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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Continue, continue!" said Felton; "I am eager to see you attainyour vengeance!"
2.  "Silence, with respect to me, silence, with respect to myfriends; silence about the queen, above all, or you will ruineverybody without saving yourself! Come, come, gentlemen, removethe fellow." And D'Artagnan pushed the half-stupefied merceramong the Guards, saying to him, "You are a shabby old fellow, mydear. You come to demand money of me--of a Musketeer! To prisonwith him! Gentlemen, once more, take him to prison, and keep himunder key as long as possible; that will give me time to payhim."
3.  But the next day she was obliged to believe this fatal intelligence;Laporte, detained in England, as everyone else had been, by the ordersof Charles I, arrived, and was the bearer of the duke's dying gift tothe queen.
5.  "De Wardes; I know it," cried D'Artagnan.
6.  "In the left side, was it not, and with a knife?" interruptedBuckingham.


1.  "Yes; there is peril of imprisonment, risk of life in knowingme."
2.  The queen bent in token of submission, and followed the ladieswho were to conduct her to her room. On his part the kingreturned to his apartment.
3.  "You jest!" said she, in a hollow voice.
4.  "Is it thus you perform your charge, monsieur?" continued theking, without directly replying to De Treville's question. "Isit for this I name you captain of my Musketeers, that they shouldassassinate a man, disturb a whole quarter, and endeavor to setfire to Paris, without your saying a word? But yet," continuedthe king, "undoubtedly my haste accuses you wrongfully; withoutdoubt the rioters are in prison, and you come to tell me justiceis done."
5.  Ah! no, we were mistaken; he had discovered a purchaser forhis diamond.
6.  "Here it is," said Aramis, with a little look of diffidence,which, however, was not exempt from a shade of hypocrisy:


1.  Athos remained a Musketeer under the command of D'Artagnan till the year1633, at which period, after a journey he made to Touraine, he also quitthe service, under the pretext of having inherited a small property inRoussillon.
2.  "I could not find them; they did not come."
3.  "Four conveyed him away, I don't know where--to the Bastille orFort l'Eveque. Two remained with the men in black, who rummagedevery place and took all the papers. The last two mounted guardat the door during this examination; then, when all was over,they went away, leaving the house empty and exposed.""And Porthos and Aramis?"
4.  "He must have one," said Athos.
5.   "Well, yes, Planchet, to be sure," said Athos, "what isthere so astonishing in that? He promised to be back byeight o'clock, and eight is striking. Bravo, Planchet, youare a lad of your word, and if ever you leave your master, Iwill promise you a place in my service."
6.  "Monseigneur, I swear to you that I never for an instant had theintention of defending my head against you. I willingly submit to anypunishment your Eminence may please to inflict upon me. I do not holdlife dear enough to be afraid of death."


1.  "A bed, my Lord," replied D'Artagnan. "At present, I confess,that is the thing I stand most in need of."
2.  "I am brave."
3.  "Without confiding to them the secret which I am not willing toknow?"
4、  The cardinal seemed furious.
5、  While dragging on a life of care,




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      "That is best," said the king. "Send the case before the judges;it is their business to judge, and they shall judge.""Only," replied Treville, "it is a sad thing that in theunfortunate times in which we live, the purest life, the mostincontestable virtue, cannot exempt a man from infamy andpersecution. The army, I will answer for it, will be but littlepleased at being exposed to rigorous treatment on account ofpolice affairs."

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       "They have abducted her, monsieur."

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      "We are discovered!"

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    {  Mme. Bonacieux kissed the hands of the queen, concealed the paperin the bosom of her dress, and disappeared with the lightness ofa bird.

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      Another flash illuminated all around them. Grimaud extended his arm,and by the bluish splendor of the fiery serpent they distinguished alittle isolated house on the banks of the river, within a hundred pacesof a ferry.}

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      "Then, upon seeing my Musketeers they changed their minds, andforgot their private hatred for partisan hatred; for your Majestycannot be ignorant that the Musketeers, who belong to the kingand nobody but the king, are the natural enemies of theGuardsmen, who belong to the cardinal."

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      As to D'Artagnan, he remained perfectly insensible to theenthusiasm of the two men in black.

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       "Yes, monsieur, I know only him."

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    {  "Indeed, they will go so far that we shall be obliged to send them tothe Bastille."

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      M. de Treville employed this powerful weapon for the king, in thefirst place, and the friends of the king--and then for himselfand his own friends. For the rest, in the memoirs of thisperiod, which has left so many memoirs, one does not find thisworthy gentleman blamed even by his enemies; and he had many suchamong men of the pen as well as among men of the sword. In noinstance, let us say, was this worthy gentleman accused ofderiving personal advantage from the cooperation of his minions.Endowed with a rare genius for intrigue which rendered him theequal of the ablest intriguers, he remained an honest man. Stillfurther, in spite of sword thrusts which weaken, and painfulexercises which fatigue, he had become one of the most gallantfrequenters of revels, one of the most insinuating lady's men,one of the softest whisperers of interesting nothings of hisday; the BONNES FORTUNES of De Treville were talked of as thoseof M. de Bassompierre had been talked of twenty years before, andthat was not saying a little. The captain of the Musketeers wastherefore admired, feared, and loved; and this constitutes thezenith of human fortune.