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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  'MY DEAR MR. HOLMES:
3.  "I'd be very glad if you could tell me where that lady may be,"Peters answered coolly. "I've a bill against her for nearly ahundred pounds, and nothing to show for it but a couple of trumperypendants that the dealer would hardly look at. She attached herself toMrs. Peters and me at Baden- it is a fact that I was using anothername at the time- and she stuck on to us until we came to London. Ipaid her bill and her ticket. Once in London, she gave us the slip,and, as I say, left these out-of-date jewels to pay her bills. Youfind her, Mr. Holmes, and I'm your debtor."
4.  The man's face set in sullen defiance.
5.  "Oh, you must not discourage me, Mr. Holmes. I know that all is wellwith him. There is so keen a sympathy between us that I should know ifevil came upon him. On the very day that I saw him last he cut himselfin the bedroom, and yet I in the dining-room rushed upstairs instantlywith the utmost certainty that something had happened. Do you thinkthat I would respond to such a trifle and yet be ignorant of hisdeath?"
6.  "Gentlemen," he cried, "let me introduce you to the famous blackpearl of the Borgias."


1.  "This is astonishing," said I, as I handed back the volume. "Theman's career is that of an honourable soldier."
2.  "`Never mind. I'll have the other, and I'll take it now,'said I.
3.  "No violence, gentlemen- no violence, I beg of you! Consider thefurniture! It must be very clear to you that your position is animpossible one. The police are waiting below."
4.  "When had he a letter before that?"
5.  "It will probably be necessary for me to see you at the Hall,"said Holmes. "I would only ask you now, sir, whether you have formedany explanation in your own mind as to the mysterious disappearance ofyour son?"
6.  "On the contrary, this is the right side."


1.  We were ushered into a dim-lit drawing-room, where an instantlater we were joined by a very tall, handsome, light-bearded man offifty, the younger brother of the dead scientist. His wild eyes,stained cheeks, and unkempt hair all spoke of the sudden blow whichhad fallen upon the household. He was hardly articulate as he spoke ofit.
2.  The man in the dressing-gown turned upon us with a most melancholyface.
3.  "These are samples of the questions and answers which made up ourstrange half-spoken, half-written conversation. Again and again Ihad to ask him whether he would give in and sign the documents.Again and again I had the same indignant reply. But soon a happythought came to me. I took to adding on little sentences of my ownto each question, innocent ones at first, to test whether either ofour companions knew anything of the matter, and then, as I foundthat they showed no sign I played a more dangerous game. Ourconversation ran something like this:
4.  "It is obvious. And now, you see, I had narrowed the field downconsiderably. The possession of a gray garment was a third pointwhich, granting the son's statement to be correct, was a certainty. Wehave come now out of mere vagueness to the definite conception of anAustralian from Ballarat with a gray cloak."
5.   "'"So I have," said he, and it was awful to hear the tones that hesaid it in. He had a very dark, fearsome face, and a gleam in his eyesthat comes back to me in my dreams. His hair and whiskers were shotwith gray, and his face was all crinkled and Puckered like awithered apple.
6.  "Well, Watson, it is on the face of it a not impossible supposition.The man who had the guilt upon his soul of having brought such afate upon his own family might well be driven by remorse to inflict itupon himself. There are, however, some cogent reasons against it.Fortunately, there is one man in England who knows all about it, and Ihave made arrangements by which we shall hear the facts this afternoonfrom his own lips. Ah! he is a little before his time. Perhaps youwould kindly step this way, Dr. Leon Sterndale. We have beenconducting a chemical experiment indoors which has left our littleroom hardly fit for the reception of so distinguished a visitor."I had heard the click of the garden gate, and now the majesticfigure of the great African explorer appeared upon the path. He turnedin some surprise towards the rustic arbour in which we sat."You sent for me, Mr. Holmes. I had your note about an hour ago, andI have come, though I really do not know why I should obey yoursummons."


1.  "Have you arranged for a search?"
2.  "Which?"
3.  "At least we may accept it as a working hypothesis. We will suppose,then, that something was burned in each case which produced anatmosphere causing strange toxic effects. Very good. In the firstinstance- that of the Tregennis family- this substance was placed inthe fire. Now the window was shut, but the fire would naturallycarry fumes to some extent up the chimney. Hence one would expectthe effects of the poison to be less than in the second case, wherethere was less escape for the vapour. The result seems to indicatethat it was so, since in the first case only the woman, who hadpresumably the more sensitive organism, was killed, the othersexhibiting that temporary or permanent lunacy which is evidently thefirst effect of the drug. In the second case the result wascomplete. The facts, therefore, seem to bear out the theory of apoison which worked by combustion.
4、  "Excellent! You should have been a surgeon."
5、  "Well, my boy, what do you make of this lot?" he asked, smiling atmy expression.




