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博亿彩平台网站【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Failure, sir, absolute failure."   "I think that I may go so far as to say, Watson, that I have notlived wholly in vain," he remarked. "If my record were closed to-nightI could still survey it with equanimity. The air of London is thesweeter for my presence. In over a thousand cases I am not awarethat I have ever used my powers upon the wrong side. Of late I havebeen tempted to look into the problems furnished by nature rather thanthose more superficial ones for which our artificial state ofsociety is responsible. Your memoirs will draw to an end, Watson, uponthe day that I crown my career by the capture or extinction of themost dangerous and capable criminal in Europe."

    Holmes assumed his sternest aspect.

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   For answer Holmes clapped the hat upon his head. It cameright over the forehead and settled upon the bridge of his nose."It is a question of cubic capacity," said he; "a man with solarge a brain must have something in it."


    Murdoch's face flushed with anger. "I am your subordinate, sir,under your roof. I am not aware that I owe you any account of myprivate actions."

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   "Not in reason, sir. But this is out of all reason. He has beenthere for ten days, and neither Mr. Warren, nor I, nor the girl hasonce set eyes upon him. We can hear that quick step of his pacing upand down, up and down, night, morning, and noon; but except on thatfirst night he has never once gone out of the house."

    Our visitor staggered to his feet and clutched the mantelpiecewith his right hand. Holmes unlocked his strong-box and held upthe blue carbuncle, which shone out like a star, with a cold,brilliant, many-pointed radiance. Ryder stood glaring with adrawn face, uncertain whether to claim or to disown it."The game's up, Ryder," said Holmes quietly. "Hold up, man,or you'll be into the fire! Give him an arm back into his chair,Watson. He's not got blood enough to go in for felony withimpunity. Give him a dash of brandy. So! Now he looks a littlemore human. What a shrimp it is, to be sure!"

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   "Elementary," said he. "It is one of those instances where thereasoner can produce an effect which seems remarkable to hisneighbour, because the latter has missed the one little point which isthe basis of the deduction. The same may be said, my dear fellow,for the effect of some of these little sketches of yours, which isentirely meretricious, depending as it does upon your retaining inyour own hands some factors in the problem which are never imparted tothe reader. Now, at present I am in the position of these samereaders, for I hold in this hand several threads of one of thestrangest cases which ever perplexed a man's brain, and yet I lack theone or two which are needful to complete my theory. But I'll havethem, Watson, I'll have them!" His eyes kindled and a slight flushsprang into his thin cheeks. For an instant the veil had lifted uponhis keen, intense nature, but for an instant only. When I glancedagain his face had resumed that red-Indian composure which had made somany regard him as a machine rather than a man.

    "I used to have a billet at Coxon & Woodhouse's, of DraperGardens, but they were let in early in the spring through theVenezuelan loan, as no doubt you remember, and came a nasty cropper. Ihave been with them five years, and old Coxon gave me a ripping goodtestimonial when the smash came, but of course we clerks were allturned adrift, the twenty-seven of us. I tried here and tried there,but there were lots of other chaps on the same lay as myself, and itwas a perfect frost for a long time. I had been taking three poundsa week at Coxon's, and I had saved about seventy of them, but I soonworked my way through that and out at the other end. I was fairly atthe end of my tether at last and could hardly find the stamps toanswer the advertisements or the envelopes to stick them to. I hadworn out my boots paddling up office stairs, and I seemed just asfar from getting a billet as ever.

<  The brother scribbled a note upon a leaf of his pocket-book, and,ringing the bell, he handed it to the waiter.   The assassin staggered back, amazement in his convulsed face. For aninstant he half raised his loaded cane once more, as if he wouldturn his violence from the effigy to the original; but there wassomething in that steady gray eye and mocking smile which caused hishand to sink to his side.



<  "In that, Doctor, you will find yourself in agreement with everycriminal in the country," said my friend, quietly.   "Well, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, you may look for your tramp, and whileyou are finding him we will hold on to our man. The future will showwhich is right. Just notice this point, Mr. Holmes: that so far aswe know, none of the papers were removed, and that the prisoner is theone man in the world who had no reason for removing them, since he washeir-at-law, and would come into them in any case."

    "Proceed then."





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