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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  By torture driven, in open day, The kitchen he invaded, Convulsed upon thehearth he lay, With anguish sorely jaded; The poisoner laugh'd, Ha! ha! quothshe, His life is ebbing fast, I see, As if his frame love wasted.Chorus
2.  Alas! good Martha! don't despair!
3.  Faust
4.  (He disappears with Faust; the fellows draw back from one another.)Siebel
5.  And shall I see her? - Have her?
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  Faust
2.  How the dull boors exulting shout! Poison for the poor rats to strew A fineexploit it is no doubt.
3.  Mephistopheles (in Faust's long gown)
4.  Time, my good friend, will all that's needful give; Be only self - possessed, andthou hast learn'd to live.
5.  Manager
6.  How stoutly once I could inveigh, If a poor maiden went astray; Not wordsenough my tongue could find, 'Gainst others' sin to speak my mind! Black as itseemed, I blacken'd it still more, And strove to make it blacker than before.And did myself securely bless Now my own trespass doth appear! Yet ah! -what urg'd me to transgress, God knows, it was so sweet, so dear!Zwinger


1.  Another
2.  What wilt thou wager? Him thou yet shall lose, If leave to me thou wilt butgive, Gently to lead him as I choose!
3.  Another chorus now succeeds, Far off the drums are beating. Be still! Thebitterns 'mong the reeds Their one note are repeating.Dancing Master
4.  Chorus of Angels
5.   Mephistopheles
6.  Walpurgis - Night


1.  Brander
2.  Faust
3.  How fares it with your heart?
4、  At Padua, in St. Anthony's, In holy ground his body lies; Quiet and cool hisplace of rest, With pious ceremonials blest.
5、  But recently returned from Spain are we, The pleasant land of wine andminstrelsy.




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       He's my good friend, with whom 'twill prosper well; I grudge him not thechoicest of thy store. Now draw thy circle, speak thy spell, And straight abumper for him pour!

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      His lofty step, His bearing high, The smile of his lip, The power of his eye,His witching words, Their tones of bliss, His hand's fond pressure And ah -his kiss! My peace is gone, My heart is sore, I find it never, And nevermore.My bosom aches To feel him near; Ah, could I clasp And fold him here!Kiss him and kiss him Again would I, And on his kisses I fain would die.Martha's Garden

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    {  A few steps further, up to yonder stone! Here rest we from our walk. In timeslong past, Absorb'd in thought, here oft I sat alone, And disciplin'd myselfwith prayer and fast. Then rich in hope, with faith sincere, With sighs, andhands in anguish press'd, The end of that sore plague, with many a tear, Fromheaven's dread Lord, I sought to wrest. The crowd's applause assumes ascornful tone. Oh, could'st thou in my inner being read, How little either sireor son, Of such renown deserves the meed! My sire, of good repute, andsombre mood, O'er nature's powers and every mystic zone, With honest zeal,but methods of his own, With toil fantastic loved to brood; His time in darkalchemic cell, With brother adepts he would spend, And there antagonistscompel, Through numberless receipts to blend. A ruddy lion there, a suitorbold, In tepid bath was with the lily wed. Thence both, while open flamesaround them roll'd, Were tortur'd to another bridal bed. Was then the youthfulqueen descried With varied colours in the flask; This was our medicine; thepatients died, "Who were restored?" none cared to ask. With our infernalmixture thus, ere long, These hills and peaceful vales among, We rag'd morefiercely than the pest; Myself the deadly poison did to thousands give; Theypined away, I yet must live, To hear the reckless murderers blest.Wagner

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      (draws a stopper out of the table; fire springs out against him)I burn! I burn!}

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      Sir Moralizer, prithee, pause; Nor plague me with your tiresome laws!Goethe

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       Mephistopheles (sings)

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    {  You scapegrace! How; Your skin still itching for a row? Thither I will not go,I loathe the place.

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      Cease thus to gnash thy ravenous fangs at me! I loathe thee! - Great andglorious spirit, thou who didst vouchsafe to reveal thyself unto me, thou whodost know my very heart and soul, why hast thou linked me with this baseassociate, who feeds on mischief and revels in destruction?Mephistopheles