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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You are well aware, Dr. Huxtable, that his Grace is particularlyanxious to avoid all public scandal. He prefers to take as fewpeople as possible into his confidence."
2.  Holmes smiled. "I gather we have your good wishes, Miss Winter.""If I can help to put him where he belongs, I'm yours to therattle," said our visitor with fierce energy. There was an intensityof hatred in her white, set face and her blazing eyes such as womanseldom and man never can attain. "You needn't go into my past, Mr.Holmes. That's neither here nor there. But what I am Adelbert Grunermade me. If I could pull him down!" She clutched frantically withher hands into the air. "Oh, if I could only pull him into the pitwhere he has pushed so many!"
3.  "What do you make of that, Watson?" Holmes whispered.
4.  "I fear," said Holmes, "that if the matter is beyond humanity itis certainly beyond me. Yet we must exhaust all natural explanationsbefore we fall back upon such a theory as this. As to yourself, Mr.Tregennis, I take it you were divided in some way from your family,since they lived together and you had rooms apart?"
6.  "He had his suspicions before, and he followed me as you describe. Inever knew it until I was at the very door. It was thick fog, andone could not see three yards. I had given two taps and Obersteinhad come to the door. The young man rushed up and demanded to knowwhat we were about to do with the papers. Oberstein had a shortlife-preserver. He always carried it with him. As West forced hisway after us into the house Oberstein struck him on the head. The blowwas a fatal one. He was dead within five minutes. There he lay inthe hall, and we were at our wit's end what to do. Then Obersteinhad this idea about the trains which halted under his back window. Butfirst he examined the papers which I had brought. He said that threeof them were essential, and that he must keep them. 'You cannot keepthem,' said I. 'There will be a dreadful row at Woolwich if they arenot returned.' 'I must keep them,' said he, 'for they are so technicalthat it is impossible in the time to make copies.' 'Then they must allgo back together tonight,' said I. He thought for a little, and thenhe cried out that he had it. 'Three I will keep,' said he. 'The otherswe will stuff into the pocket of this young man. When he is foundthe whole business will assuredly be put to his account. I could seeno other way out of it, so we did as he suggested. We waited half anhour at the window before a train stopped. It was so thick thatnothing could be seen, and we had no difficulty in lowering West'sbody on to the train. That was the end of the matter so far as I wasconcerned."


1.  "That is excellent," said Mr. Bennett. "I warn you, however, thatthe professor is irascible and violent at times."
2.  "I think, gentlemen," said Holmes, quietly, "that we had best takeup our position behind the door. Every precaution is necessary whendealing with such a fellow. You will need your handcuffs, Inspector.You can leave the talking to me."
3.  "And then in an instant the key of the riddle was in my hands, and Isaw that every third word, beginning with the first, would give amessage which might well drive old Trevor to despair.
4.  already,' said I.
5.  "Don't you?"
6.  "Possibly the tramp wanted to hide that any murder at all had beencommitted."


1.  "This is curious," said he.
2.  "I think, gentlemen," said Holmes, quietly, "that we had best takeup our position behind the door. Every precaution is necessary whendealing with such a fellow. You will need your handcuffs, Inspector.You can leave the talking to me."
3.  "But Holmes said that he was not going to Briarbrae."
4.  "Yes, I opened it. Here it is:
5.   Sherlock Holmes laughed heartily. "We will come to that in itsturn," said he. "I will lay an account of the case before you in itsdue order, showing you the various points which guided me in mydecision. Pray interrupt me if there is any inference which is notperfectly clear to you.
6.  "'It's the bell of the room you were working in.'


1.  "Let us reconstruct, Watson," said Holmes after half an hour ofsilence. "I am not aware that in all our joint researches we have everhad a case which was more difficult to get at. Every fresh advancewhich we make only reveals a fresh ridge beyond. And yet we havesurely made some appreciable progress.
2.  "My dear Mycroft, I should be delighted."
3.  (See illustration.)
4、  "Couldn't read or write," said Carruthers.
5、  "My God!" he cried. "What can be the meaning of this?"




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      "Your own question might perhaps come under the same heading.""This is not the first time that I have had to overlook yourinsubordinate ways. It will certainly be the last. You will kindlymake fresh arrangements for your future as speedily as you can.""I had intended to do so. I have lost to-day the only person whomade The Gables habitable."

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      I stooped to the eyepiece and focussed for my vision.

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       I saw Holmes and Hopkins exchange a quick glance.

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    {  Witness: He mumbled a few words, but I could only catch someallusion to a rat.

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      "Perhaps we may make them less so."}

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      "'I don't wonder that you are surprised,' said she, and I couldsee that her fingers were trembling as she undid the fastenings of hermantle. 'Why, I never remember having done such a thing in my lifebefore. The fact is that I felt as though I were choking and had aperfect longing for a breath of fresh air. I really think that Ishould have fainted if I had not gone out. I stood at the door for afew minutes, and now I am quite myself again.'

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      "That is a colt you are running?"

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       The three glasses were grouped together, all of them tinged withwine, and one of them containing some dregs of beeswing. The bottlestood near them, two-thirds full, and beside it lay a long, deeplystained cork. Its appearance and the dust upon the bottle showedthat it was no common vintage which the murderers had enjoyed.A change had come over Holmes's manner. He had lost his listlessexpression, and again I saw an alert light of interest in his keen,deep-set eyes. He raised the cork and examined it minutely."How did they draw it?" he asked.

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    {  "It is certainly delicate," said my friend with an amused smile,"but I have not been struck up to now with its complexity. It has beena case for intellectual deduction, but when this original intellectualdeduction is confirmed point by point by quite a number of independentincidents, then the subjective becomes objective and we can sayconfidently that we have reached our goal. I had, in fact, reachedit before we left Baker Street, and the rest has merely beenobservation and confirmation."

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      It was a simple story which he had to tell, and one which did butconfirm our own deductions. His visitor, on entering his rooms, haddrawn a life-preserver from his sleeve, and had so impressed himwith the fear of instant and inevitable death that he had kidnappedhim for the second time. Indeed, it was almost mesmeric, the effectwhich this giggling ruffian had produced upon the unfortunatelinguist, for he could not speak of him save with trembling handsand a blanched cheek. He had been taken swiftly to Beckenham, andhad acted as interpreter in a second interview, even more dramaticthan the first, in which the two Englishmen had menaced their prisonerwith instant death if he did not comply with their demands. Finally,finding him proof against every threat, they had hurled him backinto his prison, and after reproaching Melas with his treachery, whichappeared from the newspaper advertisement, they had stunned him with ablow from a stick, and he remembered nothing more until he found usbending over him.