed dwarfs crouching down to watch men traveling at this sinisterhour.




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      "Have you enemies, then?" asked Richelieu.

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      "Gentlemen," said Athos, "she is alone within half a league of us, inthe direction of the river."

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       "That shoots me," said the Swiss.

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      As Athos and Porthos had foreseen, at the expiration of a halfhour, D'Artagnan returned. He had again missed his man, who haddisappeared as if by enchantment. D'Artagnan had run, sword inhand, through all the neighboring streets, but had found nobodyresembling the man he sought for. Then he came back to the pointwhere, perhaps, he ought to have begun, and that was to knock atthe door against which the stranger had leaned; but this proveduseless--for though he knocked ten or twelve times in succession,no one answered, and some of the neighbors, who put their nosesout of their windows or were brought to their doors by the noise,had assured him that that house, all the openings of which weretightly closed, had not been inhabited for six months.While D'Artagnan was running through the streets and knocking atdoors, Aramis had joined his companions; so that on returning himD'Artagnan found the reunion complete.

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    {  "What is the matter?" exclaimed D'Artagnan, anxiously; "what hashappened to you, my Lord?"

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      "Silence, Laporte, you may be overheard. Patrick, let no one enter.Oh, I cannot tell what she says to me! My God, I am dying!"And the duke swooned.}

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      "Remember that I affirm nothing, Monsieur the Commissary, andthat I only suspect."

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      Planchet went in search of the postillion who had driven her, and foundhim. He had taken the lady as far as Fromelles; and from Fromellesshe had set out for Armentieres. Planchet took the crossroad, and byseven o'clock in the morning he was at Armentieres.There was but one tavern, the Post. Planchet went and presented himselfas a lackey out of a place, who was in search of a situation. He hadnot chatted ten minutes with the people of the tavern before he learnedthat a woman had come there alone about eleven o'clock the night before,had engaged a chamber, had sent for the master of the hotel, and toldhim she desired to remain some time in the neighborhood.Planchet had no need to learn more. He hastened to the rendezvous,found the lackeys at their posts, placed them as sentinels at all theoutlets of the hotel, and came to find Athos, who ha just received thisinformation when his friends returned.

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       That evening D'Artagnan went to present his respects to M.Dessessart, and inform him of his promotion.

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    {  Milady thought she recognized this shadow in the gloom; shesupported herself with one hand upon the arm of the chair, andadvanced her head as if to meet a certainty.

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      The two Musketeers with whom we have already made acquaintance,and who answered to the last of these three names, immediatelyquitted the group of which they had formed a part, and advancedtoward the cabinet, the door of which closed after them as soonas they had entered. Their appearance, although it was not quiteat ease, excited by its carelessness, at once full of dignity andsubmission, the admiration of D'Artagnan, who beheld in these twomen demigods, and in their leader an Olympian Jupiter, armed withall his thunders.