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      "There," said Sir Robert with a wave of his hand, "are Mr. andMrs. Norlett. Mrs. Norlett, under her maiden name of Evans, has forsome years been my sister's confidential maid. I have brought themhere because I feel that my best course is to explain the trueposition to you, and they are the two people upon earth who cansubstantiate what I say."

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      "She and Mrs. King, the cook."

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       "If you had looked at it, sir, you would have seen at a glancewhat the errand is on which I have come to you this morning. I feel asif my name and my misfortune must be in every man's mouth." Heturned it over to expose the central page. "Here it is, and withyour permission I will read it to you. Listen to this, Mr. Holmes. Theheadlines are: `Mysterious Affair at Lower Norwood. Disappearance of aWell Known Builder. Suspicion of Murder and Arson. A Clue to theCriminal.' That is the clue which they are already following, Mr.Holmes, and I know that it leads infallibly to me. I have beenfollowed from London Bridge Station, and I am sure that they areonly waiting for the warrant to arrest me. It will break my mother'sheart- it will break her heart!" He wrung his hands in an agony ofapprehension, and swayed backward and forward in his chair.I looked with interest upon this man, who was accused of being theperpetrator of a crime of violence. He was flaxen-haired and handsome,in a washed-out negative fashion, with frightened blue eyes, and aclean-shaven face, with a weak, sensitive mouth. His age may have beenabout twenty-seven, his dress and bearing that of a gentleman. Fromthe pocket of his light summer overcoat protruded the bundle ofindorsed papers which proclaimed his profession.

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      "You are not coming."

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    {  "I tapped at the door as agreed. Lucas opened it. I followed himinto his room, leaving the hall door ajar behind me, for I feared tobe alone with the man. I remember that there was a woman outside asI entered. Our business was soon done. He had my letter on his desk, Ihanded him the document. He gave me the letter. At this instantthere was a sound at the door. There were steps in the passage.Lucas quickly turned back the drugget, thrust the document into somehiding-place there, and covered it over.

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      "It was this horrible scandal," said he. "My brother, Sir James, wasa man of very sensitive honour, and he could not survive such anaffair. It broke his heart. He was always so proud of the efficiencyof his department, and this was a crushing blow."}

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      "I don't quite follow you, Mr. Holmes."

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      On referring to my notes I see that it was upon the fourteenth ofApril that I received a telegram from Lyons which informed me thatHolmes was lying ill in the Hotel Dulong. Within twenty-four hours Iwas in his sick-room and was relieved to find that there was nothingformidable in his symptoms. Even his iron constitution, however, hadbroken down under the strain of an investigation which had extendedover two months, during which period he had never worked less thanfifteen hours a day and had more than once, as he assured me, keptto his task for five days at a stretch. Even the triumphant issue ofhis labours could not save him from reaction after so terrible anexertion, and at a time when Europe was ringing with his name and whenhis room was literally ankle-deep with congratulatory telegrams Ifound him a prey to the blackest depression. Even the knowledge thathe had succeeded where the police of three countries had failed, andthat he had outmaneuvered at every point the most accomplishedswindler in Europe, was insufficient to rouse him from his nervousprostration.

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       "In the van of the gipsies who camped on the moor. They left onTuesday. To-day the police traced them down and examined theircaravan. This was found."

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    {  My observations of No. 427 Park Lane did little to clear up theproblem in which I was interested. The house was separated from thestreet by a low wall and railing, the whole not more than five feethigh. It was perfectly easy, therefore, for anyone to get into thegarden, but the window was entirely inaccessible, since there was nowaterpipe or anything which could help the most active man to climbit. More puzzled than ever, I retraced my steps to Kensington. I hadnot been in my study five minutes when the maid entered to say thata person desired to see me. To my astonishment it was none otherthan my strange old book collector, his sharp, wizened face peeringout from a frame of white hair, and his precious volumes, a dozen ofthem at least, wedged under his right arm.

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      "Here in his room."