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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I think I can do this."
2.  Not long after she arrived Mrs. Hale established social relationswith her, and together they went about. For a long time this washer only companionship, and the gossip of the manager's wifeformed the medium through which she saw the world. Suchtrivialities, such praises of wealth, such conventionalexpression of morals as sifted through this passive creature'smind, fell upon Carrie and for the while confused her.
3.  Jessica heard this last while walking out of the room, with atoss of her head and a flick of her pretty skirts indicative ofthe independence and indifference she felt. She did not proposeto be quarrelled with.
4.  "Now, don't forget about that," said one of the mannish women.
5.  "You can buy all you want as soon as you get there, dearest," heexplained. "You can call in a dressmaker."
6.  She was opening her purse, and now pulled out all the bills init--a five and two twos.


1.  A carriage went jingling by with some reclining figure in it.One of the men nearest the door saw it.
2.  She took the letter the next morning, and at the corner droppedit reluctantly into the letter-box, still uncertain as to whethershe should do so or not. Then she took the car and went downtown.
3.  "What do you want to know?" asked Hurstwood.
4.  "Oh, were you?" he said. "Supposing, then, you get your hat andwe both go?"
5.  "She can't be long, now," he said to himself, half fearing toencounter her and equally depressed at the thought that she mighthave gone in by another way. His stomach was so empty that itached.
6.  "Is it in Chicago?" she asked nervously. They were now farbeyond the city limits, and the train was scudding across theIndiana line at a great rate.


1.  "Half 'll be enough," volunteered Hurstwood.
2.  "Now, Miss Madenda," he said, addressing Carrie, who stood in onepart uncertain as to what move to make, "you don't want to standlike that. Put expression in your face. Remember, you aretroubled over the intrusion of the stranger. Walk so," and hestruck out across the Avery stage in almost drooping manner.
3.  They went with him to the door and there was his cab waiting, itsred lamps gleaming cheerfully in the shadow.
4.  "Your turn next, Miss Madenda," said the prompter.
5.   "As what?" he asked.
6.  "Did she see you?" she asked, expressing her full despair.This cut Hurstwood like a whip, and made him sullen.


1.  "You mustn't worry, sweetheart," he said. "Just as soon as hegoes on the road again we will arrange something. We'll fix itso that you won't have to deceive any one."
2.  "Poor Pearl," she said, speaking with natural pathos. "It is asad thing to want for happiness, but it is a terrible thing tosee another groping about blindly for it, when it is almostwithin the grasp."
3.  As usual, the table was one short that evening.
4、  In time she began to feel that a change had come about, and thatshe was not in his confidence. He was evidently secretive andkept his own counsel. She found herself asking him questionsabout little things. This is a disagreeable state to a woman.Great love makes it seem reasonable, sometimes plausible, butnever satisfactory. Where great love is not, a more definite andless satisfactory conclusion is reached.
5、  "I always have. There's one going on up at the Broadway thismonth. I'm going to try and get in that if this one reallygoes."




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      "One of the largest clusters of jewels I have ever seen," saidAmes.

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      "Won't you let me tell you----"

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       "I'm not dictating to you," she returned; "I'm telling you what Iwant."

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      It would be useless to explain how in due time the last fiftydollars was in sight. The seven hundred, by his process ofhandling, had only carried them into June. Before the finalhundred mark was reached he began to indicate that a calamity wasapproaching.

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    {  "I'll look at them if you say so," said Carrie.

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      The comfortable manager looked at him, as much as to say: "Well,I should judge so."}

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      "I don't know," said Quincel. "She's a friend of one of ourmembers."

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      "I know," said Carrie, "but maybe I can't get anything else."

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       Carrie made no answer.

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    {  "Can't we save?" said Carrie.

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      As the morning wore on the room became hotter. She felt the needof a breath of fresh air and a drink of water, but did notventure to stir. The stool she sat on was without a back orfoot-rest, and she began to feel uncomfortable. She found, aftera time, that her back was beginning to ache. She twisted andturned from one position to another slightly different, but itdid not ease her for long. She was beginning to weary.